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  1. Iron gates in pill Newport. Always a pannier from my old and fading memory.
  2. Broke coupling with a fast acceleration out of the station.
  3. Her days are numbered. Hope that means she’s not going to the scrap yard yet.
  4. I take it that train not stopping.
  5. Where’s the dam busters theme tune.
  6. Fifty shades of grey.
  7. I only said as it’s what I remember wandering around the then closed Ebbw Junction loco shed in the late 60s which was beyond filthy. Only wish had a camera.
  8. From my old and distant memory every thing was pretty black and oily. In the sixties.
  9. What you need is a class 28xx working hard.
  10. I am old enough to remember walking to school and standing on a foot bridge on purpose. Just to feel the steam.
  11. Could be the story of my life.
  12. I agree with Graham T. Cold frosty morning just right for a little walk up under the viaduct.
  13. Winter coming. It’s a little bit foggy here in South Wales where I live this morning.
  14. Perfect Sunday morning.
  15. If he reading tomorrow’s paper can he give me the lottery results today.
  16. Am I missing something or have you built a cattle dock in Little Muddle? Lovely view as always.
  17. Number 2 for me. But looks like a dark scary hole the train heading for.
  18. I can count 14 men trying to unload that crate. Today it would be one man and a hiab.
  19. I think the potatoes will need harvesting as well.
  20. Winter coming by the look of it.
  21. Seems to me quite a well dressed trainspotter.
  22. Love the view of the farm.
  23. I do like a nice goods train.
  24. I worked for over forty years as a toolmaker we always called a vernier a guessing stick. Both digital and analogue. Micrometer checked against slip gauges for anything accurate.
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