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  1. Just thinking about the hierarchy of inaccuracies/compromises involved.
  2. Loco Profile #37 'LMS Pacifics' says the pumps were removed from the class "... from 1938 onwards". (Doesn't really help, does it? )
  3. ... on a 16.5mm gauge, 4mm to the foot, model.
  4. I hope I'm not repeating myself on here with this - apologies if I am. A guy I went to school with was a very junior engineer on the crew that took the Queen Mary to San Diego. With nothing much else to do, they spent the trip making sure everything that should have been removed from the ship had been. They opened a large cupboard, and found several dozen WW2 steel helmets! It would seem the cupboard hadn't been opened since 1945. (Or it had been, and someone had decided "Not my problem!" and shut it again.)
  5. Is there something in the air? This idea of long over/under sea links appears to be catching: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/liberals-exploring-proposed-2-billion-tunnel-to-link-newfoundland-to-mainland Several similarities: - 'nation building' - poor existing transport links to the site - discarded explosives in the vicinity - https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-scientific-team-to-dive-at-site-of-hms-raleigh-shipwreck-off-labrador/
  6. Link to this page - https://www.railscot.co.uk/tags/Class_17_Clayton/ - and scroll down the page. You'll see quite a few photos of Claytons. Most are in Scotland, a few in England, and quite a few actually hauling trains (!!). (There are a couple that might surprise you.) Edit - you could also search in the Railscot site for "Clayton" and "Claytons" in picture captions (they don't produce all the same results). Those searches will get you a lot of the same pictures as the 'tag' search above, but also a few not retrieved by that search.
  7. I knew I had seen a picture of a Clayton on a passenger train: https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/9/540/
  8. Between February 1963 and September 1966, I saw Claytons on these Scottish sheds: Polmadie, Haymarket, Dalry Road, St. Margaret's, Hawick, Motherwell and Thornton Junction.
  9. While Laurie Earl is often associated with the 'Princesses', the driver of that London-Glasgow (and return) special was Tom Clarke of Crewe North shed.
  10. Just to add that "mom and dad" in James's post are the hereditary chiefs of the FN bands and nations.
  11. All West Coast Express trains out of Vancouver were cancelled this evening due to a protest blocking the tracks east of Port Coquitlam. Apparently the rapid transit system was "Tokyo style" as a result. The company are currently saying the inbound services will not be running tomorrow - presumably the trains are all still on the Vancouver side of the blockade.
  12. The WW2 munitions will have been there, in salt water, for more than 70 years - the LMS ran trains of them (see David L. Smith books for accounts of 64 wagon trains of poison gas shells to Cairnryan). I would not fancy being around any attempt to recover anything from there.
  13. There was a ferry service from Ardrossan to Belfast until 1976. But passengers from Glasgow to various Irish destinations did not have to go even as far as Ardrossan to get the boat. Burns and Laird ran services directly from Glasgow. Here's a poster (although it is from 1941) advertising those services - https://www.theglasgowstory.com/image/?inum=TGSA02065 The last sailings on the various routes from Glasgow took place in the late 1960s. I remember the 'Irish boats' passing Gourock in the evenings.
  14. Sorry, David, but I get the whole journal. I don't know what I can suggest.
  15. I hope this link works: https://books.google.ca/books?id=nhVCAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA505&lpg=PA505&dq="Manchester,+Newcastle+and+Glasgow+Grand+Trunk+Railway"&source=bl&ots=6M5Ed2k4Fp&sig=ACfU3U1iNFrN7cdVyoYwUyuk8icMqe7Y5w&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjUosKpm8vnAhVQrp4KHRy1A0gQ6AEwAnoECAQQAQ#v=onepage&q="Manchester%2C Newcastle and Glasgow Grand Trunk Railway"&f=false It's a link to 'The Railway Times' of October 15, 1892, page 505. About 2 pages of information, with a description of various parts of the proposed route. (Edit - there's actually several other references to the proposal in that edition, including one titled "Another Railway Pour Rire").
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