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  1. As I've work with Harry in the past and this is one of his locos, follow the action plan for non starting locos, (1) Blame batteries (2) Call everyone else a [email protected]@@ (3) Blame Big Norm or Des (very old hands will remember) (4) Phone somebody from SB Depot (5) Walk away and buy another
  2. Being 20087 and 20110 are in the process of moving to Worksop I guess HNRC have the job and these are for spares. I know that when these were offered for sale it didn’t include the wheel sets
  3. Cough, cough, Worksop, cough Wonder if 20303 will ever get fixed, she's still dumped by the new turntable
  4. 37610 sounded hellfire as she blasted through York this afternoon heading southbound light engine
  5. 07001 spent some time at Snailwell on hire while belonging to HNRC
  6. One little point to those who have pointed out that it is too narrow, this is modeled on the Swiss narrow gauge version ( 1000mm ) and not the standard gauge ones.
  7. Picked one up this morning while hanging around Manchester, it says it can be motorized.
  8. There the 142s returning from store, was told by a Newton Heath lad that they are booked for exams. Make of that what you want but I’ve heard something is on the cards for them.
  9. From what is going around at the moment on a few forums, Northern Rail are returning some 142s back into service for the Manchester area with the first ones back at Newton Heath on Monday (22/06/20)
  10. As a loco owner I can say "sod that at speed", never mind testing the buffers your tests the loco as well.
  11. The Bradford is now fitted with Rawie buffer stops but last time I looked all the gear for the old ones was still in place.
  12. The sounds of bacon cooking and cans opening lol
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