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  1. Might be a bit late but here's something I got this afternoon at York (Crap camera phone, sorry)
  2. The way things are going with cranes in 00 I’m sure it’s only time till a rtr one will be on offer
  3. Well that’s one class 60 saved, 60086 at Leeming Bar now

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    2. surfsup


      086 now has some company, as it's just been joined by 60050 at Leeming Bar now. So 3 in Pres in a matter of weeks. 

    3. 25901


      Wonder if Harry has got them as they won’t be classed as preserved, more of a company asset.

    4. surfsup


      Could well be, as Harry does have connections to the Wensleydale. There's been very little info release so far as to who owns them and what their purpose will be, but one will at least be "restored". 

  4. I’m nice and dry but I believe the 37 at Haworth is sat in flood water
  5. Must point out that near me now we don’t need wagons to deliver containers https://www.instagram.com/p/B8WanmPjn7G/
  6. Kind of like the age old question of what colour the rods should be. There would have been some colour spec. somewhere but it could depended on the depot and what cans of paint were already open lol.
  7. Yes in the short term we might miss out when they sell out but in the long tern it proves to them to do other models without risk of stock not selling which is better for us and Accurascale
  8. Now got the full set of Cawoods and DRS ones, better get back to saving up some money for what ever comes next.
  9. Last time I was there was the first time I’d saw a class 14
  10. If coming from station be careful of the traffic in the cars parks as it can be mad at times, my other half (better half lol) wrote her car off the other year there while dropping me off. Enjoy the day and don’t forget to do some spotting at the station. I’m heading that way in a couple of minutes lol.
  11. Don’t mention viruses, that Chinese one has just been reported down the road from me in York, two in isolation.
  12. Having heard that the container has landed and is on route to the warehouse beware of any farmers selling PFA wagons on Ebay as they may be damaged
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