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    own layout based on buxton
    Derby fc season ticket holder
    60s and 70s music and northern soul music

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  1. hi there is a car park at the rear for the albion centre only a pound for 3 hrs ,sometimes somebody leaving will hand you there ticket so no need to rush you can have a good browes around dave
  2. hi does anyone know if a lima national power class 59 body will fit on a Hornby class 59 chassis . thinking of doing this as Dapol 59 is now at least Q1 which is 7 years since it was anounced cheers Dave
  3. hi spoke to Bachmann last year and this wagon had not even gone to the CAD stage so dont think will see it for next couple of years. i've gave up on them and built the parkside/peco kits a lot cheaper Dave
  4. hi does anyone have a spare harness for a guagemaster DCC25 decoder . have tried gaugemaster but they dont make this one anymore and the new ones the plug into the decoder are to narrow for the dcc25. thanks Dave
  5. Hi Steve Is there anydate for when this is published as waiting for mine to arrive through the post Dave
  6. Hi good to see a layout of Buxton with the correct track layout. i hope to get photos of my Buxton layout on RM web in the next couple of weeks . I have just got to put in the fencing and lamps on platform 1 to finish that half of the station thanks Dave
  7. Would it not be better to electrify sheffield yo leicester via derby and nottingham before nottingham to skeggy..thought the full electrification of the midland main line had been scrapped by this goverment
  8. Hi Rich can you still get this pack has mine is about all used up and could do with some more for zanders as well as barbels thanks Dave
  9. does anyone have a railtrack autoballaster non gen wagon i want one to do a conversion to an earlier PIA hopper runing at peak forest in the early 1990s thanks Dave
  10. HI A1 models did etched brass fold up frames for these to attached either cambrian or white metal bogie sides to them . not sure if John at A1 Models still does them Dave
  11. Hi Andy Where do you obtain the closed door kits for this wagon thanks Dave
  12. Hi does anyone have a Hornby class 31 31110 cracked or broken body,i just want the fan cowl intact to put in a headcode body Thanks Dave
  13. hi does it play the wurzels greatest hits by any chance
  14. hi Paul DC KITS used to supply them for their kits , you could ask Charlie if he still has any Cheers Dave
  15. Thanks Paul Look forward to it as I model Buxton and find to it very useful for late 80s early 90s period . thanks Dave
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