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  1. On the right is an Ilyushin Il-18 and behind its wing is a Boeing 727.
  2. There was an alternative: I’ve no idea which of the variants was more common but from a quick look at Flickr images, the above version was by no means rare.
  3. Revolution’s very own website is good for this sort of information. From their Projects overview page: I’ve highlighted the “estimated delivery to the UK” bit.
  4. If you weren’t aware, David Ford ( @DaveF ) has his own thread on here on which he has already posted this picture.
  5. The connection from platform 1/2 to the down main line (shown on the track plan) was disconnected in 1989/90 so that would be the latest it could be.
  6. This is the OO Cartic thread so Farish Polybulks will not be much use
  7. And very interesting PGAs too! I’ve never seen those before.
  8. Obviously timetables changed over the years but my recollection is that in the early 1990s, the Milford Haven was usually the 1730 ex-Paddington with the 1600, 1700, and 1800 departures being Swansea trains, none of which called at Reading. At least the 1800, being the Red Dragon Pullman, didn’t stop at Swindon either so was non-stop to Bristol Parkway and must have been tight behind the 1745 to Bristol Temple Meads by Wootton Bassett (which called at Reading, Didcot and Swindon). The Railway Performance Society has the fastest Paddington to Bristol Parkway run yet recorded as just forty seconds over the hour by an HST in 1980 (an average speed of just under 112mph). That is two and a half minutes quicker than the fastest yet recorded class 800 run forty years later.
  9. Based on an apparent absence from this thread for over a year, and from posts elsewhere, I suspect the OP may well have abandoned this project.
  10. Kato service a much larger market than any UK manufacturer does. Their unit costs are lower because tooling costs etc. are spread over bigger production runs.
  11. That would explain some of the other ones there then. Some HSTs seemingly in Nederlandse Spoorwegen colours…. and there can’t be many BR posters around featuring a class 86…. Where are those light beams coming from?
  12. Sorry, but that’s not Carne Point. The caption for this image on Flickr correctly states: “37417 sets back its load of empty CDAs from Carne Point into the Rocks sidings. The roof of Goonbarrow Junction signal box is just visible in the background.” Carne Point is on the Fowey river and is where china clay is loaded onto ships for export.
  13. I saw this rather nice pair of Class 378 units at Richmond today: and, it looks like passengers are being made aware of some new rolling stock heading their way (this poster is on the stairway to the down platform)
  14. How about asking them directly? They’ve made it very easy: https://rapidotrains.co.uk/product-suggestion
  15. In today’s first picture, would that fourth wagon be a ferry wagon of the type that became TOPS code VIX?
  16. Just for fun I got in touch with the seller. Apparently the owner (who is called Alvin) “is in latter stages of approaching some business people to take them all to achieve their maximum finnancial (sic) return.” I was also told “if you would like to make an offer he will consider it and that you must clearly demonstrate you currently have the funds.” Presumably that is to make sure I’m not just someone taking the ****, like they are.
  17. A welcome return of a Deltic to these pages! With that nameplate lettering pattern, Scan-131201-0014 can only be D9021 ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDER
  18. Is it possible that the only spare part they could get was yellow and they haven’t had time to paint it blue yet?
  19. Well, fair play to @St. Simon for offering up his knowledge for free when he has also written a book about it.
  20. Certainly beyond; Penzance and Newquay were frequently visited by classes 45 and 46 (Laira had an allocation of the latter) and you could also include South Wales, East Anglia, Scarborough, Paddington, Eastleigh and Brighton as places where class 45s could reliably turn up at various times during their lives.
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