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  1. Catches have been removed and a lock point put on, I would take a wild guess it could have been somebodies tool box from Vickers for obvious reasons.
  2. 97252 has at some time been coupled up to coaching stock that hasn't had the buffers extended and corridor connection has hit the cab
  3. Or just left on shed ticking over. Wonder who can figure out the damage on 97252 (no prizes) lol
  4. Tricky one for sound, all the aux motors were left in and used. Even the compressors were left in so the ETHEL could be used in a static role (air required for engine control)
  5. My latest delivery to keep me busy while on furlough.
  6. No EH generator fitted, power taken from main and the aux gen left alone to power aux motors. Hope you can get into the ETHEL cab as there are a few mods to the cab required vs normal cab.
  7. Some nice weathered rust pots as they were end the end with BR and some more 25/9s, not just the polished [email protected] that was 25912
  8. Wondering if a job at "Manchester Victoria Depot" is really Red Bank reborn

    1. flapland


      I used to love looking at Red Bank from up stairs on the bus going along Rochdale Road. All those MK1 and parcels coaching stock. Also you could see the Silcocks Fair winter site which sat just above. 

  9. Yup, cheaper than the price tag of £30k for a new set at the time which was the cost of a descent 25/3
  10. Remember that unit well, was always on charge at a time when putting any other loco’s on charge was a no no. Off now to continue the 25/3 debate on the Sutton thread lol
  11. Here's a couple from (I think) Dec 2005 while visiting the estate
  12. One of the LMS shunters that went to Italy was still working a few years ago in industry, 75 yrs service approx.
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