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  1. The irony is that after that conversation with Mike with no Pendolinos on the horizon I decided to model the ECML (Newark) and have been collecting stock with that in mind ever since. However I could not resist the Pendo and so have two, I saw a deal for 2 x 350 sets in London Midland at $80 each and could not resist, I have a 321 in London Midland on order and I suspect I will need to get a 313 or two, maybe I am destined to build my home town station after all. Anyone want to buy two full full sets of GNER 225's, HST's, Eurostars and lots of CT DEMU's ;-)
  2. I remember driving up to Warley with Mike several years ago and we were discussing the possibility of modelling Watford Junction..... Looks like we are nearly there Mike!
  3. Yes, easily. I ran mine on a test loop with 2 power cars and 2 coaches when testing originally.
  4. This is my DCC fitted Pendo. You will need to solder the speaker to the chip. I converted a DCC Pendo to DC and vice versa. The solder tabs on the speaker are large and easy to solder. Edit: Also the speaker comes out easily to give better access to solder.
  5. I exchanged emails with Dave on this topic and there are no updates hence no emails. Numbers remain lower than the original project. This is a project that I am convinced a market exists, if there is enough interest for the APT-E numbers to hit the "Go" button, the far more useful APT-P must have a chance. Some serious marketing to re energise interest is required IMO.
  6. The discount code was rendered superfluous when the price was just reduced instead. I don't know why the price has gone up already. This is the text on their website and it says the 21st is the last day. The CAD for our N gauge Sturgeon wagon is complete and these wagons are ready to start tooling. The order book is now open and we can confirm that the price is £35 per wagon. We issued discount codes with our Class B tanks and IZAs but as the CAD took us longer than anticipated some of the codes have expired, so as a result we have discounted the Sturgeons for everyone automatically
  7. It is odd as the Rapido downsize of the APT-E in N seems to have the requisite numbers to make it viable now and that is far more niche that the P train.
  8. You may be correct and I may be guilty of trying to apply logic and common sense here but I am told by others more knowledgeable that a big issue with GDPR is over compliance. Folks feeling they almost have to go the extra mile on everything for fear of those big fines, creating way more work than was intended. Or maybe I just don't like bureaucracy ;-)
  9. I am absolutely not a GDPR expert but I am not sure this is the case. If he was keeping the names randomly "just in case" then I would agree but surely if it was to transfer from one electronic system to another it would have been fine. Analogous to buying a new filing cabinet and transferring your paperwork from the old one to the new one?
  10. Dave, do you have the means to contact all the original expressers of interest to inform them of the changed spec and price? I wonder if the people who saw the original publicity and signed up even know about the changes? Edit - cross posted as you posted your rely above I struggle to see why Christmas would influence an "expression of interest", this is not a demand for money.
  11. Placed an order and got an email confirmation. Looks great.
  12. Thanks for the getting the quotes, looks like a handy reduction. Lets hope it has the desired effect.
  13. Lovely basses. Never played a fretted but the fretless is a legendary sound.
  14. Actually its not that unusual in the manufacturing world. Where a company has a particular expertise in manufacturing it can sell its capacity on the general market even to a competitor. The Panasonic OLED panels are made by LG for example.
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