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  1. There were also significant numbers of Fairburn 2-6-4Ts allocated before the Standard tanks arrived.
  2. pH

    Early Risers.

    The thunderstorms have arrived here (about 160 miles almost due north of you). The sound and light show is spectacular, and the rain is of the firehose variety. No great winds with it, thought there were some gusts this afternoon which created pollen clouds from the conifer forests round about. And so far no hail, which is fortunate since the car is unavoidably not under shelter.
  3. pH

    Early Risers.

    It's OK - I'm a bit less confused now.
  4. pH

    Early Risers.

    Well, yeah, but... The US may be a single political country, but no way is it a single geographical country. And it's probably not valid to consider it as a singlarly cultural country, either. See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nine_Nations_of_North_America and a review of the situation by the author 30 years later: https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/07/03/where-do-borders-need-to-be-redrawn/nine-nations-of-north-america-30-years-later
  5. pH

    Early Risers.

    And this earlier one: https://hillcraftguidedwalking.com/2019/11/04/259-callater-stables-bothy-and-the-jocks-road-tragedy-of-1959/ Exposure can really creep up on you. I found out, well after the fact, that I had probably had exposure a couple of times, fortunately not in dangerous situations.
  6. pH

    Early Risers.

    I recognise that is your opinion, and therefore equally as valid as any other. Can I give another opinion, in no way presenting it as superior to your own, merely as an alternative: A variable number, ranging between 16 and 32, depending on conditions and other commitments, of over-60 (up to 80+), unpaid (in fact paying for the privilege) "gentlemen" getting 3 hours in total of exercise each week kicking an updated version of the pig's bladder around a well-maintained field of grass (or artificial turf field in harsher conditions). Many of these "gentlemen" do not get any other form of serious exercise and are really feeling the effects of the suspension of this activity during this covid shutdown.
  7. pH

    Early Risers.

    Are the amounts paid to many footballers obscene? Of course they are. (I grew up three doors down from a guy who had played at international level for Scotland and who was by then working as an engineer, so things have certainly changed.) Is it the players' fault? In my opinion, only to a small degree. The problem, I think, is with support who insist on a winning team and team owners and management who 1) feel they have to keep the support happy and 2) want a winning team to satisfy their own egos. Nobody is forcing teams to pay these amounts. If everybody said 'no' to players' (or agents') demands then players would not be paid these amounts. But some team says 'yes' and that becomes the basis for other demands. What are (multi-millionaire, admittedly) players supposed to say to billionaire owners offering this money? "It's OK, I'll play for half that, you keep the rest?". If owners were serious about it, they could bring in a salary cap - most North American professional sports leagues have one. It can get very complicated. Many NHL teams have someone whose job is to squeeze evey possible dollar through the cap. Overall it works, at least partly because these leagues are the best in their world for a particular sport or even the only league. But of course, with football, if you manage that within one league, there are other leagues in nearby countries where there may not be a cap, so the dynamic becomes inter-league, rather than inter-club.
  8. pH

    Early Risers.

    I used to think that till my brother-in-law went to work there and started to find out more about the place and tell us various 'interesting facts'. Like, for example, that Holland has (at least by some older definitions) at least one mountain - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaalserberg .
  9. The closing of fast food restaurants to sit-down dining in Canada, and allowing only drive through, plus the complete closure of places like tourist information centres has highlighted the fact that there are so few standalone public lavatories in the country. We found one yesterday which was open, and which had a "Toilet Open" sandwich board on the sidewalk outside. (P.S. There are plenty of trees, though!)
  10. pH

    Early Risers.

    I remember "The Soul of a New Machine", though I couldn't have recalled it without your prompting. That sounds a pretty complicated tool. There was a much simpler way of correcting certain errors in punched cards. Punched out one extra row, and don't want to repunch the whole card on a hand punch? Get a spare chad, lick generously, apply to extra punched hole. Good for one trip through the card reader.
  11. There's a song (rather incidentally) about a couple of those things: Not the best version of it - in fact not even the best Hamish Imlach version of it - but it's the best I can find online.
  12. Hi-rail "pilots" are not unknown for 'regular' trains (that looks like a special move). Western Pacific ran Ford Broncos in advance of trains through the Feather Canyon in certain conditions. And BC Rail ran SUVs in front of trains along Howe Sound, between Squamish and North Vancouver.
  13. I've seen a coal hammer being applied to the ejector on a Fairburn tank, so not just air brakes.
  14. The point I was trying to make was that while diseases like tuberculosis and diphtheria are infectious diseases and can be transmitted between people, rickets is a disease caused by deficiencies in nutrition and living conditions. As such, it is not transmissible between individuals, and so its continuing existence in other parts of the world is not relevant to its reappearance in the UK.
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