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  1. Sorted, I’m sorry but RMWeb is a pig with an IPad these days lol
  2. York today was a bit busy with other loco’s so 68029 got dumped in platform 6 until a LNER service required the platform.
  3. HEA and use the chassis for a RNA, falls into the current range.
  4. Sorry, yes Tees Yard. It’s one hell of a building and looks in very good condition. Plenty of the orange brigade hanging around too. The one thing that court me out looking at the yard was the number of National Power livery wagon there are still. Sad to see the place now compared to what it was like thirty+ yrs agp.
  5. Still used to control what’s left of the yard, plenty of vehicles coming and going from the site. May not last much longer as have been told the yard is to be cleared, lifted and sold with the DBS shed going too.
  6. Correct, not the best of pics but shows the size of the building
  7. Just the same as the manufacturer who has just released a DRS 20 with the logo in the wrong place. Bring back BR as they never got it wrong lol
  8. Both of us know one of the main stay fitters (now retired) and is one of the most respected men in diesel preservation and owner of D832
  9. Correct, caused by a problem that a few visiting drivers have mentioned. Too much stock on site to safely shunt around, there was a reason that coaching stock was kept at the carriage sheds and not on the diesel depot in BR days. The LSL site is too full for its own good and this is not only my view as I have said
  10. Didn’t help being stored for too many years in the open at Dinting In better days and at Dinting
  11. Yes, Rochdale had steam trams and I believe one of them still exists but in a stored / unrestored state
  12. Before this ends in a NRM bashing thread I must point out that Flying Scotsman is “NOT” operated or maintained by the NRM. Some people should do some homework.
  13. Hope the 25s turn up soon as the backend of 2021 and beginning of 2022 is going to be expensive. The new 37s turning up and now a new 56 from Cavalex
  14. If 37716 is going to be done then it need a smoke generator option going by its last holiday in York
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