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  1. Thanks Brian and Paul. What confused me from looking at the above picture and a Farish Hawksworth brake third coach was that the window arrangement on the two sides of the coach is markedly different. Having now seen both sides of a diagram D133 coach on Paul’s site, I can see it’s the same type of vehicle.
  2. Can anyone advise me what sort of Hawksworth coach this is in this picture by Peter Butt from the Cornwall Railway Society website? I would like to acquire a model of the original coach (in N gauge) if one exists to convert into this example. Thanks.
  3. Given that Mike and Ben do this in their spare time and that they likely have hundreds of orders (and probably Christmas presents to buy for friends and family etc.), it’s clearly going to take them a while to get them all posted. In the meantime, have you read the FAQ section of their website? You will know when your order has been sent because the order status will change to “completed”.
  4. C15587: a nice little conundrum for the 47 experts. I can do the easy one; the loco on the right is 47475 Edit: Actually, I think I can do the others as well; the left one is 47492 The Enterprising Scot and the middle one could well be 47638 County of Kent.
  5. I was thinking about this very issue recently and the situation you describe exists at the south end of Guildford station. The last signal prior to the station is a short distance after the tunnel (Chalk tunnel, 845 yards). You can see it from the cab from 27m25s in this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bxVu99xCP5Q In reality the distance there is probably more than 111ft but with the compression we routinely accept on our layouts, I’m sure your situation would be ok.
  6. I think the errors in Mick's post were intentional. As was you not noticing that “grammar” was also incorrect, no doubt.
  7. These have had quite a long gestation period. I went back to see when they were originally announced but I stopped when I got as far as the last ice age. Seriously though, the pictures indicate they will be worth the wait.
  8. C15499: a great picture, Dave, but what a gloomy scene! And not helped by the presence of a Morris Ital.
  9. I seem to recall reading earlier this year that the next NGS RTR project might be announced at one of the big shows (TINGS or Warley) so perhaps this could be it. A very welcome addition in my opinion if this is the case.
  10. J8636 is interesting. I thought 47585 was a Stratford loco which would make it an interesting choice for a special train in the north east but it must have been one of the chosen locos as there are several pictures on Flickr of it on the Royal Train that year. And nice to see a Ford Granada “jam sandwich” parked outside the station.
  11. And it’s only got six coaches on; must have gone like the clappers.
  12. I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for but Kernow commissioned Farish to do 37207 “William Cookworthy” in blue with the Cornish Railways embellishments. As it’s a limited edition it costs a bit more than the standard 37s but it might save you some work.
  13. I remember doing this on a few occasions for various reasons; the presence of a double slip at Reading West Junction made it possible to turn an HST whether it was a Berks & Hants train or heading down the main line towards Didcot. On the subject of turning trains, many years ago I was being interviewed for an ops job at European Passenger Services and was asked where on the WR it would be possible to turn one of the rakes of European sleeper trains that were planned, should that be necessary. Coincidentally, the interviewer was the very gentleman whose post I have partially quoted above.
  14. I think you’re right, Dave; the suspension gives it away. Coincidentally, I recently came across this picture of both types together: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lickeybanker/11295956195/in/photolist-fj5y7B-idbJer-iYq76c-iYq75R
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