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  1. Spokane airport was the first airport in the US I was ever in. We were flying Vancouver-Spokane-Denver (change planes)-Houston and they let us off the plane into the terminal during the Spokane stop. The Denver stop was extended, first by maintenance required on the incoming aircraft, then by an extended downpour. When we got to Houston, our luggage didn’t come off the plane. Eventually, staff directed us to cases lined up at the side of the baggage hall - somehow the baggage from our Vancouver-Denver flight had made it on to an earlier Denver-Houston flight than the passengers.
  2. In 1965, I worked with a leading porter who had either been allowed to, or had been asked to, continue at work after age 65. I think he was about 67 at that time - I don’t know how much longer he worked.
  3. One was wrecked while still a Milwaukee unit. The other nine went on, as you say, to Soo and Wisconsin Central. Once Canadian National had bought Wisconsin Central, they were sold to Ferrocarril del Pacífico S.A. (FEPASA) in Chile and re-gauged to 5ft 6in. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/520343/
  4. For all of those who are not total fans of Thomas the Tank Engine: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/jul/23/all-the-trains-in-my-sons-train-podcast-ranked-by-how-much-i-hate-them The comments are worth looking at, too!
  5. This morning, I joined a long, two-lane lineup to a level crossing. The stop lights were flashing, and the half-barriers were raising and falling, but no train was visible and the lineup was slowly moving forward. As I got closer, it was obvious there were problems with the crossing. However, three CNR police were directing traffic. Traffic on the far side of the crossing approaches from a right turn off a major road, so they were directing it to go straight ahead and find another route. On the side from which I was approaching, they were getting the two lanes to merge and slalom round the half-barriers. They were also allowing you, if you were turning right immediately after the crossing, to take your chances going under the barrier while it was raised! This is one of two level crossings in that town. The other, I believe, is to replaced by a bridge. But the road arrangement around this one is a bit complicated. To be replaced, the crossing would have to be moved.
  6. It seems to be this company: https://www.railexplorers.net/explorer-options If you click on ‘Explorers’ on that page, it shows the different vehicles available, and says that they can be coupled together. Of their locations, I’d guess it’s either Cooperstown or in the Catskills.
  7. I believe the first picture is looking south across the Fraser River with Maple Ridge on this side and Derby Reach Regional Park on the far side. You can see a campsite in the park right on the shore with tents or trailers visible. The CP mainline is right on the riverbank on the near side of the river, not really visible as it’s in under low cliffs. The CN mainline cuts off that bend of the river on the far side. Second picture is of the Alex Fraser bridge across the most southerly arm of the Fraser River. BNSF line south to the US curving south on the far bank, just left of the bridge. A CN line branches off this going right, under the bridge approaches, to serve industries further west. On the near bank is a Southern Railway of BC line. There is now a barge slip off this line, just right of the bridge, obviously built since you took the picture.
  8. You’re right, Mike, that’s where it is - thank you. The usual approach from the east is now south of the Fraser, and Jamie had said ‘the southern suburbs’, so I was looking in the wrong place. If Jamie does post another picture, it would be interesting to see which way they went from there. (Jamie, there’s no need to do that, now that Mike’s identified the location.) The flight paths round the eastern side of Vancouver have changed over time. There used to be one over our house to/from the northeast, with aircraft passing over at 5000 feet plus - I’ve seen literally one aircraft on it in the last ten years and that one registered with me because it was so unusual by then. Anyway, after this diversion into my OCD - back to the trains!
  9. Aaaargh! That picture from the aircraft is going to bug me till I work out where it is!
  10. I agree - not much. But it does show that Exmouth Junction MNs did visit. Your original question specified 1950s - if you look further down that page, you’ll see another couple there in the 1960s.
  11. And amazing information in one of the captions that the Polmadie Clans were considered for use on 2 hour expresses between Glasgow and Aberdeen! It would even have been interesting if they had been considered as power for the 3 hour trains.
  12. Look like Northwestern Pacific: https://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=465796 NWP sold a couple of locos to Omnitrax in 1996. I wonder if this is them, being moved between Omnitrax lines.
  13. Look at the information for 14 June 1953 on this page: http://shedbashuk.blogspot.com/2016/10/bournemouth-1947-1967.html
  14. Canadian National have suspended operations on both of their lines into Vancouver, due to active wildfires and the risk of sparking others. Canadian Pacific had suspended operations on their line through the Fraser Canyon, but they appear to be operating again. This is having serious effects on trade through the ports in the Lower Mainland of BC. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/cn-shuts-down-operations-on-two-key-rail-lines-to-vancouver-as-wildfires-threaten
  15. Remember to have a go on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Brae
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