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  1. Regarding the Wind Farm Kit, is the steel pole version pre-coloured in white like the prototypes or grey as in the smaller insert photo?
  2. Agreed. Its these kind of liveries that seem to fly out. It would look great with a rake of Virgin Mk2s
  3. There is mention in the Accurscale topic of a 'beer train'. Does anyone have any further information on that?
  4. It would be a shame if these units are allowed to leave TPE/Northern. The refurbished ones are quite pleasant and would suit the proposed Liverpool-Nottingham. I wonder if this will be a similar to the fall out when TPE's Class 170s were moved to Chiltern? The regional media were quick to complain and that was before the recent chaos with Northern. That said, the DfT seem to have the fantastic ability to absorb all types of bad press from multiple different angles at the moment!
  5. For anybody near Widnes, all the painted samples are now on display in the Hatton's store. I had a quick look at them earlier this week and they do look brilliant. Personally, the colours look much better in the flesh compared to the photographs. Regarding the comments above, the chunky headlights aren't as noticeable and the 'EWS' looks a bit bolder than the pictures.
  6. Has anybody found any images/mock ups of the new releases yet? Oxford's website doesn't appear to be updated and a general search didn't bring anything.
  7. Can these not be ordered on the website until they arrive?
  8. Arran, these look brilliant. In addition to your website, do you have a list of stockists where your products are sold? I like to pick as much up as I can from physical model shops where possible.
  9. Whilst passing my local station today on the Wrexham-Bidston line, I noticed some high-viz cladded workers changing the Arriva Trains Wales branding to Transport for Wales logos. The end of turquoise is neigh.
  10. I've read that some of the new TPE Mk5's are being stored in Holyhead Anglesey Aluminiumn Sidings in North Wales. Any reason they've chosen this strange location?
  11. I think I've read the Class 230's will be serviced in a depot in Chester and the Junction. I can't remember which TfW press release said it though!! Of course Wrexham has the old Wrexham and Shropshire stabling facilities in the bay sidings at the south of the station which might be capable of something slightly more intense than cleaning with some investment? Or with a joined up thinking railway, Birkenhead North TMD is 2 minutes up the line from Bidston...
  12. I can't say I'm surprised to hear this. It always felt like TPE were only doing this because the contact said they had to have LHCS in service by a certain date. The same clause in the contract lead to them running a couple of near pointless MK3/Class 68 service between Manchester Picc and the Airport one evening in December last year.
  13. In fairness to Network Rail, they have cut back a lot of vegetation on the route in the past few months which has improved performance significantly. Reading a bit more detail suggests the 2tph on Wrexham-Bidston will be 1 stopper and 1 semi-fast which I think will mean they will only need three units to operate the line. It'll be interesting to see which stations get a stop and which get missed.
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