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  1. The Wrexham-Bidston Rail User Group have been pushing the case for Deeside Parkway for some time now, with reasoned arguments and a solid case for funding. It's great to see their hard work starting to pay off. With this and the D-Train coming soon, its exciting to see the potential for Wrexham-Bidston and hopefully on to Liverpool.
  2. I’m hoping someone with the 3D printing skills might create some of the more interesting shapes boxes for the PFA’s. I think there is definitely a market for different nuclear loads. Failing that... fingers crossed for Accurascale going forwards.
  3. I'm trying to find out what (if any) modern day trains run with supplies for the Navy or RAF. I know GBRf currently have the MOD contract and seem to move a lot of vehicles for the army but its harder to identify if any of the workings serve Naval or RAF locations. I've found records of DM Glen Douglas (along with a modern and quite small model suitable exchange siding) still receiving trains that appear to serve the naval pontoon in Loch Long. I think DRS take the KXA nuclear flasks to Plymouth for the subs along with previous trips to Rosyth. Anywhere else? Any pictures would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks very much for finding out for me. Its remarkably simple to get such a god result.
  5. Out of interest, who makes the corrugated sheets you used for the warehouse back scene? That is a really impressive building.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before but an interesting video about what happens to the containers when the PFA's arrive at Drigg.
  7. All of it sounds good to me but the Cross Country Class 47 gets my vote.
  8. I see RevolutioN have a factory sample of the N gauge version over on their thread. Any sign of your samples yet? I'm eager to see these!
  9. 67025 plus the MK4 had a run down the North Wales Coast today. The livery on the MK4 remains the same as LNER but with TfW branding. The DVT hasn't gained the charity decals yet, as reported in certain circles. The sets do appear to have a 1st class stand alone MK4 with the buffet being standard class. This is a good move IMHO as 1st class is very popular with both business and leisure passengers and provides capacity for further growth.
  10. Thanks for continuing to post these pictures. They are a great 'historical' reference.
  11. Another excellent announcement. I feel much more confident pre-ordering this from Accurascale than others, given the standards they are setting. When you say this is a limited numbers, does that mean it'll be a limited edition with certificate etc? If (or when) it sells out, are we likely to see a rerun?
  12. Just as an update to this (for those interested) - there are now 8 of the Ford wagons at Seaforth, with some stored on the siding previously used by the TDAs. Lots of activity on the docks over the weekend as well. Work is underway to replace track near the crossing at Strand Road. 66778 was on the Biomass, 60036 stabled near the crossing and 66006 waiting in the container terminal for its train to be loaded.
  13. Very interesting, thanks for the replies. Images on Flickr suggests 56103 went in to the docks with a rake of JNA boxes and left with the TDA's attached to the rear of the JNA.
  14. There have been some TDA bogie tankers stored at Seaforth Docks, Liverpool for some time now. Firstly, does anyone know what they were used for and where before storage? One arrived on a low loader last week and was placed with the others. It looks as though it has had a refurb as the under frame appeared clean/painted. Also the Cargowagons from Ford that had been stored at Ellesmere Port have appeared in the cripple siding near Strand Road Level Crossing in the site. Were these moved into the docks by the Class 20 which did the move to Garston? Any idea why it’s there? Thanks in advance.
  15. The most recent images of these on the email sent last week look brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.
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