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  1. Prompted by Timber's comment here are some shots of the progress made on my batch of mineral wagons. I did intend posting regular updates but kept getting sidetracked. Anyway, as you can see they are beginning to look more wagon like.
  2. A number of years ago, when the new S Scale rail was first produced, I made up a small panel of straight track using code 87 rail and 4mm scale chairs. I made the panel to see if the 4mm chairs could be used with the code 87 rail as my chosen prototype used four bolt chairs, which is not available in S Scale. I didn’t experience any problem threading the chairs on the rail and the final outcome was more than acceptable. I am intending on using the 4mm scale chairs when I eventually get around to track building.
  3. Here are some pictures of the 0-6-0ST Trevor made. As pointed out, only the centre axle has both inner and outer axle boxes. The outer axle boxes were made from Tufnol and you can see from the pictures that the compensating beam acts on the outer axle boxes but secured to the outside of the inner frames.
  4. Currently manufacturing some door hinges for my latest batch of wagons. I'm finding it to be one of those laborious tasks that drag on a bit, confounded by the fact I have ten sides to do. Five down, five to go.
  5. @Rosedale I will be interested to see how you tackle these rocking solebars. The North British and Caledonian Railway had both tank & hopper wagons which sat on open frames. In the past I have pondered how best to compensate such wagons whilst retaining the openess of the frames. I must admit I hadn't considered a rocking solebar.
  6. I continue to be impressed with the latest resin 3D printers, the level of detail produced is superb. Are you doing the whole wagon or just the hopper?
  7. Over the weekend I had a break from wagon building and did a bit of layout planning instead. The design has been bubbling away for a while now and I've got it far enough to allow me to start thinking about the best way to build and support the baseboards. Here is the picture of the Templot plan printed out at a scale of 2"/ft. The design is based on Bonnybridge Central which saw running powers by both the North British and Caledonian railway. It is designed as a 21' x 11' roundy-roundy, not being long enough to allow for a fan of sidings in the fiddle yard I've had to
  8. I’ve just come across your Blog. Superb modelling, and the Highland Railway is an added bonus.
  9. The wagon works are in full swing with a batch of five dumb buffered mineral wagons.
  10. Going back to the very first post in this thread I put up a picture of two wagons currently being worked on at the time. Well, after a year and a half, here they are finally finished.
  11. Just out from the paintshop, a North Brithish Railway mineral wagon to Dia. 1.
  12. Thanks for the comments, guys. This wagon was in fact one of four wagons going through the paintshop. I'll post pictures of the other three over the coming days, once I've finished tiddlying them up. I'll probably post the pictures over in the S Scale Workbench thread rather than here.
  13. To bring some closure to this thread here are some final pictures of the completed wagon. Unfortunately due to the bad light today the pictures are not as clear as I would have liked. I do hope these pictures highlight the advantages of building your own stock from scratch.
  14. Looks superb, thank you for sharing.
  15. They're not!!! Over the years I have been getting distracted by other projects. That said, I am having thoughts on continuing again with the Caley 4-4-0T, I just wanted to get a few wagon projects out the way first. Also, I'm keeping my ear to the ground waiting to see what @flubrush does, he had made a few noises that he might produce some prototype wheels for the Caley 439 class. Scott
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