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  1. Just tried the NR app and Cambridge North is there!
  2. Very clear and easy to understand Bob. Looking forward to upcoming videos. Cheers Colin
  3. That's a shame if that is the case. With the Shark I expressed an interest but they have no idea how many I want so I'm not sure how it could be dropped due to a lack of take up. Cheers Colin
  4. Because a two car doesn't have enough seats and there isn't enough three cars available
  5. The bay platform at Stansted is cleared for four vehicles. A three car would be sufficient on most of the Sunday services to Stansted freeing up units for the busier Local Leicester services
  6. Sunday trains to Stansted are often formed of four cars and whilst a tight fit do go on. As Joseph says extended the platform at Stansted isn't a major job. Additional HST power cars will allow use of coaching stock normally sat idle so short forming wouldn't be required.
  7. I'm in for a couple. As Littlethorpe says above the page indicates that they'll only be produced if enough EOIs are made. This doesn't seem likely if people who want to buy more than one can't communicate that. Cheers Colin
  8. I have both a 24 and a 25 in N gauge with sound. Cheers Colin
  9. I did think about this, without all the information I came to the same conclusion as you. I was hoping that someone who could answer the question might post a reply.
  10. Are these likely to arrive in time for Warley? Cheers Colin
  11. The first one has already arrived, the Fifty Fund are expecting the remainder in a few weeks.
  12. What would be a typical rake for these coaches? I've got some NGS carflats but what about the rest of the train? Cheers Colin
  13. August is looking good. There's a photo of them being tested prior to despatch. Cheers Colin
  14. Four years ago this would have probably saved me changing my DCC system. Lenz and Massoth? I wonder how many years late this will be
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