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  1. Thanks for highlighting this. I have copied your post on another S Scale forum in the hope it might drum up a little more support.
  2. If on the first attempt the bend cracked, how did you eventually manage to form the platework on the corners? Is it in two halves?
  3. Thanks for the additional information, Mike. Nice work on the 02.
  4. Thanks chaps for the information. Mike is right, the first two sources of information are WD's. I hadn't seen the book on the Barrowmore site before; very interesting. Thank you, Keefer for bringing that to my intention. I have a copy of the MRJ in which the article by Monty Wells was published. It is quite a comprahensive article and does indeed have a drawing. My plan was to build one of these little locomotives, in S Scale, using a basic set of etches produced by Worsley Works. After seeing those detailed photographs David posted on Mike's workbench thread, it struck
  5. Hi folks, I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of where I could lay my hands on a GA drawing of a BR class 02 0-4-0DH? I don't normally model this period so this is a little out of my comfort zone. Many thanks.
  6. Loved the video and congratulations on a finishing a superb locomotive.
  7. Thank you for sharing that, Brendan. The locomotive is looking superb in it's new BR livery. On seeing the two pictures online I contacted Kelvin to confirm it was the same model and he informed that you were the new custudian. I hope it brings you much enjoyment, it's nice to see it in operation and not lying in a box waiting for that rainy day.
  8. It's funny what pops up from time to time. Last night when surfing Facebook a post popped up from Endon Valley Custom Decals showing a couple of pictures of a very nice Drewry Shunter belonging to a chap named Kelvin. This particular little shunter was built by myself a number of years ago and is based on the S Scale etches sold by Worsley Works. Having all but completed the locomotive a few gremlins were needing sorted out to get it running smoothley but, by that time, I had lost interest and packed it way in a box for a rainy day.
  9. The last parts of the wagon have been glued on using two part epoxy resin. I suppose you could use Superglue but I have never got on with the stuff due to it's quick setting proporties. The buffers are 4mm scale (ex Romford) available from Markits. They are not truley prototypical but the heads are the correct size for S Scale and once painted they do give a fair representation of the prototype. I use the same buffers on my NBR wagons, with the technology around today I suppose it would be quite easy to produce a set of prototypical buffers but I choose to continue using these to m
  10. Over this last week I've been getting distracted by another project so the GNSR wagon hasn't progressed very much. The brake gear has been installed which is one job I find quite tedious. Bill Bedford produces an etch for Highland Railway single shoe brake gear which, with a bit of bashing, can be made to represent other types of single shoe brake gear. I have used this etch in the past to represent both North British and Caledonian types of wagon brakes. For this GNSR wagon I utilised the brake and brake lever from the etch whilst making new push rods and pivot. The G
  11. I could do with taking a leaf out of your book, I've been modelling in S Scale for a number of years now and still not laid any track. I'll look forward to watching this progress, thank you for posting.
  12. Two very nice locomotives. Would I be right in thinking that Knott End is scratchbuilt?
  13. A lovely wagon and an equally lovely video.
  14. Thanks, Jim. But only if you’re feeling up to it.
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