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  1. Hi Colin, thanks for the reply and suggestion, I will have a look. All the best Adrian.
  2. Hi Ian, thanks for your reply, I have never used Dcc and it would only be used for max 3 locos with only one running at a time, so something very basic and sub £140 which could be used as a handheld controller is my requirement. As the LD101 DC/DCC controller has now been on the market for a few months now, I thought that more people would have brought it or tried it out. I am in no rush to buy anything but just wanted some opinions on simple budget controllers. All the best Adrian.
  3. Hi, has any one got any thoughts or experience of this controller that they would like to share, i am considering the purchase of either this model, or the latest version of the Hornby select v1.6. All the best Adrian.
  4. Hi Shaun, as usual from yourself, more top class workmanship on both projects. All the best Adrian.
  5. Hi John, the attention to detail is just stunning, you can smell the workshop, the workbench is just how it should be, All the best Adrian.
  6. Perhaps he was sent for a long weight !
  7. I am glad I bumped into you, I have been trying to catch you for ages. We must meet up again unless something comes between us to stop it.
  8. Hi Chris, a bit of a time line on wire mesh. All the best Adrian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_wire
  9. Out for a bit of a drive today and I found a nice little place to stop, just outside of Westerham Station, a country lane that provided a place to view the line into Westerham, what better place than this in the quite of the Kent countryside to stand and stare for a few moments and watch the goods train arrive. Time To Leave, All the Best Adrian.
  10. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/are-you-a-man-of-kent-or-kentish-man-228500/ Fremlins Brewery was on the east side of the Medway. All the best Adrian.
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