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  1. Side view of a 26-unit power move: https://www.railpictures.net/photo/764895/
  2. I did wonder about it being Princes Street, remembering the overall roof, but the captions on photos from that source are usually accurate, and so I thought (without checking) that it could have been taken at the platform ends. On checking, it’s quite obviously not Princes Street - apologies. I would suggest, based on the canopies (design and number of peaks ) and the loading of the tender that it’s at the ‘country’ end of the platforms at Buchanan Street. That doesn’t help justifying a Clan at Dalry Road, though.
  3. Read the caption on this picture (ignore the mis-spelling). https://www.brdatabase.info/images/locos/steam/LMS/546001_92a.jpg
  4. I'd like to have known about that earlier. I've looked and can't see anywhere still selling it, and there's none on e-bay. I'm not a KISS fan, but my 3 year old grandson is mad about them, specifically Catman. He went out dressed as Catman last Halloween. He also likes trains. If I'd known about this set, I'd have bought one to keep for him till he's older, though there's no guarantee either interest will be long-lasting. (Edit - just realised that these things come one piece at a time - very expensive in total - plus the prices of those that were sold on e-bay!! Maybe not!)
  5. I worked on building sites as summer jobs in my student days in the 1960s (amongst other things). I’ve done quite enough teetering on the top of narrow concrete walls, thank you very much!
  6. 42530 and 42535 went to Scotland in August 1951 for trials. They went north via Crewe. I don’t know which route they took back south.
  7. It used to be easy to get down to trackside on the CPR lines here for photography. Then, once work started on extending the Skytrain (rapid transit) line through Port Moody, a fence was built which prevented access, but still allowed taking pictures through the mesh. However, part of the work for Skytrain was to build a solid concrete wall to prevent people crossing the CPR tracks onto the Skytrain tracks. (This was necessary because people crossed the tracks to get to work in businesses on the north side of the tracks, and CPR crews could cross on meal breaks when working sidings on the north
  8. Canadian National units on a westbound unit grain train on Canadian Pacific tracks at Port Moody March 1 2021. Taken across a road bridge, between passing cars. The train is heading into a very low setting sun.
  9. Why settle for 1:16 when you could have 1:1? http://www.helstongunsmiths.com/default.asp?ID1=427&ID2=0&ID3=0&ID4=0&CB=3%2F1%2F2021+9%3A16%3A03+PM (Don’t know about the price, though.)
  10. Is this it? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/114579-sr-headcodes/
  11. Looking west from the bufferstops, 30 years earlier (5 August 1961). A lot more infrastructure then.
  12. Unless you wanted a draught. There are pictures of early E and F units running with nose doors (and cab doors, windows and roof ventilators) open in the height of summer.
  13. It's not too difficult to become disoriented in darkness in open countryside. I've thought I was seeing a passenger train with lighted windows at a distance one dark night in Arizona, which turned out to be a freight with these 'hi vis' stripes on the side of the cars, much closer than I thought it was. Fortunately, while I was approaching it at an angle, we weren't heading for a crossing.
  14. I don’t know about the US, but in Canada it would appear switching and perhaps trip workings don’t need barrier cars. There are CPR trip workings around here from a petroleum storage facility and I have never seen a barrier car in these trains. Trains are maybe 10-12 tank cars, no caboose. Here’s a train from the storage facility - no barrier car behind the units:
  15. Carlisle to Edinburgh via Carstairs - given the history of A1s on the WCML, should it not have been a 66A plate?
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