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  1. Totally Agree The telemetry reports are NOT used for drivers hours, they are in effect only used to monitor the drivers delivery rate and as proof (via the inbuilt GPS) that the driver actually stopped at the location when a customer claims they did not. With regards to the "strict rules" you refer to these are only on 7.5 ton + vehicles fitted with tacho's. It should also be considered that if the driver is "self employed" then the duty of care and responsablity lies with them. If they driver is employed and a 7.5 tone + driver under the last set of EU laws for drivers hours etc... that were adopted all these drivers now by law have to have a CPC (certificate of professional competence) which was formally held by the employing companies transport manager. No surprise to hear that most companies no longer have transport managers as nearly everything covered under the CPC is now the responsability of the driver! Don't disagree but the lines are VERY blurred on employed/self employed nowadays. I speak not as someone in the transport trade but as a very large user of road transport in terms of small parcels/packets and pallet freight and either use or have used most of the companies in that trade. The bottom line is the customer is in the driving seat always demanding quicker than instant delivery and not wanting to pay anything for it. this in turn drives the price through the floor and reinforces all the bad practices and corner cutting we see/hear about which is driven by us :-)
  2. Company is registered at companies house to Benjamin Curtis and the VAT registration is also valid Gives an address of FIFTH FLOOR, CIVIC HOUSE 156 GREAT CHARLES STREET QU BIRMINGHAM WEST MIDLANDS B3 3HN Based on my experience scammers don't usually go to these lengths. If they are your only option and still in doubt pay on a credit card for additional protection. Sad reality where potentially a new business is up and running but being scammed is one of the first thoughts.
  3. Hi All I have been reading this thread on and off now since it first started and as someone with first hand business experience of company liquidations (not mine but customers and suppliers) I would just like to make a few observations to you and maybe a few pointers as there is a lot of he said she said/misinformation flying around etc... I stopped posting some time ago but I felt must post here to try and help you a little. 1. Please be prepared for the liquidation process to take a VERY long time. I have known big/small companies go under with small.large sums owed and it can take years and will certainly NOT take less than a year if everything is clean and simple. 2. A creditors meeting has to be called and anybody owed money or with a "vested" interest can attend and listed to the liquidators and ask questions. I would suggest you nominate a spokesman or jointly appoint a solicitor. at the meeting a director of the company will be present and may make a statement and may take questions ( in this companies case only 1 director was appointed at the time of the liquidators being appointed. 3. Expect to be "blagged" off at the meeting as it will only be the start of the process and the liquidator will purely outline the "known" situation at the time (the full story will always take a long time to discover) and they will also outline the process ahead. 4. Be prepared to be told that the liquidators will be paying a senior member of staff of the liquidated company to assist them (yes I know that's not going down well but it will happen. sadly the liquidator needs help and inside knowledge to start the recovery process) 5. Anybody who is owed money or has made a payment by whatever process should and must make themselves known to the liquidator so that can get a clear picture. 6. Over time going forward you will get reports/statements from the liquidators updating you of their findings and advising what monies are available (if any of their fees and legal costs) for distribution. 7. Remember that if this process if followed correctly and any company director is found to have been knowingly traded the company while insolvent or not discharged their duties as an officer of the company legally then you have a seperate case against the individual(s) even if it was a Limited company. 8. Whilst all this is wrong and at best frustrating hindsight is a wonderful thing and history is exactly that history but the future is going forward which is what everyone must now do. It is easy for me to say all the above because I am not involved in this in anyway but I did feel the need to try and shed a little light (in a dark place) on the matter. Now I have that all off my chest I will retire again from RMWEB and wish you all well, patience and good luck
  4. I will do myself and others a favour and won’t be posting on this forum in the future
  5. If expecting a response within 3 weeks is a bad attitude then I’m guilty without a doubt, but as you are not aware of the full facts of the issue and that I was actually trying to help them save money by colsolidating orders as I know full well how tight margins are and how demanding customers I would not have expected to have encountered he repose I did from them not once but twice when I was trying to work with them it is they who would save money not me as all the back orders were free carriage. And if you check online would see it’s not just me with the same concern.
  6. Not tried to couple 2 units together yet. Have test run both 5 car units I got and both are the same
  7. Don't start me on that one. I own and run a business with 3 ecommerce websites and have that all day long.... I wasn't expecting an instant response but would have thought if their MD was bothered in my concern he would have taken the trouble to make contact before 3 weeks (and counting) had passed? Like I said in a PM life is what it is and its their loss I have placed orders with other smaller shops
  8. The email was as a result to a phone call!!! I appreciate they may be small but good manners cost nothing and that was the cause of the compliant in the first case
  9. Their is definitely a lack of free movement on these bogies when I moved them around and they do catch on the white mouldings. Late last night I done another test run and set the track up on2nd/3rd radius and the trailing bogie in coach 3 catches as it exits the curve and onto the straight (their is a very distinctive click followed by a derail). This only occurs when the driving care is leading, when it propels it does not happen. My gut thinks their are 2 issues 1. As others have stated the catching of the bogies during movement 2. Some of the couplings not returning correctly after existing a curve possibly being caused by them not being seated correctly always
  10. third on some corners and fourth on others, but once I actually start doing some proper track laying it will probably be flexi track and better than 4th
  11. They received it, without doubt! PM sent
  12. Dont hold your breath I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now for a response but nothing! and I too would praise them in the past for great service but of late it’s not been so good sadly
  13. 7C1DCDA3-567E-4A35-B2CA-ECABB7B5E57A.MOV So had a test run out today and have to say all was good no derailments D6361DA8-6D1B-4D94-A609-746BA932B566.MOV
  14. It’s gone to the dogs and dog... everyday I come home wondering what the #@#@ this county will be like in another few years We call it deskilling amongst other things ....
  15. It's a joint venture between TMC (great shop in a shed), Hornby (design Clever) & Ikea (flat pack Guru's) = Flat Pack sheds
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