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  1. Since I'm not likely to be able to see it (the one local bookshop that used to carry it stopped doing so a couple of years ago), can I ask - does it say anything about when 4F 44255 was withdrawn? It was the showplough engine, and I saw it dead in the shedyard in August 1962, pointing away from the loch. I've seen a picture, taken in 1963, of it pointing towards the loch, with a newly-painted smokebox. I've often wondered if it had one last winter of snowplough duties in the hard winter of 1962/3.
  2. This one's for Andy Y:
  3. That is interesting, since the front end seemed to be very bendy: https://goo.gl/images/Rck1mQ https://railway-photography.smugmug.com/LMS-Scotland/19141923-CR-William-Pickersgil/Pickersgill-Tender-Locomotives/CR-Pickersgill-class-60-4-6-0-LMS-Hughes-further-developed/i-jjRz3d8/A https://goo.gl/images/9Y5jw2 (and I've seen pictures showing worse.)
  4. The date is definitely wrong. I count 49 engines in that list. I can't find any information I would consider reliable for 16 of them. Information that I think is reasonably reliable says that 33 were at Bo'ness at some time. 20 had left before April 1963. 13 on that list were still there in April 1963, but I don't know how long they would have stayed after that.
  5. The Polmadie Clans were first stored at Polmadie itself, then at Parkhead shed, which no longer had an allocation of its own.
  6. Locomotives Illustrated #111 "The British 0-4-2" has pictures of three of the M&CR engines which survived till 1923, and some details of all the 0-4-2s built by the company.
  7. pH

    Inverclyde Lines Excursions

    Jim, was it this set? https://travelandmixpix.smugmug.com/Rail/Princes-Pier-Line/Princes-Pier-Line-Old-Images/
  8. pH

    Inverclyde Lines Excursions

    Ian, if you're looking for “... a bit of variety from the ubiquitous BR Mk 1 subs and their predecessors”, you could look at the CTAC Scottish Tours Express which ran in each direction on summer Saturdays. Engines were changed at Carlisle, definitely in the up direction, and I think in the down direction as well, since the down service usually arrived in Gourock behind a Kingmoor engine. Power on the down train included rebuilt Jubilee 45736, Britannia 70039 and at least one unrebuilt Jubilee, but was usually a Kingmoor Black Five. The most notable engine I saw on the up train was Patricroft Caprotti 5 73129 ex-works and presumably being worked back towards its home shed. I can't find any pictures of the down train, but here are several of up services. (The first one doesn't specifically say it's a CTAC express, but the title implies it.) https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/30113737606/in/photolist-bhUwyV-LTPML-kuYk6g-9qJ5Vi-Gge4Fg-ntNaoZ-oVqU13-e8a4vw-aeW1k9-obVnYJ-4aE8t2-8VSeKp-ehmMTf-dd4C9h-ehg5q6-9oCzfJ-dd4Bzo-e4WPwE-7Mv4DJ-d621YY-dpkgfZ-MT3M3w-d622pJ-4mXNzw-c6pyvC-d623fu-4uuxKm-9qYqCk-bcGgZD-9gHhHz-eie8mc-d622BU-d621A3-8VAezF-nJySJy-8aUwQ5-5DoD8G-kH4h7D-7XJcCm-7XJd1d-7ZZ73x-4x7Z7T-d7c8vG-oCXK3R-oTqSWW-agQ6Gf-6GT5Bz-4CJNtN-aeNExy-9Yg7KX/ https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/40/314/ https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/29/678/ https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/52/419/ https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/41/433/ https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/51/86/ I was never too interested in trains as complete 'things', or coaches – the main interest was always the engines – so I've not got too much information on specials/excursions. However, here's what I do have: The first B1 whose number I noted was 61292 of Dundee Tay Bridge at Wemyss Bay in June 1962. It was coupled to another ex-LNER engine – I think another B1. I presume this was either a double-headed excursion (there's a long stretch of 1-in-66 on the Wemyss Bay line) or the engines off two separate excursions. B1 61197 of Eastfield at Gourock in May 1963. I've noted it as coupled to St. Rollox Caprotti 5 73146, but I don't think they were double-heading. They had probably laid over at Ladyburn shed after having brought in trains in the morning, and were coupled together to run to Gourock to pick up the return trains. Black Five 45009 of Motherwell at Gourock in June 1962. My notes include some details. A reporting number of “-70”; a train of “twins”, the smokebox numberplate with a blue background, and the engine very clean. Black Five 45309 of Motherwell bringing in and taking out a 12 coach ICI excursion from Linlithgow in June 1963. Black Five 44976 of Dalry Road bringing in and taking back out an excursion from Edinburgh on the same day. Here's a picture of it being turned at Gourock – by the shadows, in the evening before returning to Edinburgh. Jubilee 45589 of Wakefield (!!) on a return Blackpool excursion to Gourock in September 1964. 73064 of Polmadie on a train carrying a headboard of “Drinka Pinta Showboat Express”, presumably in connection with an evening steamer cruise, in July 1962. I've tried to find out anything about this train, was it something regular, or a one-off? I don't have notes of another, though that doesn't mean much. Presumably, it was something run by the Milk Marketing Board – instead of the more common 'booze cruise', this would therefore be a 'moos cruise'? And, on that note ...
  9. pH

    Inverclyde Lines Excursions

    Princes Pier! Princes Pier! (I get absolutely irrationally annoyed at "Princess Pier" - sorry!) Yes, the line was kept open for several years for freight and boat trains after regular passenger service ended, and they stopped in 1966. Both Canadian Pacific and Cunard ships on Canadian service stopped at Greenock. We saw an aunt and two cousins off to Canada from there in 1956. My girlfriend, now wife of many years, lived close to the site of Upper Port Glasgow station. After it was lifted, but before the Devol Viaduct (the Nine Arches) was blown up, we walked, in stages, the route between Kilmacolm and the part that was kept for access to the container terminal. The views out over the river are spectacular.
  10. pH

    Inverclyde Lines Excursions

    The top one was taken on July 4 1958. It's a 14-coach 'Starlight Special' from Gourock, reporting M524. It has come off the Joint line at Shields Junction and is heading for Terminus Junction, Strathbungo Junction and the line to Barrhead and Kilmarnock. Somewhere after the picture was taken, it picked up a pilot to work to New Cumnock. (Information from "An Illustrated History of Glasgow's Railways" by Smith and Anderson, and "Starlight Specials" by Peel. Incidentally, "Starlight Specials" says the pilot was picked up at Corkerhill, but that's not possible given the railway geography.) 14 coaches was long for a "Starlight", and there's no details of the makeup of that particular train. However, the makeup of 3 other 14-coach "Starlights" that year is given as BSO/6xSO/BSK/5xSO/BSO. The second one is taken at Gourock. I can't say any more than that.
  11. pH

    Stranraer ‘themed’ loft layout 1959-1964...

    Certainly not historically. As just one example, the Scilly disaster of 1707, where 4 Royal Navy ships were wrecked, cost between 1400 and 2000 lives. Even in the 20th century, there were disasters with higher losses of life - there were 193 lives lost on the Herald of Free Enterprise. And if you include warships, 379 were killed in the sinking of HMS Dasher in the Clyde in 1943 - even though this was in wartime, it was not "in sight of the enemy".
  12. pH

    Modelling the C&O - Killin Junction

    Have you seen these photographs? https://goo.gl/images/hhN6jy https://goo.gl/images/wz9To7
  13. That batch of engines (43132-41 except 43139) that were allocated to the Scottish Region were real "restless wanderers on the earth". Nobody seemed to want to keep them. I think the one that moved most was 43133 - 7 different allocations (including twice at Eastfield) in 12 years before moving to England.
  14. pH

    Stranraer ‘themed’ loft layout 1959-1964...

    Yes, Stranraer men took the train to Johnstone and swapped footplates with the Dalry Road crew bringing the train from Edinburgh. The route from Edinburgh would have been through the south side of Glasgow. You have a PM.
  15. There's supposed to be a horse and cart entombed in one of the pillars of the Glenfinnan Viaduct. And there is a compressor inside a pillar of the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow.

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