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  1. 80th Anniversary today of the start of the Battle Of Britain. A great debt of gratitude to all those young men.

  2. It certainly does, especially if you can keep the washing on the line, the dog and Mrs W Station out of any shots All the best Adrian.
  3. What a great two days out, full of information and interest it is an idea along with the previous members day that works very well. thank you to all concerned for a most enjoyable time. All the best Adrian.
  4. Hi Al, congratulations I have just seen that Ladmanlow Sidings is going to be featured in BRM, well done about time your modelling got a wider audience. All the best Adrian.
  5. Hi Al, I do like the idea of these small modules as you can concentrate on a small area at a time and get it finished to a good standard as you do, and not get overwhelmed at looking at a large unfinished layout. All the best Adrian.
  6. A loco passing through Chevening Halt and not a car in sight.
  7. Hi Steve, that sits very nicely in that position and just the right amount of clutter and weeds. All the best Adrian.
  8. Hi Andy, nice to see you back, and don't over do it. All the best Adrian.
  9. Hi Al, what a cracking job and a lot of skill. all the best Adrian.
  10. Hi Kevin, i just love your attention to detail, for example the letterbox. Was Hank Marvin with the shadows when you took the pictures. All the best Adrian.
  11. Hi, yet another great update, and reminder of events that some of still can recall, thank you for taking the time to do it. Some nice pics of Mantles Wood as well. All the best Adrian.
  12. Hi Steve, the building is a non railway related building, and is gently falling to pieces all by itself in the middle of a wood on a nearby common (Highgate Common). All the best Adrian.
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