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  1. don't have much intrest in american steamers but you would have thaught they would have held the container train till it passed the area for photographers !!
  2. that will be revealed at a later date !! a lot depends on if i can obtain the required decals from a suplier in this country , all i'll say is it will be unusual and intresting and also being done to practice some weathering techniques !!
  3. i think this model dates to late 70's early 80's pancake motor is nothing like limas it is more like the motor mainline fitted into thier peak diesels abysmal effort !!! so this is striktly a displayer it may get a cheap dcc conversion so i can run on my planned british outline layout and so i can fit fibre optics later in the build
  4. unsurew of wich ones do or don't i know my blue box athearn SDP40 has them as does an old bachman SD40-2 but then the Bachmann gp 30 i have doesn't as doesn't an athearn blue box gp 30 so it may depend on company order specs
  5. thing is that you buy a part here a part there and it soon clocks up into quite a spend before including searching for what you want then waiting for it in the post , scratch building costs a couple of pennies , hones modelling skills and instead of waiting for delivery and ordering i can be building instead wich if you look on it, it is only a little longer as you would still have to fettle and fit kit baught items obviously there are some items worth buying that are harder to make like plows etc but i'll usualy work out how far i want to go beforehand and as most of my american
  6. forgive my jeep thing i'm in the uk but then the willis jeep name came from the GP designation for general purpose !!! anyway as you say i intend to spend little to nothing on the project , as i do on most builds , prefering to scratch build , as such the cab is a fair representation so it stops!!! besides being in the uk and working long hours i don't wish to spend the time and effort involved to source the parts like that it eats into my little time at home to actualy model although the thaught was good and apreciated so maybe on another build !!
  7. even though not perfection the tanking is gradualy taking shape and is a little improvement on the original set up !!
  8. plasticard and filler being employed to make nicer looking tanks to be detailed later
  9. unsure of other ways to make the uprights , only steel stock i found that was suitable for the upright stantions was 1mm x 1mm brass H section so it was filed flat at the rear and flattened and bent round the rail at the top then superglued together
  10. http://www.atlasrr.com/Support/locoshell.htm
  11. depends there are atlas locos and there are atlas locos , so depends what age !! older ones just have locating clips on the bodys footplating area so you can just pull a little to release clips , although newer stuff may well be screwed together but i can't comment as i have not stripped one yet !!
  12. an excercise to see what can be obtained from a realy terrible model , the first sight of this model gives the view of an apparently hopeless cause , i only got it because i baught a bb athern gp30 and the ebay trader threw it in and it arrived as a surprise !! so a gp30 and gp40 for £12.00p the package first requirement was a strip down and to strip the awful factory paint that if i'm totaly honnest looked like matt dulux emulsion applied with a roller , so it was duly stripped in mr muscle oven cleaner for 48 hours to reveal a lot of crisp detail on the body
  13. my biggest stumbling block is i deal in cash only and won't have a card , so athearn say they'll take a money order , just have to work out how money orders work because athearn have them and they are exceptionaly helpfull , i have to be honest and say Hornby could learn big lessons in that direction from athearn
  14. cheers been trying the phone at the specified times since thursday
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