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  1. many thanks.. really useful diagram on the link you posted!
  2. many thanks Ian.. this is exactly how I needed it explaining.. this is why i love RM Web!!
  3. Thanks for this info.. I sort of assumed this must have been the case.. I need to find a picture now of how the rodding would have been set up to enable 1 lever doing both points at the same time!
  4. Hi everyone, I need some help understanding how the point rodding would have looked/worked at Fawley in Hampshire. I am modelling Fawley and for the most part I understand how things would have worked, however, I don't understand how the point rodding would have worked for the points numbered '4' in the attached picture... there is only a single run of point rodding to the 2 sets of points numbered '4' looking at the picture attached... would the loop point have been clipped and the rodding operate only the platform road point? Or would the single length of rodding operate both points on one pull of lever '4'? Also is the symbol like a cross on the points labelled '6' a facing point lock?? Hopefully I have explained this clearly.. as you can see I am no signalman but I do want to get this right. many thanks in advance! Richard.
  5. thanks all for you replies.. very useful!
  6. Hi, I got my 00 Heljan class 33 out of the box last night for the first time in ages only to find that the destination blind glass had fallen out and is now missing.. is this something that can be replaced easily? if so do Heljan keep them in stock or is it a case of pleading on the net trying to find one?! Any ideas much appreciated!!
  7. Just to give some idea about the length of the halt https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=worthy+down+halt&site=webhp&prmd=vin&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiahsH1h7_NAhWIKsAKHUjID70Q_AUICCgC&biw=360&bih=560&dpr=4#imgrc=S2aclKGX0lSlMM%3A
  8. Thanks all for getting back! At least my maths wasn't wrong.. but a scale length platform may have to be reduced slighty to save building and extension!! I never thought of the OS map Seahorse... great idea! The pictures I have seen show a Collett and 3 coaches with about a 3rd of the platform not used so potentially I suppose about 6-7 coach trains could fit just. I only work down the road so I will have to nip up with me old meter rule just to be safe!!
  9. I have been seriously considering modelling Worthy Down halt on the DNS near Winchester. In the book it has a scale drawing of the halt in chains. If you measure the halt on the drawing, given the scale in the book, it works out to 8 chains or 528ft given that there are 66ft in a chain. So if it is the case that it's 4mm to the foot in 00, I worked out that my scale platform length is 2112mm. Surely this can't be right.. over 2m long!!. I am now in my 41st year and consider myself still too young to have a really senior moment but I do consider myself to be dire at maths and this is the first time I have tried this, so any help would be gratefully received!!
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