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  1. If you're worried about interlaced sleepers, check out this from new installation at Strathspey railway, Aviemore. http://ontrackatstrathspey.blogspot.com/2021/05/aviemore-re-sleepering-complete-new.html
  2. Spondon is between Long Eaton and Derby... Birmingham is a foreign country from there!
  3. Thanks to all who replied. As was said in another thread, using these as a basis for a completely accurate model is like gold-plating a plastic spoon. I will letter it in the same fashion as the Bachmann r-t-r version here.
  4. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.2953357,-0.7582107,3a,75y,262.98h,70.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sboupKZUKTqpcCNgokKvvaQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  5. I have just completed the Dapol kits of the 57' composite M3630M and brake 3rd M5650M, in BR maroon livery. They are very simple to make up, only problems were getting the window inserts to actually seat properly in a few of the window openings. The bodies are pre-sprayed, lined and numbered, but need the BR coach roundels applied by the included waterslide transfers. Can anybody tell me, or point in the direction of photos or other information, what other branding, wording or symbols these carried and their positioning? I'm thinking of C1 restriction on the ends, "Load 2 tons evenly distributed" for the brake/luggage compartment, "Guard" for the doors and similar small details. The only photos a google search gives me are photos of the kits as made up, or the LMS-liveries set on the Severn Valley Rly. I think the Fox transfers FRH4030/2 sheet should cover it, do you know of any more I should have? Thanks
  6. More recently as well. Found this sequence of pictures from Highland Council https://www.flickr.com/photos/highlandcouncil/albums/72157628908964901 Apparently there were complaints from motorists at the time taken to open the what is in effect a level crossing. To save costs the road lights were interlinked with the existing retb signalling, and the train had to be proved clear of the section, rather than just the level crossing.... of course they could have driven round the closure but that would have taken a lot longer than waiting... but thats not good enough... Still it did for a time have that very rare beastie, a bus-replacement-rail-service, for the Highland Council school service.
  7. A new set installed last year - during lockdown! - at The Strathspey Railway. Take a look here at the post for 21st June. https://signallingstrathspey.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2020-07-12T21:44:00%2B01:00&max-results=7&start=12&by-date=false click here for image Incidentally, the full turnout from the main line, installed in March 2020 immediately before lockdown, is a BRAND NEW one, chairs are marked LU 2019. Bullhead S&C are still made for London Underground.
  8. Just to let you all know, Strathspey Railway shop at Boat of Garten Station has the kits of Boat of Garten Signal Box and Boat of Garten Station and Station Master's House. These are by PopUp Designs, to their usual standard, but are not on their website (possibly an "exclusive" to the Strathspey Railway) The FB page for Boat of Garten Station has contact details should anyone wish to order, or drop me a PM, as I shall be visiting again soon. https://www.facebook.com/Boat-of-Garten-Railway-Station-313483999062978/
  9. Hi Paul These look great, I think I'm in the market for a POP1 train when the pressure on the credit card eases a bit. I take it these are now made-to-order? Can I make a request please. As the Genesis kits seem to be unavailable now, how about a 3D-print 252 HST cab for cut-and-shut with a Hornby 43 for the test trains as seen in these pictures (unless anybody knows where the Genesis kits can be obtained) Picture from this thread https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150509-Hornby-apt-2020/page/17/
  10. I remember from spotting at Attenborough in the pre-barriers era, when the gates were operated by a wheel in the signal box - officially known as Attenborough Shunting Frame. The gates were always opened for Up trains before they approached, even for stoppers (120 DMUs). The signal was about 30 yards or so from the platform end, but the trains stopped with the front almost at the platform end. I used to wonder why this happened until one day there was a rumour round at school that a train had gone through the gates. Sure enough, a cycle down the next evening found two gates still operating normally, two piled up at the side in a bent condition and a man stringing a bit of red-and-white tape across the gap.
  11. Certainly one was at Mallaig. Somewhere I have the photos, but it was the (as John U says) crimson & cream ones. Also named I think. I shall try and dig out the photos and scan them, it was in pre-digital days.
  12. Well, that's my 4th APT ordered! A DJM one, we know what happened to that. Then a Hornby through the wholesalers. Hornby stopped dealing through them. Hattons cancelled preorder. Unfortunately, I don't have a local model shop so lastly another small retailer, a family shop, active on here. Hoping this one sticks. If not, it's back to 1980s Hornby cut-and-shut.
  13. Backworth No 9, as seen at Aviemore 7th May 2021. My photo. It's in the queue for restoration, behind 5025 and 46464.
  14. For those of you that have FB... This from Aviemore Engine Shed has a few photos of the ongoing restortation of Strathspey No 9, RSH Austerity 0-6-0 Works no 7097, formerly of Backworth Colliery https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=944938852997535&id=417847319040027
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