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  1. The layout is based on a prototype station that served the village of Rolleston-on-Dove, Staffordshire from 1894 until closure in1949. Modelled in 4mm scale employing EM gauge track standards, this layout first went public in 2007 and has been featured in both Railway Modeller and British Railway Modelling magazines. The period of modelling for this ex North Staffordshire Railway branch is both post WW2 in the BR period, prior to closure, and 1930's during LMS days. The model is the precursor of a successful scheme to preserve the remains of the actual station which is now part of the Jinny Nature Trail. Keep up with progress by visiting the website: www.rolleston-on-dove-station.co.uk or "The Model Railways of Clive Baker" on Facebook.
  2. I've just purchased a K's kit for this brake van, a white metal kit, it was possibly produced in the 1950's and still in its wrapping as it left the factory. I'll post an image when completed.
  3. Nice work, I used to live in Barton under Needwood and went fishing along the Dove, I saw the remnants of old track beds and wondered what the railway might have looked like.

    1. DonB


      If you get back to the area, the station area at Rolleston has been cleared and greatly tidied -up by Clive and a group of local volunteers. The platforms and goods yard are well defined. The group have used flowering plants to help too.  There is a public footpath (bridleway ?) passing though the site. Clive's Models are well worth a look if you can get to a show where they appear.

  4. During Lockdown it is difficult to give reliable exhibition information re my 3 layouts.


    Currently Rolleston-on-Dove is booked to appear at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire 21.06.2020. Exhibition organised by Birmingham MRS.


    Coton-on-Dove has 2 bookings – Claymills Victorian Pumping Station, Burton upon Trent 18/19.07.2020  and Crich Tramway Village 15/16.08.2020


    Little Burton is booked to appear at Burton Railex at the National Brewing Centre, Burton upon Trent 01.11.2020


    website: www.rolleston-on-dove-station.co.uk   email: [email protected]

    Rolleston 2F copy.jpg

    Rolleston 3147 copy.jpg

    Coton-on-Dove 5 copy.jpg

    Coton-on-Dove 6 copy 2.jpg

  5. Thank you Andy and your excellent team of assistants for organising another "Great Weston" Model Railway exhibition. I feel privileged to have taken part in 3 of the 6 shows that have supported Weston on Trent Primary School primary school and was totally surprised, yet delighted to be awarded Best in Show yesterday for Coton-on-Dove – Thank you, the trophy will take pride of place, I was lost for words yesterday afternoon. I have witnessed the exhibition growing, not just in size – number and quality of layouts together with well selected trade support over the previous six years and hope that you Andy will continue as an exhibition manager at your new location. All the best for the future. Clive
  6. Hello Andy Please can you email me on [email protected] so that I can send details for Coton-on-Dove for the forthcoming Weston-on-Trent show. Many thanks Clive
  7. Thanks Andy, but I will stick to Coton as I have already put the details out on various social media sites so wouldn't want to confuse the public.
  8. Good news to hear you are up and running this coming November, I look forward to bringing Coton-on-Dove for its second outing to a show that has become established and respected. Would you like me to give the show a plug on the Rolleston-on-Dove Station website? Kind regards Clive
  9. Look forward to seeing you. On road parking is available in South Hill, a cul de sac just past station entrance on left if approaching from A 38. Refreshments can be purchased at Jinny Inn, further along the road on the right hand side.
  10. Starting with the model railway, Rolleston-on-Dove, this developed into a community project to uncover and restore the remains of the actual station site. The platforms have been restored and a footprint of the booking hall has been recently completed. At the end of the goods yard the buffer stop to the cattle/carriage dock siding has been restored. All features are described in detail on illustrated panels strategically positioned around the heritage site. The layout itself has appeared at the Open House Weekend at the Severn Valley Railway, The Craven Arms and District MRC's exhibition at Ludlow Racecourse and the EM Gauge Society's Autumn Expo at Partington, Manchester where North Staffordshire Railway "B class" tank locomotive was awarded "Best Scratch-built Locomotive" in the show ; receiving some favourable comments, possible future exhibition bookings were discussed. The newly installed and modified LED illumination proved to be successful as well as an improved traverser at the Marston end, no more cassette fiddle yards. The backcloth, a printed vinyl banner, enhances the foreground with only one join, its flexible nature allows more space in transit by hatchback. It may be an eleven year old layout, but with future exhibition bookings, one cannot stand still. Continuing to turn-back the clock to LMS days, a new Johnson 0-4-4 tank has been completed. Its body by Craftsman kits, found in an oddments box on the member's stall at an exhibition, Clive took up the challenge to restore dignity to this passenger tank, its prototype no 1240 appearing in a photograph, taken at Burton upon Trent in pre-war days, in a book by Basil Jeuda. With frames supplied by Alan Gibson and a Mashima motor with Branchlines gearbox another Tutbury Jinny locomotive is traveling through Rolleston-on-Dove at exhibitions. Illumination of the signal cabin and booking hall proved to be not so successful, I need to add more LED's and learn more about their usage. Illumination by LED has also been added to buildings that make up the sister layout, Coton-on-Dove with a little more success. www.rolleston-on-dove-station.co.uk Mobile: 07773 987 407 The Rolleston-on-Dove Station Heritage Group attend many local fairs with a display of artefacts, documents and photographs and enjoy meeting members of the public who share their memories of the railways in the Dove Valley. Clive has presented talks about the Rolleston-on-Dove project to a number of local and not so local organisations during the last few months – including William Shrewsbury Primary School, Tutbury History Group and Haywood's Permanent Way. EXHIBITIONS – During May the layout went public at the Bloxwich model railway exhibition. Its next outing was closer to home at Claymills Pumping Station, Burton upon Trent in July – a new exhibition in an award winning heritage location. Then in September, further from home at the Redditch exhibition. Coton-on-Dove, Rolleston-on-Dove's little sister layout, made an appearance at the Midland Small Layout Showcase on Saturday 8th June 2019 at Armitage, Staffordshire. Many thanks to those who made favourable comments about this layout where EM gauge meets 009 with a canal thrown in. This followed a successful two-day appearance at the Severn Valley Railway Open House event. Hot on the heels from Armitage, it was in action at the Great Central Railway Model Event at Quorn and Woodhouse surviving the three-day show and collecting some exhibition invitations. Finally for 2019, this standard gauge/narrow gauge interchange layout was shown at the Craven Arms Model Railway Society's exhibition at Ludlow race course in August. A couple of photographs of the layout at the Midland Small Layout Showcase are shown below. Coton-on-Dove's 2020 appearances are booked for, subject to Lockdown Claymills Pumping Station in July and Crich Tramway Village in August. Coton-on-Dove is featured in the May issue of British Railway Modelling magazine in which Andy York's excellent photographs really bring the model to life. Also in that issue is an article by Clive about the narrow gauge system at John Knowles, Woodville brick and clay pipe works, giving information to inspire and assist the modeller to re create this unique industrial location. The return of Little Burton – the 3rd version of a layout inspired by the intensive Burton upon Trent railway system made a rare appearance at the Great Haywood model railway exhibition in October. This is usually the stay at home layout. For those who missed the event, probably due to flooding, the layout should be re-appearing at Burton Railex at the National Brewing Centre, Sunday 1st November 2020. A newly produced video of action at Little Burton is now available on both my Facebook page and Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQuvBz43koc&feature=youtu.be To keep in touch with developments, visit Clive's Facebook page "Model railways of Clive Baker". Currently Clive has just completed the restoration of a Collett goods 22xx class; originally created from a Wills kit purchased in 1967 from Syd's model shop in Derby, it became the subject of more than one abortive efforts to scratch-build a chassis soon following purchase. It has now received a new mechanism in EM gauge and is reasonably happy hauling a GWR 40 ft full brake around Little Burton turning heads at the sight of a green engine – updates appear on the Facebook page. It was a full year! Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Rolleston-on-Dove-Railway-Station/393619157480649 Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-voSJFYG-w&t=47s Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xR-J4u_Zuk&t=201s To view videos and more images: www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157661219896696
  11. Hello Simon I found a suitable prototype no 3147, correct spectacle plate and 4' 11" driving wheels, unfortunately scrapped in 1929. Picture attached.
  12. Thank you Simon, Once I am certain that no small wheeled versions with that cab configuration existed, I will be investing in some 21mm driving wheels and will post a picture of the converted loco on one of its home layouts.
  13. I have recently purchased a professionally built Alan Gibson 2F. Built for its previous owner some years ago to 00 gauge standards, I am converting the model to suit EM gauge. Although the original box label indicates that the kit included wheels (presumably Gibson products) , the model has been fitted with Romford driving wheels scaled to 4' 11" diameter. I note that the cab spectacles on your model are the usual four, two rectangular and two oval, whereas my model is fitted with the very rare two circular spectacles which I believe are only associated with a handful of locomotives with 5' 3" driving wheels. I would be grateful to know if the manufacturer offered an option for these cab details as I am aware that there was a choice of round top or Belpaire fire boxes. Thank you for a very informative and helpful article. Clive Baker.
  14. Great result Andy, lovely friendly show, excellent trade with plenty of rummage boxes containing useful layout sundries. "Up the line" a real star turn. If you ever have problems with cancellations in future years, I'm not far away. All the best Clive Baker
  15. Rolleston-on-Dove railway station, situated on the Burton Branch of the North Staffordshire Railway network, was opened in 1894 and closed in 1949. The line itself ceased in 1968, the station left to decay. Clive Baker completed a working model of the station in 4mm scale, EM gauge in 2007; exhibiting it at village events, he realised that members of the community were unaware of the existence of a railway on their doorstep. The trackbed had become a nature trail so he arranged to install signage explaining the station heritage to visitors. This was followed by the renovation of the remains of the site. Having won 3 awards in 2015 the station site is now well worth a visit. The station heritage site is part of the Jinny Nature Trail so it is always open to the public. It can be found on Station Road, Rolleston, Burton upon Trent, DE13 9AD, opposite the cricket ground. Members of the station team are always happy to personally show visitors around this historic railway location. To learn more about the model and its prototype please visit the website: www.rolleston-on-dove-station.co.uk Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-voSJFYG-w Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xR-J4u_Zuk&t=1s# Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rolleston-on-Dove-Railway-Station/393619157480649 Next exhibition: Stafford, February 2020.
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