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  1. Back in the day - and living north of the border - I saw all the Clans and underlined their numbers in red biro in my IA Locospotters book. I cannot recall ever seeing an example of an ex-works one. From memory they were always a sooty shade of black. (Alisdair)
  2. OK so I got my O level maths wrong. Thank you Dungrange for your posting saying what I was trying to say. [Alisdair]
  3. Reading the discussion thread it seems to me that the verdict on the Sound / No Sound option is very much like Marmite. You either love it, or hate it. Having gone from analogue to DCC nearly fifteen years ago I made the next step a few years later to chip a Heljan 4mm Class 27 with an early Howes sound chip. All of a sudden I was taken to another level, more so with the added sounds of seagulls, I think, on F11 or maybe it was F12. And then there was the purchase of one of the first production models of the SLW Class 24 from Phil Sutton. The sounds on the 24 took me to an entirely new level. And for those still unsure about sound, just get yourself the opportunity to operate a full fat sound version of a SLW 24 and I am sure you might even be converted. I must add that I have no connections with SLW, just a satisfied customer. I am in the school of railway modellers where my layout attempts to give the viewer a theatrical experience with trains in the scenery. And part of that experience is sound. At normal viewing distances at exhibitions of roughly four feet, at a scale of 1:76, this represents nearly three quarters of a mile between the viewer and the locomotive, if my arithmetic is correct. And at that distance the only sounds that are likely to be heard from locomotives would be the growl from diesel engines, or the chuff beat of steam locomotives, occasionally with the sound of safety valves lifting, and of course their whistles. And the general background noise in an exhibition environment precludes much more sound actually being heard. Back in the quietness of my shed I can get up close and personal to the layout. Here I find the sound of the Class 158 doors closing / guards buzzer and driver response all add to the play value of the sound chip. It does what 158s do and I enjoy hearing the sequence. And yes it is a sound that would not be heard standing in a field half a mile from the real 158. And while sitting in my shed modelling, or working on my computer, I have been known to have a steam locomotive with sound on just sitting in the yard, burbling away, the fireman on his shovel, the safety valves lifting, and the sound of the injectors, or blower, adding to the musical symphony. Unless we are still watching television in black and white, we have multiple channels on our colour televisions. I know most of these channels are there, and I have no intention of watching them. Likewise, there are sounds on locomotive chips which I will never use, but there are those sounds are there which I can pick or choose to use in different operating circumstances. As an earlier posting said, I would agree that a layout without sound is like watching a silent movie. [Alisdair]
  4. Why not give them a call. From my dealings with RM they don't bite. (Alisdair)
  5. At what point (or points) does the argument begin on whether the light blue and the dark blue are the correct shades of blue. Now I remember back in the old days the darker blues were darker and the lighter blues much lighter. (Alisdair)
  6. Nice photo and yes very modellable. Looks like something that could be put together in 0 gauge. (Alisdair)
  7. By the architecture of the church - is it in North or Mid Wales? (Alisdair)
  8. For the record - and as a regular operator - PW's Chester Cathedral layout only had one regular steam locomotive - a Spamcan - in the six weeks or so the layout ran. All locomotives were electric and diesel locomotives from recent and current times. There were certainly no cries for steam traction. It has to be said that there was a minority of visitors who did want to see Flying Scotsman - the locomotive - [I think it was because they had a family tradition that their grandfathers had driven that particular engine]. All the visitors to the Cathedral related to the Pendolinos, the Voyagers, and the intermodals on the layout. Out of interest, can I ask the source for your comment in your posting that there is a preference for "steam trains"? [Alisdair]
  9. Here in the full size real world a telegraph pole or street lamp out of plumb is quite acceptable. That's the way it is. Model it out of plumb and it looks like a badly placed component l, or it has been caught by a shirt cuff. And it looks wrong. For whatever reason some things just don't translate into modelling terms. Same for the reality of models and modelling all those imperfections. (Alisdair)
  10. Like many who have commented here on the Hornby Programme, I too have enjoyed the end result. What I thought originally was that it was going to be a closely focussed number of programmes, all built around the products from Margate. It actually broaden out into a railway modellers magazine on a variety of related topics. I was also pleased to see it was not fearful of product placement for manufacturer and suppliers other than Hornby. This can only be a good thing for the hobby. I had the first knowledge of the impending production of the programme back at the beginning of July of this year when I assisted at the setting up of Pete Waterman's Chester Cathedral layout. A cameraman from the production company was at the cathedral over a couple of days filming what was going on. And I did sign release form to allow my image to be published - but who knows - I may not have made the directors' final cut. And it mustn't be forgotten that much of it was filmed, and put together, while many were still restricted by the health concerns of the pandemic. So well done to all involved! [Alisdair]
  11. Yes I can confirm the chairs arrived over Saturday night for the Sunday opening. And they were well used. Our layout was next to them. (Alisdair)
  12. Should there be barriers in place to stop the barriers getting too close? (Alisdair)
  13. Our layout 'Whithorn' was invited to GETS over the past weekend, and the three operators had a great time, with the layout being very well received. The three of us have all been double vaccinated,we brought along a load of face masks, along with the plastic visors, not really knowing what to expect. We had no cause to wear them the whole time of the exhibition. My only criticism was the crash barriers had a life of their own and were continually moved closer and closer to the layout as the numbers viewing increased. At least they all had a good close look at the layout until we gently moved them all back to a respectful distance. From what I observed the walking barriers appeared to be quite a common occurrence on other layouts too Thank you to the organisers holding their nerve and going for it to make a start in getting the confidence back again for shows. (Alisdair)
  14. I seem to recall making a purchase in a shop in 'Torrono' Ontario and the price on the ticket on the goods on the shelf was lower than the price at the till. The local tax etc was added when I made the payment. Same difference? (Alisdair)
  15. Have just received my group of five creamery workers from Modelu. Great modelling! Now I must get out my paint box, and paint the figures in time for them to be set to work in the creamery at 'Whithorn', and their appearance at GETS Milton Keynes this coming weekend. But just like Mallard60022 I too have problems in the choice of colours for the outfits for these figures. Agreed white overcoats, but is it black wellington boots or white ones? Whether black or white, [or green? ] - I am sure whatever I do there will be an expert out there who will put me right! [Alisdair]
  16. Thoroughly great series for the enthusiast and non enthusiast. And the bonus of seeing places many of us have visited in our own travels. Mrs.Ardbealach even following Tim on his Instagram account. Thank you Tim for a bright spot in the week. (Alisdair)
  17. Three pictures of 'Bewdley' to add to the list of the layouts lined up for February. All three images acknowledged to Andy York. (Alisdair)
  18. Well done to Chris and the Liverpool MRS team for a great show. Excellent selection of layouts and good to see so many old faces after eighteen months of lockdown. [Alisdair]
  19. I have a mazak suffering 31 in Dutch livery on my shelf. Mazak repairs were attempted. Certainly the body shell is in good order. Any use? and if so what you think it is worth plus postage? You can post a private note if you wish. (Alisdair)
  20. I find that I just cannot get into Wheeltappers and its sub files pages which fail to open and allow me to read, and also the same problem with Modelliing Musings. This is both both on my desk top computer and mobile phone. All the other pages drop in quickly to read. (Alisdair)
  21. The Bewdley team are all set to go for the Stafford Show weekend. We can't wait! (Alisdair)
  22. From what I recall at the time when steam on British Railways was being phased out in 1968, many die--hard steam enthusiasts felt their world was coming to an end. Steam locomotive numbers would now remained 'unspotted', and they would never to be underlined in red biro pen. Some enthusiasts even binned their Ian Allen locospotter books in disgust, and gave up the hobby and interest completely. Diesel traction had taken over, and those who could not cope with the change were known as GRICERS in the hope that steam might continue. History has since proven that steam made a full recovery. GRICE? Was an acronym for Good Riddance to the Internal Combustion Engine. A Gricer was therefore someone who wanted to see an end to the introduction of diesel traction. [Alisdair]
  23. The Blue Train problem - although serious at the time - only affected the Glasgow Suburban north lines. It wasn't nationwide. It was also at a time when the previous steam service had just been withdrawn and steam locomotives were still available, along with the redundant steam passenger rolling stock, to run the revised service until the problem was resolved. You may recall that the later rationalisation of the mid sixties had all that spare stock scrapped. Today there is no spare similar stock and locomotives lying around which can be pulled into service. The irrelevance in the letter - which seems to me to be pushing on the door of 'nationalisation is better' agenda - and I am not getting into a debate on the politics of that topic - does not add anything to the present problems of highly sophisticated rolling stock and the TOCs have to deal with the problems. [Alisdair]
  24. Funny you should mention Wolmar - This irrelevant piece of nonsense made it into the 'Letters to the Editor' in today's Times. The problem is that people believe what Wolmar puts into print. [Alisdair]
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