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  1. Hi everyone I know this is very niche but does anyone have any photos of stations/buildings/lamp posts/columns etc painted in the Northern Spirit house colours please. If anyone has access to the NS design guide (if one existed) and is willing to share the information that would be even better please. I've looked on Flickr and Google but can only a couple of pics from Middlesbrough of columns painted in the white/green/turquoise scheme. Many thanks. Matt
  2. James if you ever fancy building a canal... Moored on the Grand Union near Wolverton
  3. Hi I'm loving the work on your Pacers. I went to school on one every day for 7 years!! I'm detailing my RRNE pacer where did you get your detailing parts please? Many thanks Matt
  4. Where did you get your metal detailing parts from please?
  5. Hi Peter With regards to the bowing on the bridge may I make a suggestion please? If the bridge is still structurally sound and the track level have you considered making a cameo scene of the bridge being repaired/repainted with the effected section hidden behind a screen of scaffolding and tarpaulins? All the best Matt
  6. On Friday evening I was passing through Glaisdale and found a 158 coupled out of use on the rear of the scheduled service to Middlesbrough - was this the first 158 to visit Whitby as I was advised by a driver many years ago they were out of gauge for Esk Valley services. Many thanks Matt
  7. Jeffersons 'The Train Shop' in Scarborough had the SO and FO in stock for approxmately £31.99 yesterday (23/3/19) if this is any help to anyone looking for either the ScotRail or Intercity Mk3s - I have no connection to the business but called in yeterday and found them in a back cabinet together with a few other hard to find items.
  8. I felt it was a no win situation with the Terrier and the 66. Both RofS and Hatton's moved into manufacturing so are in competing with Hornby yet are it's biggest customers. If Hornby watch as it's range is cherry picked it'll get smaller and smaller so responds and duplicates - nobody can win as the logical conclusion is either a smaller and smaller Hornby meaning are we eventually left with no new models from them or do the retailers back off from manufacturing to protect the manufacturers it's an impossible circle to square. I can't think of another industry where your retail outlets are also your manufacturing rivals. I did feel the chap from RofS saying at the end 'we need to talk more in the future Simon' was interesting though.
  9. "In the climatic finale, we see Simon take on two of his biggest rivals as Hornby’s 2019 range includes two products that have the competitors fuming, leading to a dramatic showdown" I'm looking forward to seeing what this part of the synopsis for Episode 2 on the BBC website refers to. Only speculation but I wonder if another manufacturer rings Simon up to complain about duplication?
  10. Hi Fran Will the Transpennine DVT have the glossy finish of the light blue like on the real thing or are you planning a more satin finish? Thanks Matt
  11. Sunderland is like a mini New Street but worse at platform level if that was even possible!
  12. Hi I'm updating the station on my 90s layout I want to build the most hideous looking "modernised" station I can - I'm thinking poor additions, unsympathetic extentions, generally an unpleasant place to be. Has anyone any photos or examples they can think of? I'm thinking really grim unwelcoming stations. Many thanks, Matt
  13. Thank you everyone for your time and kind answers. Plenty to think about.
  14. I like the idea of something like that, I'm guessing it's a reasonably common?
  15. Hello everyone I was given for Christmas the Bachmann depot staff pack and not having an mpd on my layout was wondering what if any repairs would be carried out to locomotives or DMUs out in the open away from their depots? I was thinking maybe a broken down train in a station for the DMU with a fitter busy attending to it but how much could be done? for example I have an old Hornby Pacer but not sure what to represent the fitter doing. For the diesel loco I'm totally stumped for what could look a convincing cameo scene. Many thanks Matt
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