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  1. Hi Ian, thats what is so good about this hobby for me is not so much about the modelling, but what time you can spend wandering down paths of information which lead you to something unexpected and of probably no use to you but lead you onto something else and when you look at the clock 3 hours have passed and you have been somewhere else in your head. All the best off now for a wander Adrian.
  2. A start has been made on the Gate House, 2mm grey board and Plasticard brick and planking have been used, and a quick dusting of grey primer as a base coat. Some pictures of progress so far. All the best Adrian.
  3. The gatekeeper/securitys bolt hole, a building that serves a multitude of purposes, but mainly one to put your feet up and read a paper and have a yarn with any of your mates who pop in. Located at the entrance to the maintainance yard for the biscuit factory it has slowly fallen into a state of decrepitude but still provides a haven for the lone security person who sometimes ventures outside to see if any one has got a spare fag. The actual building will be made from 2mm grey board with brick plasticard covering. It is being based on a building that I found in a book by Alan Postlethw
  4. Hi Kevin, some things just don't go right first time, as a look in my dustbin will testify, it's all coming together very nicely. All the best Adrian.
  5. Hi Al, thanks the doors are slaters plasticard with additional strips of plasticard for the thickness on the ends and top. they have been sprayed grey from a rattle can, then lightly sanded with a emery board courtesy of Mrs W Station who is still looking for it, then painted with acrylic dirty black my first time of using acrylics as I have always used enamels, I have found that I might be a convert to this type of paint. All the best Adrian.
  6. Hi Grahame, The only time it will be taken to a show is when I can find away to take the garage as well, but thank you for the thought. All the best Adrian.
  7. A big brick wall. This is the retaining wall that will seperate the upper and lower levels and will be the maintenance yard / workshops for the biscuit factory. Construction is a mixture of much modified scalescenes arches and plasticard weatherboarding, with some fire lighter spills for the timber beams. Here are some pictures of progress so far. All the best Adrian.
  8. On the M25 Motorway heading east. Brasted as it was in the past.
  9. Hi, the new backscene has made a big difference and has really lifted the back, what make is it. Looking good all the best Adrian.
  10. Well thats the top of the corner filled up, drain pipes done and the building in place. Drian pipes are made from plastic rod with some foil tray brackets to hold them in place and the hoppers from card. Next will be the retaining wall down to the next level which will house the maintainence yard and arches for the biscuit factory workshop. All the best Adrian.
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