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  1. Street running in the snow: https://www.railpictures.net/photo/748541/
  2. I'm sure I've read that in a group of 26 or more, the odds are better than even that 2 people will have the same birthday. I can't remember where I read it, but the figure of 26 did stick.
  3. Since the original question emphasized George the Fifths, one from ‘Locomotives Illustrated #54 - LNWR 4-4-0s’: George the Fifth 2282 at Hatch End with a down Class D express goods in July 1926.
  4. Kevin, I don’t mean to suggest you’re being a smartass! You’re saying what you know. I knew a bit more - if I had just left it at that, I would have been acting the smartass.
  5. To be a smartass - because they were in power class 5 and were painted black! There is, of course, more to it than that. Stanier introduced two classes of 4-6-0 on the LMS in 1934. One was a class 5: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMS_Stanier_Class_5_4-6-0 the other was a class 5X ( somewhere between a class 5 and a class 6, later upgraded to a class 6): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMS_Jubilee_Class As you can see, they are similar in appearance, though if you look you will see quite a few differences. The Jubilees, being primarily express passenger engines, were painted maroon. The class 5s, intended as mixed traffic engines, were black. The different colours were a quick way of distinguishing between the two classes. Edit. They had other nicknames - Mickeys and Hikers, at least.
  6. Polmadie Duchesses regularly went to Edinburgh Princes Street station from Glasgow Central.
  7. And that is a point. CJ Allen in “British Pacific Locomotives” says ‘most’ of the Cities were taken to the cities they were named after for naming ceremonies, even though it could mean travelling over lines from which they would normally be barred. (6251 came off the road in Nottingham station after the ceremony.) Does anyone know which of the Cities were named in their namesake cities? And was 6237 one of them?
  8. James, what’s the problem? I don’t have any difficulty posting photos.
  9. Train derailment in designer colours: http://globalnews.ca/news/7334513/drone-video-massive-train-derailment-hope-bc/ Commercial potash can vary in colour from white to quite dark red, depending on the amount of iron salts it contains. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the derailment. The potash is being described as non-hazardous, but it is now raining there and potash is soluble. I’m not sure dumping hundreds, if not thousands, of tons into a major river (that’s the Fraser right beside the tracks) is altogether a good thing.
  10. Oh yes, they do! Ask me how I know (or better - don’t ask me!).
  11. I can’t work out what direction the light is coming from in this picture. Is it perhaps a composite? https://www.railpictures.net/photo/747937/
  12. pH

    Hornby Clan

    OK - forget that last post! There’s a very clear three-quarters rear picture of the fireman’s side of 72008 in the ‘Gallery’ section of the Clan Project website showing a fitting in the position described. That fitting is a socket for a portable Bryson tablet catcher. These would normally be folded up against the cabside, and only hinged down for use in tablet exchange, so would not foul the loading gauge. Locomotives regularly used on the ‘Port Road’ to Stranraer, such as the Kingmoor Clans (72005 to 72009) would be fitted with these sockets. (Some Jubilees had them as well.) The Polmadie Clans (72000 to 72004) did not have regular duties to Stranraer, so would likely not have had the fitting. Edit to add - there was some discussion of tablet catchers on ‘Clans’ in this (much!) earlier page of this topic: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/224-Hornby-clan/page/3/
  13. pH

    Hornby Clan

    Is it a bracket to hold a label with the driver’s name on it? (Don’t laugh!) They were fitted on Britannia’s, immediately above the numbers, at least on the driver’s side. I don’t know about Clans, though.
  14. The Pacer never ran on the Hydro railway between Vancouver and New Westminster - the line had long since been cut back at the Vancouver end. During Expo86 it ran a regular route from New Westminster to Abbotsford on the BC Hydro Railway.
  15. While out grocery shopping this afternoon, we were held up at a level crossing by empty tanks being taken to the fuel storage facility at Ioco. Here are GP38AC #3011 and GP38-2 #7304 on the crossing: and here's a closeup of #7304, in its increasingly tatty Delaware and Hudson colours: It must be due for a repaint very soon. I wonder if they might redo it in D&H colours, as it's one of the last two still in that colourscheme, and CP have done a few units in 'heritage' CP colourschemes recently.
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