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  1. Birdcages next month. Yummy. Then safe until the C class in August.
  2. Thank-you Daddyman. I'll look into this further now. With your info, I think it's possible. The boiler diameter is only 0.7mm at scale and I can live with that. I've ordered the NB and LNER versions, but for the conversion I think I'll wait to see if one of the box-shifters puts a hefty discount on the J36 later in the year. That way if I make a pigs ear of the modification the financial loss will be less.
  3. So does anyone know what would be involved in backdating the J36 to the earlier Stirling Single style cab ? Would it just be a new cab or are other alterations needed ? Presumably the Hornby cab is a separate moulding and fairly straight forward to remove.
  4. Infact the Hornby mail-shot actually says 'In Stock'
  5. And 10 mins later Hornby sent an email saying their BR black late crest Terrier was 'imminent', closely followed by Dapol repeating what Rails said in their email. My inbox is suffering Terrier overload.
  6. How about Thomas' mate James 'The big red engine' Name says it all really. Hat coat etc....
  7. The C class in wartime grey was only available through the Collectors Club hence it's rarity. RobMCG image above is the N class in wartime grey, which I believe was only available in a wooden box limited edition with the same loco in SR olive. It is however (N class ) readily available in N gauge in SECR grey. Now back to the Hornby J36 ...............
  8. Good to see they've separated the birdcages and C class. In December they were saying all were expected in June. Now my card will have time to recover from the birdcages in April until the C class in August. Phew !
  9. Can't believe the 2019 range has just been announced, and people are frothing about 2020 already
  10. Cheers Neil, Popped into Janes Trains in Tooting this afternoon. Had a look at 759 Yeo in Southern livery. Second batch for sure, and Jane ran it up and down the test track for good measure. Smooth and quiet straight out of the box. Very happy with my purchase.
  11. So is there a way of distinguishing between the modified second batch and the original release, either by examining the model or by a different product code ? I'm thinking of risking a purchase in the belief that problems encountered get publicised but happy owners don't post.
  12. Good to see some progress Blackened wheels and motion will make a big difference to the final appearance but it's looking good to me as an admittedly non expert when it comes to the GWR
  13. I was on the verge of ordering a couple of the Rails / Dapol Terriers, but will wait to see what Hornby's are like before deciding. Choice is all well and good, but the potential profit loss to both parties due to duplication is worrying. I hope Rails and Hornby don't fall out over the Terrier the way Hattons and Bachmann seem to have over the 66
  14. So how tall are the BRM team ? My 4 figures are betwen 27 & 28mm high. At 1:76 that makes them between 2.05 & 2.1 metres tall. That's 6ft 9ins to 6ft 11 in old money. Oops, just seen the above post !
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