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  1. 25901

    York Show 2019

    Sutton's Locomotive Workshop's demo (4mm)
  2. 25901

    York Show 2019

    Plenty of Sulzers
  3. Thanks for the help, the company who did them was called "Watermills". Will be working out what I need and how to get them tonight after checking one of these machines and then of for a look round the York show while I'm there in the morning (my wallet will hate me). Cheers
  4. Have been trying to remember who made replacement MPV railings for the Bachmann model, I remember seeing a ad. years ago but the usual searching (google) draws a blank. Does anybody know who it was that made them, Cheers
  5. A few of us I only walked past it this afternoon, A few of us (some of them you know) have had a play on that beast
  6. At least there's one loco used and looked after at York
  7. Half size one's my be for a comeback as there's a two page pic in "Rail Express" this month (No,275) showing the new FNA flask wagons at WH Davies and there seems to be a lot of new half size container there or just a coincidence with them doing new wagons for DRS
  8. Got my full set of weathered ones today and I'm happy with then. All tankers have a slightly different weathered look and will do me. I think the "to have or not to have" weathered ones is one off those Marmite moments, It's down to what you want and while I'm on the subject of want, how about some modules (hint hint Hatton's)
  9. Well just ordered the full DRS set, with picking up a full RHTT set tomorrow (which I'm only 50ft from the real thing) it looks like my card is in for a hard time with all these lovely offering. Glad nobodies doing any cranes,"Dam" they are lol
  10. Some of us have known for some months what was going to happen. 55002 has one dead power unit which as everybody knows is not cheap to repair, D8000 has had work done to it so she will never run again so I have been told. I live part time round the corner from the NRM and some people on here know I have spent a lot of time on shunters and Sulzers but I have never wanted to work at this place due to way they deal with diesels which started with 50033 and the Royal 47 which they still don't like to mention. Glad they dropped the "National" bit out of their title as they no longer can be seen as a National Railway Museum
  11. And to add to this (but not modeling wise) the issue of the problem anyone who works on the dam real things face, 90 or 110 volts
  12. Do not mention 504s to me adb968008, you should remember
  13. If you have been at Doncaster we can't blame you for a hush hush shunting incident at Derby
  14. Round my way they seem to be converting a few signal boxes for this use, the Halifax one comes to mind but there are a few more.
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