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  1. Hi Shaun, as you say not all modelling runs smoothly, and a look in my rubbish bin would be proof of that. For roofs I use a base of 2mm grey board braced with triangles of the same grey board. this makes a very solid structure to glue to. This method was used for Westerham and Brasted Station roofs they were then covered with Slaters Plasticard Slate. At the moment I am building a roof for a Warehouse and I am using the same method but this time covering it with Scalescenes slate paper applied in strips seems to work well. All the Best Adrian
  2. Hi Grahame, just stunning, it is hard to believe that it is 2mm and all built with astonishing speed and skill. All the best Adrian.
  3. The parts for the outer wall have been cut, along with the apeturers for the windows, and a start has been made on the glazing and the covering of the walls with the dark brown brick paper. All the best Adrian.
  4. Hi Steve, yes it works fine on card to card, and fingers to fingers. All the best Adrian.
  5. Hi Steve, I use Pritt stick which I find to be the most reliable, and then use a wallpaper seam roller to make sure that it fixed all over, a heavy weight on top while it drys will help stop it curling.All the best Adrian.
  6. A start has been made on the cladding of the factory/warehouse. Background paper for the view through the windows has been fixed in place and the stand offs for the outer walls have been positioned and glued, two pieces of 2mm grey board have been stuck together to give the required thickness, leaving gaps for the sills, the outer support coloumns which will be covered with brick paper are made from four pieces of 2mm grey board stuck together. All this was done by the builders observing the proper social distancing. All the best from 2mtrs away Adrian.
  7. Hi Grahame, next door neighbour is a plumber who supplies me with boiler boxes, when he retires I hope we will all be using some form of alternative energy that involves corrugated cardboard boxes. All the best Adrian. Ps. 1 gas boiler, 3 pumps. 2 circuit boards.
  8. It's about time for me to get my finger out and do some more work on Ewer Street. A parcel of land next to the Acme Engineering Works has been reclaimed for building work, and to this end foundations have been laid for a Warehouse, which will match to some extent the one on the opposite side of the tracks, the buildings will be connected by a enclosed walkway above the track, and a loading bay built at the end of the warehouse. Construction will be my favourite method of boiler box carcase, clad with grey board, this is done as the layout is in the garage with a wide range of tempratures and
  9. Hi Shaun, that didnt take long to polish that job off. Suberb bit of work & craftsmanship. All the best Adrian.
  10. Hi Shaun, what a cracking job on the benches, a small item but one that looks very good and a well thought out project. All the best and dont get crumbs in the bed. Adrian.
  11. HI, that list has brought back many memories, and made me realise how old I am getting. Mantles Wood is looking good and i am sure your your two cats are providing some good company. All the best Adrian.
  12. Hi Al, all you need is a Flux Capacitor. All the best Adrian.
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