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  1. As in: BRCW Type 2 D5343 and Sulzer Type 2 D5127 at Newtonmore 6 August 1962
  2. An organization I worked for outsourced its IT functions and transferred its existing IT staff to the contracting company. While you could possibly make a case about the sense of transferring of systems analysts, coders etc., they also transferred all their business analysts. That meant that there were almost no staff left in house who knew how computer and business systems fitted together, other than the very few of us who had refused to be transferred and (luckily) had enough clout to make the refusal stick. As the inadvisability of that move became increasingly more apparent over
  3. In the 1960s, I knew a couple of brothers who restored old cars. If they couldn’t source a needed mechanical part, they would go to a Glasgow Corporation bus garage and have the part made for a “consideration”. The mechanics there were still mechanics, not just fitters. I wonder what they would do these days.
  4. At Boghead Park, the original ground of Dumbarton F.C., a cover over part of the terracing had been the platform roof from Turnberry station, moved there in 1957.
  5. Or even: https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=100289
  6. The lighting makes this probably the best picture I’ve seen of this view through Corona Arch. https://www.railpictures.net/photo/770314/ It’s an amazing place, but there’s only a maximum of one train a day each way through the canyon.
  7. I would certainly agree with the variety of engines - at times it was hard to remember it had been a Caley/LMS station. On my first visit, I saw 60096 and 60529; 6 out of the first 7 V2s I saw were at Buchanan Street (the seventh was at St. Rollox shed). And there were echoes of its early history as a station for trains to and from the south - again on that first visit, I saw 77005 on a local to its home town of Hamilton. But as an actual station? - it was a dump! (Other opinions are available, but unlikely.)
  8. I’ve just changed the winter snow tires off the car. They are mandatory in certain parts of the province - in some places until March 31; in others until April 30. But they degrade quite quickly in warm weather on dry roads, so they shouldn’t stay on longer than necessary.
  9. Are/were these terminals? A vote for Wemyss Bay. Not as busy as it once was, but still a beautiful building. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-wemyss-bay-railway-station-inside-view-51730885.html
  10. I sympathize, having had something similar happen recently. The battery on a rechargeable drill gave up about 2 years ago. I found the same model in a charity store for $15 and that battery lasted till this month. So now I have two drills with no chargeable battery and no possibility of getting one (the model of drill is old and has an unusual connection to the battery). They’ll be going to the electronic recycling depot. The good news: I got a rechargeable pair - a good make of drill/driver and impact wrench - on special, reduced from $260 to $150.
  11. Who needs Rule 1? https://www.railpictures.net/photo/769981/
  12. One of my uncles was regular RAF before WW2 and served as aircrew till 1946 - Bomber Command, then Transport Command. A lot of good luck seemed to be involved. Having survived that, he was one of the most unflappable people I knew. And his pilot from his first wartime tour survived too, and they met again through the Canadian Legion decades later.
  13. My father-in-law knew he was going to be called up in August 1939, and would almost certainly have been in the army. So he volunteered for the navy in July 1939 and served as a signaller till 1945. My dad knew he was going to be called up in 1941, so volunteered for a specific branch of the RAF. Once he had signed up, he was told he was going to be in a different branch and “That’s an order!” So there were limits to the choice.
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