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  1. We seem to have two threads for this loco for some reason. Both started by AY Mod
  2. There is a news item in The Railway Modeller from Peco. These have not yet been manufactured, although they have been signed off for production and it is due to start soon. Apparently Peco are concentrating on replenishing stocks of their 'core products' (N & OO track) that were depleted due to the pandemic and a switch to PPE manufacture.
  3. According to the latest issue of The Bachmann Times, manufacturing is complete and they are 'in transit' for September delivery.
  4. Does anybody know if this is an actual livery ? According to L&B Measured and Drawn, wagons retained their L&B grey well into SR days.
  5. Hattons say 4th Q, but we have not seen livery samples yet so that may be optimistic. Also I believe they're being released in stages depending on lighting type (oil then gas then electric) Looks like they'll be worth the wait though.
  6. Rails have replied to my email (thanks Heather !) Order history for completed orders cannot be transfered, but everything else has been or will be sorted soon. Emails have been sent to all account customers apparently, and the headline message is......... 'DON'T PANIC !' Seems everything is under control, although one or two may have issues as is to be expected form a new system.
  7. Cheers mate, I was thrown by the 'you have no orders' when I logged in. As you say, clicking the pre-order tab and they all pop up.
  8. It also says that existing pre-orders can't be transfered, but are still active. Apparently 'open orders' cannot be transfered, pre-orders have been, and are accessed by logging on and clicking the Pre-order tab. Sorry for the miss information
  9. There is a section on the new website homepage called New Website Help. It says that they will be transfering info such as wishlists over the coming week.
  10. Same here. Activated my account and nothing comes up. I have 3 outstanding pre-orders, 2 with deposits paid. I've emailed them, so when I hear back I'll post their reply.
  11. Yep, they've just taken my £203.95
  12. I asked the same question on page 46 of this thread. According to 'Nile', the later versions have centering springs on the ponies.
  13. So that's 9 liveries suggested in just 12 hours of posting. Don't hold your collective breaths chaps.
  14. I'll believe it when I get the email from Rails saying my pre-order has been dispatched.
  15. Yes, my orders in for one of each livery. For a 20 mile line that only existed for 37 years, the RTR boys have sure been kind to us L&B modelers
  16. Good call on the C12. For my money the most hansom of tank engines. I'd also throw the J6 in the mix (no Great Northern bias what so ever ) as a long lived freight engine.
  17. Very true, but I'll bet Hornby will make exceptions to their tier system if they think it will benefit their bottom line.
  18. Heljans ads can get a bit ahead of themselves. We're still waiting for the OO9 Lynton & Barnstaple Baldwin that their ads claimed was available last autumn. Their website may be more helpful.
  19. Waiting to see the LNER livery sample before deciding whether or not to get one. I like it. It's quirky and unlike anything I currently own, but with a Caley, a Precedent, 2 D classes and a couple of handfuls of Genesis coaches due soon, this one might have to wait a while .
  20. I thought they looked a bit 'Germanic'. Would have considered a few, if it were not for the ill fitting windows.
  21. For me, the shadow on the bottom of the handrail in front of the smoke box is way to light for it to be black. It's far lighter than the shadow on the cabside handrails which are undoubtedly black. Also, the sun in the photo is coming from the upper left, yet as the rail goes round to the smoke box door, it gets darker. Black is the darkest colour, so the handrails on the boiler sides must surely be lighter in colour. I know livery regulations state handrails should be black but I think this particular member of the class is a rare exception. Just my opinion. (Never thought I would find myself disagreeing with 'The Muz' on matters Southern )
  22. Roof profile and rounded corners to the panelling aside, the Hattons GNR coaches do look very good and quite 'believable'. By comparison, the Hornby effort looks rather toy like IMHO. I have purchased the Hornby versions in 3 other liveries, and been happy with the product, but Hattons will get my money for the GNR stock.
  23. Damn it, anyone know where can I get 600 quid from .
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