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  1. The current yellow panel will have to meet modern regs for running on the national network. There were at least four different type of small yellow panel (inculding width) - see Deltic De Mythology by Ian Strange for details.
  2. I'll see what I can dig up. This photo (https://i.pinimg.com/originals/91/0e/5d/910e5d3ed668aa3584f0617a88baf1ee.jpg) shows the nose grill issue. The real thing is level with the bottom edge of the white cab window surround which from memory is about an inch deep. The actual grille itself is surprisingly complex once you look at it. Will you be doing the rivetted bogies as well? And for the DCC Sound version I believe that engine start up was pretty much simultaneous before ETH was fitted.
  3. There are issues with the face of the loco. Several of the curves are not right, the windscreen V shape doesnt' look sharp enough and the nose grille looks too heavy and seems to be too low compared to the cab side windows. I *REALLY* want this to be right, so I hope they can tidy these things up. They are talking to Brian from Shawplan, so I am hopeful these issue will be corrected. Now, if they could just talk to PenBits and make passive provision for springing in the chassis as well...!
  4. i ordered two and got one set of later class 47 tanks... I got back in touch on 17 November (including a photo) and they said that they would look into it. I am still waiting to here back, so will chase in the new year. I thik ASM5 may just be generic 47 tanks, rather than a specific version
  5. I ordered two sets and got one set of class 57 tanks... Interestingly the'y the two switch version and are a much nicer moulding than the one switch version I've got. Just a shame that they are wrong! I've emailed asking for the correct sets to be sent. I included a picture this time!
  6. Does anybody know of a source for the oval cast brass plate depicting a shirehorse that was usually featured under the 'Yorkshire' plate on Yorkshire Engine Co diesels? It was used on the 02s and at least some Janus locos and probably others too. None of the usual suspects seem to do it.
  7. One question about the EPs. Has anybody mentioned the upper and lower edges to the saddle tanks? They look a bit sharp to me and it would be nice if they could be a bit more rounded.
  8. I'd be interested in two P4 chassis. I'd be happy with either approach to the design, although I do think it makes sense to reuse as much of the original chassis as possible.
  9. Really? To my eye the Hornby one has a much better 'face' and finer moulding. The DJM bogie detail looks superb and the seperate fittings are nice though. Other than that it's pretty much a wash unless you are into DCC sound.
  10. Have you had a chance to build the test etch for the Harton No. 2 chassis yet?
  11. Meld9003

    Dapol 08

    Can I have two sets of guard irons and wipers please.
  12. Not if it's for a BR CCT - I don't think anyone does the correct W-irons for this.
  13. I have been searching for a drawing of the ladders to try and get some etched, but I've not been able to find one yet. Jim Smith-Wright used the Colin Craig (now Stenson Models) etched ladder and curved it to suit.
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