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  1. Nice minerals but I would suggest fixing the white diagonals if you do any more. They should go to the top of the opening end door not the top of the panel. Those particular ones also seem massively too thick. See the prototype here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/foxfield/BR_16ton_vacfitted_Mineral_wagon_as_built.jpg Also as originally built all 16 tonners were 'handed' with the door on one end relative to the brake shoes (dont ask me which at the moment!), this doesnt apply to rebodies though. The Stephen Harris kits go together superbly once you've got the gist of them. I've got
  2. Over head projector I think. Metal blackening pen is an alternative.
  3. craigwelsh

    Dapol Class 22

    They are out of bogie tower sides according to the spares list on their website. I'm trying to put together a list atm to motorise my unpowered paint sample. Canon motor and single bogie drive i think it'll be.
  4. Pinch the 9V battery out of the multimeter for a few minutes testing if you dont have a controller.. I always run in on DC as the back emf most decoders have turned on by default can easily mask issues with the mechanics of the loco.
  5. In the case of York the exhibition badges had the year on them so I assume I wasn't meant to give mine back. The queues for entry we could see outside from the balcony suggested very healthy numbers on all days as did the numbers in the hall. Sunday seemed the quieter day with more enthusiasts coming back on the Monday. First time i've been to York and it had good layouts, traders, demos and venue imho. Hotel breakfast was rather nice too .
  6. Express Models as mentioned earlier - http://www.expressmodels.co.uk/acatalog/DCC_Special_Lighting_Units_for_156_or_158_Units_.html Gives you the full 3 lights. There might be a DC version as well under lightstore.
  7. I doubt it would be any cheaper than a Bachmann one if they only released 2000 of them and certainly not a very profitable idea. I'd think they'd need to sell a lot more to make a new chassis viable but as the others have said, there probably isn't a casual market for a train long scrapped which now has an accurate model available to modellers.
  8. They look to be exhibiting the prototype variance of colours in those shots nicely.
  9. Games Workshop moved paint production back to the UK earlier in the year when they changed their range. Reading around on the internet its been assumed they might have gone back to using HMG Ltd Manchester for their range (acrylic). Previous stuff was done in France though not China. Games Workshop went for higher pigment density, hopefully Hornby have too.
  10. Anything under 0.7mm in those sets is too poor quality to drill brass. I've had a couple and they normally break as you try to put more pressure on the bit to compensate for a poor cutting edge. I did have one where the fluting had unravelled. I'd recommend UK Drills on eBay as a supplier and also Hong Kong supplied ones such as 140548875658 There used to be sellers doing "German made" 10 packs for about £2.10 inc postage a lot on ebay but I cant find as many of those now. eBay is much cheaper than Eileens for HSS 10 packs and the German/Hong Kong ones last really well even when I
  11. Late to the thread (only just discovered this news section..) comparing the side on cab shot Andy has taken with plate 11 in "The Power of the Westerns" shows just how good this model is. If Andy's shot was in black and white it'd be really tricky to tell them apart. I can't afford a Steam one atm but green and maroon ones will follow in due course along with some P4 wheels. The Western has been a great project and I really hope Dapol do well out of their time invested in it.
  12. Best to send the complete model in appropriate packaging as Hornby will hopefully have some new bodies left to fit and have been returning the old body too.
  13. Its probably going to be just as easy to t-cut the Western if Dapol use the same sort of paint as Bachmann do to get the same effect.
  14. I wouldn't rely too closely on the Bachmann designations. This for example is listed as 'late' but is the pre-boxed original sort of wagon coding http://www.ehattons.com/32861/Bachmann_UK_38_326_Pack_of_4_13_Ton_High_Sided_Steel_Open_Wagon_Chain_Pockets_BR_Late_Bauxite/StockDetail.aspx The main difference Bachmann use on fitted stock tends to be the paint shade - a reddier bauxite on 'early' and more of a brown on the 'late'. Its generally worth just knowing the info FC has given above and judging the Bachmann liveries on a case by case basis.
  15. So the arrowed descriptions of colours on SL/SW/2451 were erased when the drawing was altered from maroon to blue.. HOWEVER, i forgot about the alterations table 01/01/1962 2" letters (A & B) below cab door to be painted black instead of cast aluminium. [an interesting cost saving i guess] 25/04/1962 Colour of roof hatches between bulkheads altered from Grey BSS 2660:9-094 to Black BSS 2660:9-103 14/05/1962 Drawing endorsed for locos D1006,7 & 8 27/09/1962 Colour of body changed from coach maroon to loco maroon. Colour of buffer beams and stocks changed from yello
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