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    Too many to be able to settle down and focus on something! Currently working on the Bournville MRC layout 21B and tinkering with my own N Gauge Midlands caricature when time and family allow!

    When I'm not daydreaming about layouts I'll probably never finish building you'll find me walking the dogs down long disused railways in the middle of nowhere.

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  1. Its that the Bachmann project doesn't include it and goes one step further to replace it with two 'coasting' and 'heavy load' functions. I realise this puts it more in line with previous Bachmann releases, which does make sense, but the drive hold is a very nice feature of the V5 which is a shame to see omitted here. Depending on how the two Bachmann functions are configured which replace the original feature, I hope that drive hold can be re-programmed in. Its not a complaint by any means, more a query having noted it, I just have got very used to the virtues of this function over other ways of simulating variable loadings. After all, the absolute worst case scenario is that one can always go the DC model route and use a Biffo (or other) file to get the drive hold if the Bachmann bespoke file doesn't support it. Didn't Bachmann already go down the engine room detail on the chassis block and LED lighting for such with their class 85 some considerable time before Accurascale conceived their Deltic? OK, its not picked out in paint in the AL5, but its certainly been done before, and quite possibly before that too...can't remember which one(s) mind you, if it were the case; Blue Pullman perhaps?
  2. Just when I thought I'd got a handle on my pre-orders...my wallet is singing in a distinctly Bruce Dickenson tone right now. The features on show with these EPs look very interesting, pipping the Cavalex 56 to the motor driven fans too. One thing I note as an omission is the lack of a drive hold with the V5 decoder, but I think I can probably do without it even though its a nice to have, especially at being able to replicate so many different permeations of starting different loadings. I don't think I'm going to be alone in the impatient wait to see what liveries are in tomorrows announcement.
  3. Suddenly I have no regrets in canning all of my Hornby pre-orders back when they dumped on my local shop yet again. Cavalex to the rescue! This'll do nicely!
  4. I've not heard anything yet on my order for a few. All I remember is when speaking with them, I was told that they were expecting them towards the end of summer. There has been no news of delays, so barring any new developments it still seems to be on target. Updates full stop have been quiet for months, but then the 24/0 literally landed ready for retail unannounced which is what I feel SLW were intending to do with the 25s. Heljans model seems to have been the catalyst for early announcing these, so I'm still on the 'it'll arrive when its ready' fence. I have to admit though, I was hoping for a dribble inducing video of the sound versions which would likely have pried my wallet open even further, though I think the threat of the /1 has me absolutely hooked for now.
  5. Well, we have an 86 down. On fault finding with the top body off, I have power to the motor but no torque what so ever, even with the drive shafts disconnected its a smoker. Thankfully the V5 is OK, but testing with the blanking plug in on DC resulted in a dead blanking plug very rapidly. Great...I wonder how the return will fare considering I've stripped the weathering off.
  6. Oh God…If these are posting out I’m in for the Spanish Inquisition when I get home from work, from any of the next 8 days on the bounce I’m rostered in.
  7. Or the CEGB 18" RSH 0-6-0 used to haul them off when that class 40 (or pair of SLW Rats) have scurried away waiting for their fly ash...no?
  8. I agree entirely. Its a prickly subject my local wants to have out with the rep too, because there are items for sale on Amazon which he cannot get for the shop.
  9. There are a lot of models being listed as 'Dispatched from and sold by Amazon'. Generally speaking when something previously has been sold by a retailer through Amazon it will tell you who is selling, as per this one from Gaugemaster. Bachmann 38-128 VBA Railfreight Grey
  10. I have a pile of C&L turnout timbers, once my order arrives I’ll check as I’ll be doing the full length timbering for a crossover; unless anyone else is in a position to check sooner.
  11. I await my comedy large empty box with baited breath! 15ft radius curve crossover should come out quite tasty with the B7...then to wait for slips and A5s.
  12. Zunnan

    Preorder email

    I must say I most enjoyed the conversation with my local shop when they had to tell me that my pre-ordered Coronation Scot coaches weren’t going to be arriving because their entire order has been canned. It’s not very nice for them when it’s literally the day they’re due in your hands, only to have to tell your customers ‘sorry, we’re not getting any, but they’re still available on Hornbys website’. I’m sorry too. I’m not playing that game, so I spent that money in the shop on non-Hornby products they had on the shelves.
  13. It’s not just Hattons, I’ve had a phone call recently from my local shop saying they are unable to fulfil any of my Hornby pre-orders.
  14. Mine is a bit sticky at low speeds, I have to crank to speed step 4 to get it rolling but then I am able to back it down to 1. It behaves exactly the same on DC, needs a bit more juice before it moves off but I can then back it down. I still haven't managed to figure out quite why mine is a bit sticky in getting going, when stripped to component parts there is no real reason showing up, the geartowers in the bogies are fine and theres no restriction on the motor with the bogies out. Once it gets going its still a good smooth performer with plenty of pull, and originally toped out around 110mph in my case which I've notched down on the decoder to 80mph as per the restrictions imposed on the unmodified /0 from the '70s.
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