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  1. High Richard B and Jason. First an apology. The chassis is a Comet one, not a Crownline. I`d been looking at some Crownline bits and pieces I had and I think their name got stuck in my head. Since my last message I`ve had a bit of a fiddle around with it and cheated somewhat by shaving a bit off the tops of the cylinder casting. Not the ideal solution I know but it certainly looks better than it did at first. Hopefully that won`t create another problem. I appreciate that the Comet chassis is a drop in but I thought trying to alter the footplate a bigger problem so chose the other way. I`ll put a picture on shortly but there`s a long way to go yet before completion. Many thanks both for your help. Jim.
  2. Afternoon all, I`m currently trying to fit a Mainline Rebuilt Scot body to a Crownline chassis. So far the chassis and driving wheels have been assembled with much carving of the inside of the wheel splashers to get the wheels to turn without interference. The problem that I have now is that on starting to fit the cylinder assembly it`s lifted the whole front end of the loco which certainly doesn`t look right. ( Somethig like 2mm too high ). I`m therefore asking if anyone else has attempted this combination of chassis and body and if so, did they manage to get round the problem or am I simply being too fussy. The tender seems to be pretty good, buffer height and footplate level. It`s the loco that`s got the problem. If I get the running plate level, the cab end is way out to the tender I wondered if shaving some off the tops of the cylinder casting would work without altering things too much. Any suggestions wuold be appreciated ( even if it`s " bin it and use the chassis for something else ") Many thanks , Jim.
  3. Black5

    Im back thanks to the Fantastic NHS

    Wondered why your blogs had disappeared. Now we know why. Given time and your determination I`m sure your modelling days will return. Good to see you back on these pages again. Best wishes, Jim.
  4. Black5

    Posting a video

    Thanks for that. I`ll give it a go and see what I can manage
  5. Black5

    Posting a video

    Good morning, I wonder if someone could advise me on the process of posting a video on RM Web, . I`ve watched several on here with interest and some quite lengthy ones but I`m afraid all my attempts end in failure, probably because they are too long. Is it a case of trial and error till you get down to the max 30Mb or is there another way? Many thanks, Jim.
  6. Some nice work going on there. Working in brass or nickel silver is always a pleasant challenge I find. Look forward to see how you progress. Jim.
  7. That`s turned out very well Ian. Food for thought for me on an older Mainline re-built Scot. Must admit, I enjoy trying to improve an older model. Regards, Jim.
  8. Black5

    Camden Shed

    Good to see things moving again Ian. You`re going to have a lot of fun with that, and maybe an amount of frustration if things don`t quite fit. Best of luck with the new project, The seasons best wishes, Jim.
  9. That`s a really nice piece of work. Great when a plan, or a thought, comes together and it works. Thanks for the pictures.
  10. Black5

    A resurrected Jamieson kit.

    Hi Ian, you`ve found what I did when I also opened the box. At the time of building, ( early seventies ) I never had a tool to show any riveting detail so both my kits are pretty plain in that area. I made one later that I used when scratch building my Duchess. As for hints or tips, the usual things really. Drawings that have measurements you can work from. I built my own chassis but maybe a Comet chassis could be adapted. At least you have motors, which is a good start but building these kits takes a while, depending on your engineering skills of course and you will probably have to make some of the detail yourself. When building mine there where a lot of model shops around to get bits and pieces from but, sadly, most of those are gone. From your blog it sounds as though you have a doubt but I would have a go. I`ve learned a lot from a challenge like that and many on here will help. My Black five kit is in the process of being modified ( mainly the tender ) and the motor is the old Romford Bulldog, but as I managed to dcc the Coronation kit , things look promising for the Five. The motion gear is a bit fiddly but worth it in the end. I hope some of the above may have helped. It`ll be interesting to see how you get on. Best of luck, Jim.
  11. Black5

    MX600 Decoder

    Good morning, Further to everyone`s helpful advice yesterday, I`ve ordered some Neodymium magnets from First4Magnets so that`s my starting point followed by a new decoder and I`ll see what happens. I can reduce the weight by making a new loco and tender chassis but I want to see what happens with these improvements first. Many thanks once again, Jim.
  12. Black5

    A resurrected Jamieson kit.

    Back in the day, the metal kits like those gave you a chance to put on greater detail that the mass produced models didn't quite have. At any exhibition I go to , it`s always the bare metal models that I look at first. you see the work that`s been put in before the paint covers it and it then looks like any other model. Each to our own though. Regarding remembering something? That`s a major problem with me as well. My layout`s in my garage and the number of times I put things down and half an hour later I`m scratching my head looking for it beggars belief. All good fun though. Cheers just now, Jim.
  13. Black5

    MX600 Decoder

    Many thanks for all the replies. certainly much to ponder on. Jim.
  14. Black5

    A resurrected Jamieson kit.

    Thanks John, I think after all these years I get as much ( sometimes more maybe )pleasure from trying to scratch build or improve a model as I do from running them. I have a Jamieson Black five which will get lookad at as well. Cheers , Jim.
  15. Black5

    A resurrected Jamieson kit.

    Evening all, After a considerable number of years I decided to have a look at a Jamieson Coronation kit that I`d stripped some time ago for a re-paint. I built it it probably back in the early seventies and it`s powered by a Romford Bulldog motor. I`ve had it running again on DC to make sure it still worked and have now fitted a decoder to run it on DCC. I find some of the older models a challenge to try and bring them nearer the running capabilities of newer models. I need to put a bit more detail on the tender and probably will rebuild the loco and tender chassis to make them a bit lighter. Jamieson kits were basic nickel silver kits with all detailing done by the builder. At my age now, I think building something like this would be a bigger challenge, fingers and eyesight not being what they used to be!, but the few bits to do should be ok. Cheers just now, Jim.

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