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  1. Stratford; the only place I’ve ever been mugged.
  2. Has to be Crewe; never a dull moment. I went there many times about thirty years ago en route to the signalling school at Webb House.
  3. We don’t know if all the sequences in that video were filmed on the same day but the up train that passes through Lostwithiel twelve minutes from the start certainly appears to have those same four coaches at the head of the train. This would concur with the Flickr caption you refer to and suggests that this was more likely to be a regular booked working rather than a one-off scratch set as surmised above.
  4. If the destination blind is anything to go by, that 156 is heading to Liverpool but I’ve no idea where it is.
  5. I thought I had already posted this information having found the same Truro picture as you last year but after digging around I found that I’d posted it on the Olivia’s train thread about their model rather than here. So thanks for giving it the exposure on this thread.
  6. Kyle of Lochalsh; it’s in a spectacular location and the name has a wild, romantic quality to it.
  7. Based on the evidence presented thus far, it would appear that the answer to your question is almost certainly “no”.
  8. Oops. Ok, I’ll vote for Kingswear for its picturesque location.
  9. Another vote for Brighton (even though it looks like Scarborough is romping away with this one).
  10. That looks like a very interesting layout idea. Good luck!
  11. Didn’t Luciano Pavarotti sing about those? I’ll get my coat (again).
  12. St.Pancras; a wonderful first impression for foreign travellers arriving in London.
  13. The real story about their logo (written by BMW themselves) is here: https://www.bmw.com/en/automotive-life/bmw-logo-meaning-history1.html
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