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  1. Footbridge painted and installed, ended up doing quite a few modifications to make it more logical from an engineering point of view plus added smoke deflectors. Need more hours in the week - anyone know how to clone? Giles
  2. Getting some inspiration today at the South Devon Rly. Giles
  3. Attention moving to the other board now. Here’s the scenic device I’m using, York Model Rail footbridge to form the break to what will be the cassette system (on another board). Its laser cut plastic, great kit, about two hours to get it constructed, but still needs filling, detailing etc. Giles
  4. They’re bollards to prevent stray road vehicles from getting onto the tracks - prototypical in my ‘health & safety’ head!
  5. Apologies for the radio silence - summer, work, preserved railways for inspiration, household chores... Here’s an update, half the layout (see pics) is into the finer details now plus further landscaping and weathering. The ‘main line’ is operational and all other sidings are pre-wired, just awaiting final connections. Photos below show the halt partly under the bridge and multiple angles of the now finished creamery buildings and hard standing. The second board will be underway shortly with another scenic break device, goods shed and cattle dock. Giles
  6. I will post minute by minute update #pvagate
  7. Chris, Ace thanks, they look perfect despite the difference in scale. Giles
  8. Finally got onto painting etc. Guttering and downpipes are in, roofing and windows done, weathering largely done. Glazing and fine detailing to come. I need a couple of small lamps above the doorways - struggling to find anything that’s not LED, I don’t need ‘real’ lighting. Any suggestions? That’s now two of the three creamery buildings done. My first engine is arriving this week too! Giles
  9. Rod, it it was an unplanned visit to the show in amongst boring chores including looking for a new kitchen! Hope the surgery went well i’ll drop you a message. Giles
  10. I’m roofing... it’s taking an age... available for 1:1 commissions if your tiles need a fettle! Giles
  11. Update... inspiration running high after a visit to the Helston Railway and the Exeter show, I’ve knuckled down... Creamery reception siding building has a roof and barge boards, the intermediate loading dock is built with crinkly tin roof and weatherboarding. Ballasting and most of the foundation landscaping is done on this half of the layout and a tree has mysteriously shot up! Giles
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