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  1. The LocoShed in Whitefield, Manchester deals in second hand of most gauges.
  2. I'm new to this thread, I'm now considering ordering one of these. So it probably has been answered on here amongst the 42 pages (whew), but what is the situation re. ordering the EM drop in wheel sets, and the cost? Could the 00 wheels not be regauged by pulling them off the axles, or would the wheel flanges be too thick? I did this with a Heljan Class 23 and it runs perfectly through the pointwork.
  3. I don't know what font it is. I found some images of the headcodes on line somewhere and used those. Had to fiddle about with them using MS Paint program to get them right size etc. If you can download images below you might find them useful. Obviously the B and 8 need to be closer together on the first one.
  4. Thanks Nigel. Altered CV 477 from 64 to 0 and that did it.
  5. I'm in the process of programming all my locos to have same sound effect at the same F key, hence all the recent questions regarding moving sounds. I have 3 or 4 locos (all ESU V4 decoders) where the F8 key mutes the volume, and I want this key for Coupling effect. The three CV's for the F8 key 478, 479 & 480 all read 0. How do I disable the mute function from F8?
  6. Just tried it, but there is no change in the clack rate, so as you say probably not set up for it. Thanks for your response.
  7. Managed to find some info on one of the locos only, the clack is in slot 15 and volume is CV371.
  8. They are ESU V4 decoders. How is it done, and what are the limits?
  9. Have a few locos with this sound effect, sounds good, but the "clacks" are regular, they do not increase with the speed of the loco. Is it possible (easy?) to synchronise this effect, like steam chuffs?
  10. Paul, thanks for your very detailed reply. I managed to move the sounds I wanted using method 1. You are right, there were not 2 sounds operated from the one key, (F8), I was hearing the Safety valve, which was on F8, but this is a random sound, and it just happened to come in while the "moved" sound, Buffer Up was playing. Thanks again.
  11. Have done a search for this and have the Zimo manual but can not find an answer. I want to move some sound functions to different F keys. eg. sound on F24 to F8 using the NCE Powercab controller. I have tried two methods, 1. altering the value of CV534 (F8 sound assignment) to that in CV 685 (F24 sound assignment), and 2. changing CV424 (input mapping for F24) from 0 to 8. Both of these moved the sound on F24 to the required F8 key, but did not remove the original F8 sound, so have two sound effects when F8 is pressed. Can anyone help please.
  12. I've just used these on a etched kit, a Stanier 3P tank. If you follow their instructions they look good, although I thought they needed to be slightly "thicker" to protrude more. You apply them to the bare surface , then prime/paint to seal them in. After few coats ie. primer, top coat, varnish, if applied too thick then they can start to disappear.
  13. No, the lining does not really sit down flat on the door handles. I applied the waist lining in several individual lengths, accurately measuring the distance between each of the door handle/handgrabs (I think it was around 22mm), and it does look alright, well to my eye anyway, Certainly better than the lining going over the door handles. You can see how this look in the 3rd photo in my post of Jan. 26 2020.
  14. Just built a Judith Edge etched kit of this loco and just finished applying the red/grey MT lining. Regarding twin red lining on the boiler bands, I have looked at many photos of this loco in BR livery (Railway Photography, excellent website), but none of them appear to have this, or on the cylinders either. Was red lining not applied to boiler bands and cylinders on this loco?
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