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  1. If that`s your first attempt at building Walschaerts valve gear then that is a job well done. Looks great on the video as well. Regards, Jim.
  2. Hadn`t realised my mistake till it was too late. I`ve put it down to my age and not paying attention.
  3. Just a shout for H and A models, Put a small order in last Wednesday afternoon. Items arrived Saturday morning. Great service considering the upheaval going on at the moment. Regards, Jim.
  4. Hi Neil, Loaded the pictures. Hope I`ve done it correctly. See what you think. Hope it might be useful, Regards, Jim.
  5. Hi, just looked at your request regarding a DJH Brittania kit. Are you looking for a completed loco or the kit itself? I have the K57 kit that came to me 80% built but minus a few pieces. It would require a motor and gears, tender wheels and a pony truck. The loco body with all the plumbing has been built, smoke deflectors are built but not attached, tender ladder is built but not attached ( both the items are in a bag ). The tender and chassis are built but separate. The loco chassis, cylinders and coupling rods etc are all assembled, but as I said, it`s missing the
  6. Have to say I find it interesting to see inside some of the subjects that have been picked to show. As modellers we do our own research into our various layout choices and we may well know something of the program content already, but as a program for general viewing I think it covers it`s subject well. Hope there`s more to come. I`m also pleased to see other channels showing different sides of the railway world.
  7. I reckon that`s a good result considering the problems you started out with. If I can manage anything like that result in my own attempts at creating some sort of believable scene I would be very pleased. ( I need to hide some of a garage brick wall! ). As we all know, a good back scene really brings a layout to life, as we`ve seen with other peoples efforts on here. Best of luck moving forward, Jim.
  8. Thanks for the answers. I`ll have another try tomorrow. The problem may well be at my end. Jim.
  9. Hi, would anyone know whether modelrailwayscenery.com is operating at present?, as I`ve tried to get on their website but get the server not found answer. I just wondered if things have changed due to the current situation. Many thanks, Jim.
  10. Thanks everyone for all your replies, I too have never seen a picture of the crest in blue other than on a Hornby model. What made me ask the question in the first place was Fox transfers asking the choice of black or blue crest, so I'm going with the black one. Reading in the books I have, I've never seen a blue backed crest mentioned. I only chose that particular version of the loco because it would be slightly unusual compared to the others. Thanks once again for your help, Jim.
  11. WM183, Thank you for your comments but there are far better soldered models on here than i`ve managed! It`s always a challenge to try and make a clean job of it. Most of the tender has been soldered, but a few white metal fittings where glued in where it was difficult getting the iron in. I haven`t started on the chassis yet, Just waiting for some sprung hornblocks to arrive before tackling that. Best wishes, Jim.
  12. Very nice indeed. Always good to see the metalwork going together before the paint arrives. Best of luck with rest of the building program. Jim.
  13. 21C1, Thanks for your reply. After I`d asked the question I carried on looking in the books I have and I found one sentence which suggested the crest started out with a black background at first, which would suit for what I am modelling. When it was changed to blue I don`t know or why. I think you are right regarding the smokebox number plate and I`ll do some more checking on that. Many thanks for your help, Jim.
  14. I have a black and white picture 45157 Glasgow Highlander taken with British Railways on the tender and I think the crest on the badge is a black but I wondered if anyone would know when the change came to the blue crest as I`m ordering one from Fox transfers and don`t want to get the wrong one. Many thanks, Jim.
  15. Many thanks gents for your suggestions. Simond, I had a look at your thread on the Duchess, in particular the fitting of horn blocks. Very interesting to see. Almost going into model engineering rather than kit building. I don`t have the machining capability you have but I think I`ll invest in a set of Slaters hornblocks and see where I can go from there. The work side of it doesn`t worry me, I like the challenge, It`s getting it right was the bit I was concerned about. So far,from building the tender, the kit seems to go together well. Brossard, I`m not a member of the GOG, just an
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