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  1. I bought the new Hornby catalogue today, some lovely CAD of the new Mk4 TSOE. Looks good to my untrained eyes
  2. I have photos of 91s pre GNER with the silver grill, I also have a feeling that the 91s lost the bodyside swallows during the shadow privatisation period/GNER era pre repaints.
  3. Hi everyone During Covid I had to move out of the family home as I was redeployed to work on a Covid Positive ward and wanted to protect my family. On returning home I found an elderly relative had 'tidied up' my layout 'for safe keeping' while i was away. In doing so they caused considerable damage to stock etc I've added up the damage to locomotives and rolling stock e.g. stacking Hornby class 60 locomotives loose on top of each other and so on wrecking detailing parts and in several cases cracking either the body or chassis. Does anyone have any experien
  4. Sorry to bump this topic again. Does anyone know if the destination blinds light up if the cab lights are turned off? Many thanks Matt
  5. I'm thinking it would be relatively easy to convert 2 153s back into a 155?
  6. Thank you, I was there first weekend in February. Typical they move after all this time when I was finally going to go and try and get photos. Sods law really!
  7. Thank you, they were still at Portobello when I was in Edinburgh last month.
  8. Hi Does anyone have any details and photos of the East Coast wiring train please? I've tried the usual places and can't find anything unfortunately. The train has been abandoned south of the wheel lathe at Craigentinney since the end of the electrification scheme. Also what coaches were converted to form it?
  9. Hi everyone, having watched C5's programme about the NYMR on Friday the commentary kept repeating that their 9F was "the only one in the world". Obviously other 9Fs are in existence so is there anything particularly unique about the NYMR 9F?
  10. Hi everyone I know this is very niche but does anyone have any photos of stations/buildings/lamp posts/columns etc painted in the Northern Spirit house colours please. If anyone has access to the NS design guide (if one existed) and is willing to share the information that would be even better please. I've looked on Flickr and Google but can only a couple of pics from Middlesbrough of columns painted in the white/green/turquoise scheme. Many thanks. Matt
  11. James if you ever fancy building a canal... Moored on the Grand Union near Wolverton
  12. Hi I'm loving the work on your Pacers. I went to school on one every day for 7 years!! I'm detailing my RRNE pacer where did you get your detailing parts please? Many thanks Matt
  13. Where did you get your metal detailing parts from please?
  14. Hi Peter With regards to the bowing on the bridge may I make a suggestion please? If the bridge is still structurally sound and the track level have you considered making a cameo scene of the bridge being repaired/repainted with the effected section hidden behind a screen of scaffolding and tarpaulins? All the best Matt
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