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  1. Progress continues with the start of a Dapol gwr Fruit D I've had for a while. Dapols awful attempt at weathering plagued this wagon since I bought it and I never used it because of it. First I dismantled the model and gave it a quick wash to remove dust and grime from storage A quick search online showed they retained br blue into the mid 80s so I decided to keep it simple with an all over br blue. Ive given the other side a complete repaint but for ease I've left the original decals on this side until I can source some suitable f
  2. A final touch up of black and Matt varnish to follow. I'm very happy with how these have turned out. They are to be used on a small scrap train so a load will need to be made eventually. I plan to do some general underframe grime once I've obtained an airbrush but for now that can wait. My next project is to finish those Hornby VEAs I've had on the go for ages. Thank, jolt5
  3. My return 2 years later... Surprise!! Here's the nearly finished wagons I started some 2 years ago. A recent return to the hobby has spurred me to get them done! I have a few other projects to finish too! Sorry about the wait!
  4. A little progress has been made on my Dapol 16 ton wagons. Looking at prototype pictures from the usual sources i decided on the way i would attempt this project. I have built one first and ill follow up with the other 3 later. I gave the firtst wagon a base of a dark brown colour. following this I then assembled the wagon. A fairly basic lit compared to the tanks and aircraft i've built in the past but no less enjoyable. From here i then gave it 2 coats of matt varnish and a coat of Humboldt 140 to represent unfitted grey. Once dry i used a scalpel to remove the top coat of grey
  5. Hey guys, another Update! I was recently gifted some rather old (and clean) VEA vans. A quick weathering and a splash of paint and they have come out rather well i think. I have purchased some decals to renumber them (a sad after thought as i should have done that before weathering). We learn from our mistakes however. Here is a sneak preview of my next project too. I bought 3 but one had a molding deformity. Dapols excellent customer service is sending me a replacement part in the post as we speak. Can anyone guess what they are? cheers, Jolt5
  6. Quick update of the finished wagon and its sister. Ive only done one side for now until i can make these decals as i want the single wagon to hold 2 different identities. Cheers, Jolt5
  7. Thank you guys, I have had a go in photoshop but it was a rather crude attempt! I posted the question in another part of the forum and a lovely fellow member gave me some good advice. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/135614-departmental-tops-fonts/&do=findComment&comment=3227284 The name of that decal paper would be very useful but for now i will practice on plain A4 office paper while i work out the Fonts and Templates i need.
  8. Went absolutely wild today and bit the bullet! I've never removed decals from a RTR wagon so i bought some T-cut and decided i would have a go. Although the paint was removed i was quite content with the outcome.Next i wanted to replicate the wagon having a few repairs so i found a couple of shades of bauxite and added a few patches. It didn't look brilliant but replicates the look i was looking for i guess. Next i added some decals i had purchased a while back. Crucially they had the correct Wheel base decal and a Tops code suitable for the wagon. This is the first time i've placed deca
  9. I spoke to railtec and they said they are happy to produce the decals if i make the file. I've done lots of research into the wagons and i have started to compile a long list of the wagons i want to replicate. I am not after a 100% replica but a good representation of how haphazard and uncared for these old neglected wagons were.
  10. Thank you for the quick reply. I will have a try to replicate the look but i don't really know where to start. I guess making a template of the Box around the Numbers will be first and then just trying different things until i get the look i am after?
  11. cheers mate. I'm a little rusty !!!
  12. Recently i've been converting a few wagons to departmental versions of themselves. Here is one of my works so far! I wanted to turn it into something like one of these http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brmediumwood . My question is which font should i use to make custom decals for the Tops data panels and the Tops codes on these departmental wagons? I thought it might be railway alphabet but it doesn't look right at all. any help would be appreciated thanks Jolt5
  13. I can only apologies for my absence, life caught up with me and i had to stop the things i loved the most for exams and the such. Its summer again however which means its time to crack out the paint cans and have another go!!! Taking time away however means i had forgotten what i was doing. A quick trip to the local model store resulted in the purchase of 2 cheap wagons. A Bachmann 37-355A (13 ton steel sand tippler) and A Dapol B23 (3-Plank Open Wagon in grey). A quick look at Paul bartletts website ( http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brmediumwood ) for inspiration and a few hours later and th
  14. I have been abit quiet... Ive been quietly dying in the corner of Influenza . Apart from Starting work on a grampus nearly 2 weeks ago not much else has happened. To add to my worries i am going to the menin gate with Air cadets this weekend so it might be a while till i get back into it all properly.
  15. hey gobbler, thanks for the kind comment In regards to your question I tried a couple of things to achieve this. I have used a acrylic textured rust paint from games workshop for the grit. I then cover the area in two coats of enamel Matt varnish because when i rub the grey paint off with a cotton bud i didn't want the rust paint underneath to come off... although it did a little on the third panel... my bad. If you'd like the paint numbers I can check when i get home if you would like. any ideas on improving are kindly received. Cheers jolt5
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