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  1. Be interesting to know the max number of locos that can be wired together. I know the book says three but I remember a long time ago at York being taken aback by the sound of five 37/5 freshly painted in gray all taking power through the station
  2. What you can see is the inner sliding window with its metal strip, the front corner pain of glass is missing
  3. I’ll leave this here, not my pic (Bob Mcmullan). Branch in the 80s and note the different yellow end lines.
  4. There’s a nice unused set round the corner that will never see active service again but the wheels under 20303 are the least of its problems now, one year of York rain down the exhausts.
  5. If they need any spares there's a spare parts donor still at York. I'll let you let to pick which one it should be lol.
  6. 20311 & 20314 (HNRL) back at Worksop after failing twice while trying to get to York. In the words from another forum "to be beaten back to life" lol
  7. Highlights what I had said about the gaps in the skirting
  8. Yes as they didn’t want to get the 14 dirty lol
  9. Vince, Terry and Alan. Headboard brackets are there but under another cab front that BR had grafted on the crushed in front. You can just make out the outline of the panel. The blue star multi working not yet fully reinstalled. And yes, the wiper did fall off as well as the BIS box covers. The horn grill is still missing today and is left off for a reason that only 25 drivers will know lol
  10. To be honest I think you've answered your own question already. You have released some stunning wagons and they have sold well for you, even selling out therefore what you are doing works for you, and more importantly puts a roof over your heads. The one thing I will point out is don't over stretch yourselves with too many projects, some may hate me for saying this but it is always better to make us want more than flooding yourselves with too much work all at the same time. I also love how open you are with everything and everyone unlike some companies who say they are doing an
  11. The gaps on the 5 piece skirt at too big, the two headboard brackets lack detail and the front hand rail looks too straight. To be honest the whole front end looks too flat.
  12. Glad I’m not driving now, wouldn’t get me between those cab hand rails lol
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