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  1. I am pleased to confirm Sue's findings that Mike's family are now sorting out his financial affairs. I too have received a full refund after submitting details of my orders addressed to Mike in the first instance. I suggest that others in a similar situation to Sue and myself do the same. A shame about the non-availability of Mike's kits though. While I am able to find an alternative source for a Silver Jubilee set I will be struggling to find a SR 4-BUF EMU set. I do hope that someone out there will be able to take over Mike's business. Thank you for your advice Sue and to RMWeb f
  2. Thank you very much for your posting Sue from which I was very pleased to learn that you have received a full refund. As the instigator of this thread with a high value order of nearly £600 still outstanding since March 2017 and similar communication problems with Mike to yourself I will do exactly as you suggest. It is a very sad state of affairs. I have been a satisfied customer of Mike since 2003, he used to be so helpful and approachable and his kits were of superb quality prior to his health issues.
  3. Hi Mark. I am pleased to learn that you managed to secure a refund via PayPal and managed to find an alternative source for your kit. I have not been so fortunate and numerous requests for a refund via email and letter have been ignored as has a CCJ. Let this be a warning to other would-be customers.
  4. All very well but Mike Radford's website has relatively recently stated that he no longer accepts payment by PayPal! Unfortunately, I paid by direct Bank Transfer which, in the past, has always worked satisfactorily and delivery has been prompt.
  5. Has anyone else experienced any problems in obtaining coach kits from MARC Models recently? In the past, I have found Mike Radford very reliable and helpful to deal with on ordering his kits within a reasonable time but I have had much difficulty in recent months with a number of items from his SR EMU and Silver Jubilee ranges some of which have been on order (and fully paid for) for 18 months. He seems very evasive when asked for an estimation of a delivery date although his website appears to be active advertising his full range of kits with no indication of any delays in production/deliv
  6. So have I! Just trying to pluck up the courage so look forward to reading your progress.
  7. Hi Chris I am still waiting to receive a 6-PUL kit that I tried to order originally in March 2010! I've exchanged numerous emails with Chris Knowles and even met him once at the Southampton Model Railway Show in 2012 and agreed to scribe the door recesses myself but it's always the same response - "jam tomorrow", but never any admission that the kits just aren't available which is clearly the case. Emails get ignored and order forms/ cheques / credit card details get "lost" I've given up now but, like yourself, am annoyed that the SRG website still implies that the kits are availab
  8. I whole-heartedly concur with all the above comments concerning the "non-availability" of Phoenix kits from the Southern Railways Group Sales Officer, Mr Chris Knowles Thomas. I AM a paid-up member of the SRG and have been trying to purchase acomplete 6-Pul kit from him for nearly three years now. I have sent a completed order form with credit card details three times with no response whatsoever and had a face to face conversation with him at the Southampton show in January when he assured me that the kits would be available very soon - I even agreed to scribe the door recesses myself if he
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