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  1. Very disappointed in the way the KR models GT3 thread panned out, resulting in KR models disengaging from the the thread. Down to contributors brow beating and poor management by the mods. A bad reflection on the hobby projecting a bad image and reinforcing stereotypical views. A poor call on the BRM team who supported the thread abd let it develop into the farce it became. In light of this I’ve decided to cancel my BRM subscription and support another publication. A poor show BRM.
  2. Thanks truffy, I was aware of DJ models. Unfortunately crowdfunding is a high risk strategy for all involved. Whilst taking an enquiring stance and asking constructive questions may assist with the decision making process for the buyer/ investor, personal attacks and aggressive challenges are unhelpful at best. If the answers don’t satisfy then make the decision, don’t keep attacking. Until crowdfunding projects progress there is little chance of something tangible and a high chance something may go wrong. No talking or any amount of questions are going to mitigate that, it’s the n
  3. There’s a certain amount of due diligence which is seen as reasonable from which you can make up your minds, to either opt in or walk away. The responses here are past that point and are tantamount to prodding a dog with a stick then blaming it when it bites back. I’ve seen this so many times with one man bands, who are dammed if they do respond and dammed if they don’t. If it was me I wouldn’t try to justify any further critism and walk away from the very few sales likely to be lost if any at all. Hopefully Keith will get to the end product which will speak for itself and will sta
  4. Really late to the party, probably too late, if there happens to be a boxed set left over, I’ll have it.
  5. Huge thanks to Sandra and the team at locomotion, my order turned up today,, very timely as its my sons birthday tomorrow so he can open it up and take his pick and add one to his collection of half chewed brio models, then sell it on the bay for spares in six months time..
  6. It would be a pleasure, I'll even drag my son along too, PM sent.
  7. In no rush,... as long as it arrives by Christmas in time to shove on the bay.. Best to let the team just get on with it, the more interruptions, the longer it will take to get them out. It will come good for all in the end. Well done to the team for managing this mammoth task, maybe next time perhaps there maybe a few volunteers to help out if it was appropriate. I'd put myself forward, after all it's all for a great cause.
  8. And mine, I'll even throw in an extra coach..
  9. The locomotion site is listing the balance payments as products in the shop, so I guess the emphasis is on the customer to pay the balance as and when they can prior to the model arriving or being dispatched. sorry, just repeating what longrail said, after reading his post properly...
  10. Thanks Ray.. a bit difficult sometimes to get a fair price with buy it now prices and starting bids set too high in the first instance. I would have expected to pay between £200 and £250 for an absolute mint unused platinum model and packaging, so it was a matter of waiting for the right one. Anyhow cut a long story short got one being delivered tomorrow gave a lot less than £200 for it so pleased about that. Also my platinum collection is finally complete.
  11. Apologies for making this my first post, I've decided to collect the NRM platinum editions as I think this is an excellent way of supporting the NRM and building a unique collection at the same time unfortunately I didn't manage to get the first model so I'm on the lookout for a first edition NRM Deltic with plinth must be mint and unused. I'm not prepared to pay ebay off rip money for one though am prepared to pay a reasonable amount and make a quick hassle free sale, if anyone knows where one is available please let me know. I can also part ex an as new standard edition or one in the wooden
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