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  1. I'm OK with this new approach. I always found it frustrating when a new model was announced getting all excited and eager to get my grubby mitts on it but then realising I would have to wait 2-5 years. Hopefully the wait from livery sample to delivery will be months rather than years.
  2. Outback Model Company in Australia make all the buildings for Lynton Station. They are laser cut card kits. I believe the set is about £150 but don't quote me. The Lynton and Barnstaple Measured and Drawn is an awesom book for anyone modelling the L&B. Highly recommended, but expect to pay around the £60 mark.
  3. Yeah I'll leave the arguments to the experts on here. I'm off to play trains with my new Hornby LSWR brake van
  4. In the Feb 2020 issue of Railway Modeller the 'Railway of the Month' is Semley. It's LSWR to P4 standards. It looks awsome and well researched. The LSWR brake van in the photo on page 100 looks to be the same colour as the Hornby model.
  5. GNR Dave

    Bachmann J72

    Really ? I'd put money on the NER livery being the best seller. Regardless of prototype fidelity the world loves a pretty loco and this one qualifies IMHO.
  6. Keeping with the generic theme, they should put an elephant in instead and then paint it to look like a giraff or a tiger or a zebra etc etc etc......
  7. Which is not what I was told. A case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is up to maybe ?
  8. Maybe not. My point was that a discounted price 2 years ago was being compared to a RRP for a yet to be released item. If the RRP for the new Birdcages is £79.95 with Bachmanns 15% discount limit for the initial sales period, you'll be able to get them for around the £68 mark. Probably less if you can wait a few months.
  9. It might not have been published, but it was discounted. The RRP for the Birdcages was £64.95 when they were released.
  10. Perhaps the S&DJR version will be a Collectors Club edition ?
  11. The chap I spoke to on the Dapol stand at Warley said these were on board ship and he seemed confident they would be in the shops by Chr*****s.
  12. Most versions were on Rails stand at Warley for £120.
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