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  1. I am not sure if Hornby is looking at the 0 gauge coarse scale market as inspiration. Either Ace or Darstaed were making 4 and 8 wheel pre-grouping coaches a long time before Hattons and Hornby produced theirs and Hornby is still not producing many bogie pre-grouping coaches. Similarly Ace was producing a Hornby Dublo look alike N2 goods train set in 0 gauge a long time before Hornby started making its Hornby Dublo locomotives.
  2. There was an interesting mix of themes for the Hornby programme last Monday. Perhaps Jenny would like Hornby to reintroduce their transcontinental series with more powerful magnadhesion so we could have an Australian layout hanging from the ceiling. I think Sam is very enterprising making money from his videos. I wonder if anyone has run a Hornby locomotive to destruction to see how long it would last. My friend had a Tri-ang Winston Churchill that he ran on an exhibition layout in Boscombe until the flanges wore out. It would be interesting to find out which locomotive would pull the most coaches. According to the Railway Modeller the R3971 Hornby Dublo General Steam Navigation can haul 21 Pullman cars on a layout with 1:48 gradients and 3' radius curves which is probably the best of any Hornby locomotives. I was also interested to see how the lady packed the Airfix Mustang. She took one item from each of around 46 trays and then weighed them to see if anything was missing. When I bought Airfix kits there was a slip inside to return for missing parts. The lights were missing from my Ford Capri but I never got round to returning the slip.
  3. There is a scale chart updated to 12 February 1961on page 293 of Dinky Toys and Modelled Miniatures by Mike and Sue Richardson. The Bulldozer is to 1/34 scale and the BEV Truck is to 1/38 scale. Most of the cars, vans and lorries are either 1/48 or 1/45 scale which seem close to 1/43 scale unless you put them against 1/43 scale models. In the 1960s most of the Dinky Toys cars were made to 1/43 scale which is the same as the 0 gauge trains. I think it is a pity that Dinky Toys did not make all their models to model railway scales.
  4. Thank you for your comments about Dinky Toys. My replica Dinky Toys Regent Tanker, in the Atlas range, together with other Dinky Toys, blended in well with the 0 gauge layout we exhibited at the Allendale Centre at Wimborne. This was the Wessex Group of the Hornby Collectors Association layout at the Central Southern 0 gauge exhibition on Sunday 24 October 2021 where we had about 350 visitors.
  5. At the Central Southern 0 gauge exhibition at the Allendale Centre at Wimborne last Sunday there was an 0 gauge Coronation class locomotive easily hauling a rake of eight Coronation Scot coaches with lights. If it can be done in 0 gauge Hornby should be able to do it in 00 gauge.
  6. Last Thursday I ran my Coronation locomotive with a rake of seven Coronation coaches. The baseboard was not completely level and the locomotive was unable to haul the load without slipping where there was a slight incline so I removed one coach. I wonder if Hornby had ever tested the locomotive to see if it would pull nine coaches. Perhaps Coronation could be a candidate for a Hornby Dublo version with a diecast body or Hornby could make some Coronation Scot coaches without lights that would have less drag.
  7. The arrival of a Hornby five coach rake of four-wheel LSWR coaches and the Kernow LSWR brake van has enabled me to run a balanced range of rolling stock with the PC and Hornby repainted bogie coaches and my collection of Wessex Wagons.
  8. There are very few records of four and six wheel coaches on the London and South Western Railway except a Board of Trade report following a derailment of 19 June 1886 on the Swanage Railway which is mentioned on page 241 of Swanage 125 Years of Railways by B.L. Jackson. This train consisted of passenger guards van 260, 1st class coaches 338 and 373, 2nd class coach 119, 3rd class coach 319 and 3rd class brake 243. The formation is similar to the coaches made by Hornby and Adams Radial Tanks could have been the motive power then. I ran this train at the Wimborne Railway Society meeting last night. The members liked the coaches except for the luggage van and did not think that the lights were necessary.
  9. LSWR terrier crossing Corfe Viaduct with a rake of Hornby LSWR 4 wheel coaches. I have still not activated the lights on 3rd class coach 302 that arrived in February so I don't seem to be very interested in the lights. I think that the LSWR van on the road is a souvenir from the Watercress Line.
  10. You will be pleased to read that I have now received the remaining three L&SWR coaches without lights. The model shop wanted to sell the L&SWR coaches with lights, I wanted to buy them and all that was stopping the sale from going through until December was Hornby. Now I am able to display the rake of coaches in front of the original Swanage Station as it was in L&SWR days.
  11. I have now heard from the large model shop which has told me that a small batch arrived which Hornby sold and distributed to a few model shops but the main production run is not expected until December. I have decided to cancel my order and order the remaining L&SWR models without lights which are available now. I was not entirely happy with the lights as they shone through some of the paintwork and some went on and off without warning.
  12. I originally pre-ordered through Hattons but after seeing comments about Hornby cancelling their pre-orders I cancelled my order and pre-ordered with another large shop because I thought that would be my best chance of getting the models. I don't think Hattons has ever had the L&SWR coaches with lights in stock and I don't think any of the L&SWR coaches are available from them now. I think I made the right decision in cancelling Hattons' order.
  13. I enjoyed watching the video. You will be pleased to see that the L&SWR coaches without lights are generally available. Unfortunately that is not the case with the L&SWR coaches with lights. I pre-ordered four of these with a large model shop that does mail orders on 22 January. Two arrived a couple of months ago but they have all been in stock at Hornby since 1 July and are now available at some shops I reminded the shop today and they said that I will get the remaining coaches although I may have to wait. They had ordered 70 R40107 1st class and 85 R40110 with lights and are going to chase up Hornby. If Hornby had cancelled their order they would have informed all their customers. I have also ordered R40108A L&SWR 3rd 308 from my local Swanage Railway shop so it will be interesting to see which comes first. In future it may be better to wait until the models arrive on Hornby's web site and then order from whichever shop has them available.
  14. Has anyone received any news about the LSWR 4 wheel coaches R40107 and R40110? These have been available from Hornby since 1 July. I ordered mine from a large model shop that does mail orders on 22 January and at 3 August they still have not received them. One shop has only got three left. I have heard that Hornby is delaying supplying some large model shops by four weeks.
  15. I think that R30086 will be a very good model and will be worth paying extra for the enhanced livery. I enclose a picture of the prototype visiting Swanage on Monday 5 July this year.
  16. You will be pleased to see that the Swanage Railway Heritage Carriage Group has recently obtained an LSWR carriage body that was part of a house for nearly 100 years. It will be used as a workshop and store. It looks like it has five compartments two of which seem to be in LSWR brown and salmon pink livery. I am still waiting for the Hornby R40107 1st class coach and R40110 LSWR brake 3rd. These are available from Hornby but not yet from the retailers.
  17. My problem is that I have pre-ordered two remaining LSWR 4 wheel coaches R40107 1st class and R40110 brake 3rd at a 10% discount from a well known retailer. These are essential items for me as I am modelling the Swanage Railway on the LSWR and I have already got the other two coaches. These two coaches have been in stock at Hornby since 1 July at the full price of £35.99 but are still not available at the retailers. If Hornby do not deliver them to the retailers before 31 July it looks like I will have to pay the full price anyway. If Hornby sell out of them before they get to the retailers I might not get them at all.
  18. You will be pleased to see that my D class has arrived from Locomotion Models. This is number 737 as preserved at the York Railway Museum. I am impressed with the paint finish and detail but I have not run it yet. Although my main interest is the Swanage Railway on the LSWR I spent my childhood in Orpington, Kent which is in the area that the D class ran.
  19. A view of the road behind Corfe Castle Station and the goods siding on the 0 gauge layout at the barn at Godlingston Manor. It looks like they have started a production run of Corfe Castle stations as there is another model of the station in the background. The wagons and coaches are my Dapol models.
  20. Dear Paul, Mike was an architect for London Underground. Unfortunately he died a few years ago. Yours sincerely Robin
  21. Paul. I made a drawing of Swanage Signal Box and sent it to Mike Stollery for checking which is how I got to know him. Then the Railway Modeller published my article about Swanage Signal Box and several other articles about the buildings on the Swanage Railway. Mike Stollery produced an architect's drawing of Swanage Station for the Swanage Railway and we sent it off for publication in the Railway Modeller with my narrative. The Railway Modeller paid substantially more for that article due to the quality of the drawing. Someone told my brother that the drawing of Swanage Station was brilliant: it could almost have been by an architect.
  22. Thank you for showing us your plan of the Corfe Castle station site. I took a picture of the station site from Challow Hill last Thursday and that might help anyone modelling the station.
  23. I was very impressed with the amount of information Hattons has supplied about the new Dapol N gauge Schools class in their information sheet. Hattons has supplied detailed information about the Dapol model, about the prototype and about the history of the models going back to the Airfix and Trix versions introduced in 1959. It looks like Dapol and Hattons work very well together and I am wondering if Dapol will emerge as one of the leading manufacturers.
  24. Hornby's statement explains why I was able to get a limited edition of the Rocket from the Swanage Railway shop and not from well known retailers who supply mail orders. It looks like the railway shop is in tier two whereas the mail order shops are in tier 3. The Rocket was not a must have model as it is unlikely ever to have visited the Swanage Railway that I am modelling. It is not impossible for the replica of the Rocket to visit the Swanage Railway in the future and my model shows what it would look like if it did.
  25. The Model Railway Constructor compared the Tri-ang Hornby and the Trix Flying Scotsman locomotives around 1968 and I found the article very interesting. If the magazines are not interested in comparing models now there is no reason why we cannot compare models on this site. For instance a few years ago, when the Hornby Duchess of Athol came out, I compared its performance with a Wrenn City of Liverpool each hauling a rake of about 10 coaches for 30 minutes at the Godlingston trials at Swanage. I think that the performance of the two locomotives was about the same and in forty years time some of us will see if the Hornby Duchess lasts as long as the Wrenn City.
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