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  1. Just been given the heads up about a new bookazine that chronicles the life of BR in 10 parts. Looks as though it could be quite interesting, its available on the following link, https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/BKZROB19/railways-of-britain-the-br-chronicles-part-1
  2. The final volume of my Lancashire Derbyshire & East Coast Railway trilogy is now available for sale through the publishers (Fonthill Media), or the usual outlets. This one takes a look back at the proposals for the railway through newspaper and parliamentary reports, the route it was supposed to take, and other snippets. It also covers the Mansfield Railway and Mid Notts Joint Line connections.
  3. To all who had an interest in Volumes 1 and 2, Volume 3 is now available, I think there are several outlets you can get them from. This concluded the Lancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway story, and covers the Mansfield Railway and Mid Notts Joint line connections
  4. penyghent

    On Shed

    Been looking out for this and thought I would tell all those of you collecting them, part 10 of On Shed Is up for pre order on the publishers website, it says that it Is on sale from 28 August. Apparently this one covers the post privatisation period depots and stabling points.
  5. Just been perusing the Kelsey Media website and notice that the next in the On Shed series is available for pre order. This one is No.9 BR’s Locomotive Works and if the others are anything to go by, should be an interesting read https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/BOOKSHED9/
  6. I have just purchased the latest copy of the On Shed series, this one being No8 The A to Z of BR Diesel Depots and principle stabling points. There is stacks of info inside about each depot, with bullet points showing such things as when it opened and closed, what classes were allocated or could be seen, along with a photo of each depot where available. Its well worth having especially if you have the other issues.
  7. In size perhaps, but the fact that a small depot like Ryde is shown on the cover goes to show the diverse depots covered inside?
  8. There is a pic of Nunnery Coal depot and there are pics and diagrams of the nearby depots at Bridgehouses, Wicker,Park Goods amongst others, it tells the story of Tinsley so includes most of the small yards closed as a result of its opening
  9. Perhaps not enough room on the cover to mention every depot covered
  10. Been looking forward to getting this latest copy of the On Shed series but as my copy hadn’t arrived I rang Kelsey and they said, it’s gone to the printers after a short delay but will be posted out as soon as the copies arrive and will also be on W H Smith shelves. So there you go, if anyone else is waiting it should be available very soon!
  11. Wrote an article about the island line electrics in Today’s Railways Uk magazine a few years back and thought I knew all about them, however, after purchasing this book I found that I didn’t! It is an excellent read and full of photos, well done to the Author and I can thoroughly recommend the book
  12. We tried to cover as much as possible of the pre Tinsley era but when it came to maps you really have to use them large or it's not worth bothering. That would have impacted on space for other images and we preferred to use a lot of unseen images instead. The books covering all the yards in one Volume can never have as much detail as we provided and so we are very pleased with the results and the great feedback we have had, thanks to everyone who has purchased it so far.
  13. It will be distributed to outlets over the next week, can't really say if it will be on sale then, but it is for sale through platform 5 now
  14. This new publication is by Chris Booth and Alex Fisher and chronicles the construction of Tinsley Marshalling ayard, diesel depot and the modernisation of Sheffield's Railway. It will be on sale through Platform 5 publishing initially before going into the shops. It can be obtained by phoning the Platform5 orderline on 0114 255 8000
  15. Worksop Wagon repair Depot can accommodate 6 Class 58s, which it has done over past Christmases, however it does not have any lifting facilities for locos as it was always just for wagon repairs, the lifting gear being suitable for changing wagon wheels only. There was a wheel lathe also, however much of the depot was robbed of copper after its closure so how much equipment is usable now is debatable. Apart from a small fuelling point and the Train Crew depot building, Worksop has never had any other facilities for maintaining locos, all that being done at Shirebrook, Tinsley or Toton. How much extra work Worksop will see when HNRC take over is to be seen, having known about him wanting to come to Worksop for quite some time, I have heard various rumours about what his plans are, no doubt all will come out in good time!
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