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  1. Hi Derek, good to here that you have a family that care about you both and support you in times of poor health, All the best to you both Adrian.
  2. Hi Lash, Joe looks like a lean mean grilling machine. does he do a latte and a croissant purchance. All the best Adrian
  3. Hi, a great reminder of events that happened in the 60's, some of us will remember them as they occured, It's good to see how the layout is progressing in such a good way. All the best Adrian.
  4. Hi Derek, thank you, and I hope you have a better 2020. All the very best to you Adrian.
  5. Hi Steve, the template was drawn up in Illustrator on the computer, just a box of the right scale size ie tread and riser, then step and repeated at 45 degrees. if you pm me the dimensions i will draw it up for you and send you the file. All the best Adrian.
  6. Hi Dave. Merry Christmas and thank you for all the pleasure that you have given us with your photos over the past year. All the best Adrian.
  7. Hi Chris, a nice tale, and have a Happy Christmas. All the best Adrian.
  8. It was the night before Christmas 60+ years ago and this is what it grew into, Thanks Mum & Dad. All the best to you all for Christmas Adrian.
  9. A very Happy Christmas to you all, and thank you for following. All the seasonal best Adrian.
  10. Hi Al, and the same to you with flockage on. All the best Adrian.
  11. Hi John, a nice card thank you, I will put it on the mantlepiece. All the best Adrian.
  12. Hi Kevin, absolutely wonderful, All the best Adrian.
  13. At last the two plate girder bridges that needed building for Ewer Street are finished, and I can come out of the very tight corner for a breather, if Mrs W Station will be so good as to lever me out. My usual construction for the bridges has been used, that is greyboard and plasicard rivets, I hope the pictures show the construction method. Now I am going to breath in and hope that I am out for lunch time. All the best Adrian.
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