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  1. Thanks for the link, I had seen that Dapol pack but wasn't sure what exactly was in it, I'll give it a try. I want a least 1 pack of spares in case I end up 'pinging' a pipe into oblivion while trying to fit it. Yes, I'll start a thread on here and the NGF to track progress once I get in a good position with it. Initially I'm doing a small branch terminus set in the late 80s that is vaguely meant to represent Northumberland and/or the lower parts of the West Highlands (Oban area). The idea of starting small is to build up my N gauge stock, learn the new modelling techniques but also actually finish a layout to a reasonable degree, something I never managed to do in my youth! (i.e. this time I don't want to take anything on too big to begin with). Eventually the master plan is a 10ft+ continuous run based on the ECML in the North East. Anyway, look forward to seeing your updates.
  2. Hi, been following on Instagram and hadn't realised you had a thread on here. Followed on here now. Great layout. Love the grimy look that just oozes the transition period.
  3. Great layout and it has been good to see your updates as you progress, making a comeback to modelling. I'm starting a similar journey. Initially I was going to go OO and the usual small depot scene due to space restrictions, but N gauge eventually won over once I saw how much the RTR stock has come on since I last had N in around 1990. Can I ask where you get your bufferbeam pipes and detailing bits from? I know plenty sources for 4mm but not 2mm. Thanks.
  4. Just popped into Trident Trains for the 1st time this afternoon. Been meaning to for a while since seeing an advert in the modelling press and also the Bachmann award. Great little shop brimming with stock, all nicely displayed. The owner, Richard, was very pleasant and professional. Sometimes in small shops like this it often feels uncomfortable just browsing, like you are being watched. Not here. I browsed away contently, trying to make a decision how to spend the budget I had on the multitude of things I saw and wanted to buy Came away with a Farish 08 at a great price (plus a CCT) in the end, although I could have come away with a lot more!! Will definitely be paying many more visits. Just been reading about the book store too, will have to pop in there to next time.
  5. Not too much in the way of progress due to working away. However the fiddle yard is finished, complete with auto-switching program track, and making some progress on the hard stand. Andrew.
  6. Such a great layout, love seeing another update has been posted. It defiantly captures the area fantastically. Certainly reminds me of Crianlarich as a child when we use to pester our parents to stop off there on our way to Dalmally and Loch Awe, in the hope a 37 was due to come thundering in.
  7. Great layout and great thread. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the construction of this layout and hopefully picked up a few tips along the way.
  8. The postman was kind to me this morning. Thats 422, 410 and now 114 in the fleet.
  9. Thanks for the pics. Fort William was actually my initial inspiration for the layout and spent some time on Flickr. I had wanted to model some of the building in the background but unfortunately the 1ft wide baseboard has restricted that somewhat, so it will be more of a generic depot scene. (I chose 1ft wide as initially I was going to model a Scottish station in N). I have a few pics of FT myself from 95. The blue & grey portacabin caught my eye and I think I can still squeeze that in
  10. Ah yes, both of them even (410 also?) I wanted at least one weathered straight away on the layout while the rest I plan to make a mess of weather myself (it's been a while!)
  11. Been following this on Instagram but somehow missed it on here. Good to see some 'bigger' pictures of the layout
  12. Back scene all done and track cleaned. Quick testing session with 37422 Next up, finishing off the storage section and then concentrate on the hardstand and ballasting.
  13. Thanks. Nice to get back modelling again. Andrew.
  14. A couple of pics from my last layout in 2004 (ish). The (unfinished) layout was poor as I rushed track down in order to run and take pics of the stock. Obviously the electrics and running quality suffered due to this. Lessons learnt for my current attempt! For the locos it was my 1st serious attempt at detailing and weathering (plus renumbering on a few) The layout was binned during a house move in 2005 and the stock sold to a friend. Although I wish I'd kept the stock.
  15. So this is my first post into the Layout Topics section, gan canny on me Been a member of RMWeb for a long time but not posted a great deal in all fairness. (although this is my 2nd account as I lost the details of the first one and then the site was migrated). I remember going to an early member day at the engine shed at Chasewater in Cannock and seeing in the flesh how good some of the member layouts were back then. Anyway, to the layout. I've had a couple of small layouts over the years but never progressed too far due to work, life, the usual and certainly never felt like they could be something that could be posted on here. So I'm been more of an armchair modeller for the past 20 years or so. This is one of those 'getting back into it properly' layouts. My main aim was to do something small and relatively cheap in order to get into a finished state and practise all of the new techniques and tools that have come about in the recent years. I know layouts are never finished, but I just need to get in a position where all of the electrics and done and working and 80% of scenics done. Size is 4x1ft scenic with a 2ft storage section using Tim Horn scenic boards. It's a stabling point somewhere in the west of Scotland in the 80s. Initially I'm building up my stock based in the late 80s (86-88) but also eventually plan to build up some early 80s stock too. Control is DCC using a NCE Powercab. Points are motorised with Peco motors together with the switch wired to the frog. Point motors are switches using toggle switches. I do plan to try out better point motors using DCC, but that will come at a later date. Track is Peco bullhead on the scenic and code 100 in the storage part. Initially buildings will be the ready to plant stuff but again, plan on kit/scratchbuilding when confidence grows.
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