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  1. I'll definitely start a build thread at some point, but probably not until some time next month/after Christmas; I'm already several months of work behind on updating my O16.5 layout thread over at ngrm-online.com! I'm not very good at keeping threads updated as it can be hard to find modelling time in the first place without the extra time involved in photographing + writing up the build for posting online. However I'll definitely make a post showing my layout's construction method and concept, as it might inspire/be useful to other O gauge modellers who don't have much space for a layout but want more than a shunting plank. The layout is set somewhere in East Anglia (justifying a completely flat baseboard) and loosely based on the Kelvedon & Tollesbury Light Railway - the station is based on Tiptree (or will be when it's built). All of the buildings and taller scenic details (trees, telegraph poles etc.) are removable for separate storage. Anyway I don't want to hijack Marc Smith's thread any further so will post more in a separate thread at some point. I've never seen the Atlas points - if they're as well engineered as their 0-6-0 diesel (of which I have 2!) they might be a better alternative to the Lima ones which aren't particularly great as regards build quality (mine required a lot of "fettling" to the point blades, and removal of flash on the sleeper mouldings, to get anything to run through it reliably)
  2. All of the recent RTR O gauge locomotives will manage Lima points and curved track (somewhat surprisingly). The Ixion Hudswell-Clarke and Dapol Terrier will sometimes derail on track joins if they aren't perfectly aligned. Also surprisingly (for me at least, based on previous attempts at combining 3-link couplings with sharp curve radii in 4mm scale) I've had no problems either pulling or propelling rolling stock (up to a 6-wheel coach in length, not tried bogie stock) around Lima curves, though when propelling it helps if all the stock has sprung buffers! I've never posted on RMWeb before but I may post some photos of my layout at some point - it's a minimum-space "tailchaser" with a pre-war light railway setting, the baseboard is in 2 sections so it can be stored in a space about 3x6ft when not being run. I used Lima curves for the main circuit, two of the three points are scratchbuilt ones acquired second-hand but the third (in the station goods yard) is a Lima one, like you I cut it down at both ends and removed the bulky switch mechanism (it's now operated by a GEM manual point lever)
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