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  1. Or like other operators, use a HST to break the seal lol
  2. Had one on Friday teatime, Manchester / Leeds and was quite fun. Standing room only and the guard could only open the passenger doors from the passenger compartment , and selected door opening kept kicking in stopping certain doors from opening. Lots of little problems still to iron out I think. And yes the seating doesn’t seem right.
  3. Am I missing something here, For the 800 to hit the HST would it not have gone through a red light and brake applied automatically
  4. DCC run cab heaters it is then, put cooker on lol
  5. Yes http://www.totnestrains.com/nuclear-flasks.html
  6. Early 60s and quicker where they were allocated to overhead fitted regions. Seem to remember the ladders lasted longer on the Western region but depends on how and when they got swapped around.
  7. A shunter, nobody does shunters these days
  8. After some chat with a mate from York, he came up with this thought. Accurascale are getting a good name regarding wagons, this is going to be "BIG", some people would rightly say that they would never see this in RTR 00 and lastly "Redlands/Lafarge". I can only hope it is this.
  9. I see the NCB 03 shunter is now showing up in the shops after a long wait
  10. Tryt his, near bottom pf page https://www.derbysulzers.com/25freight.html
  11. The bigger question about the HST repair is do they have a spare cab. And remember that one HST fleet owner has just given two away free of charge, so that's how much value they put on them.
  12. That’s the body shop busy, that’s two now isn’t it ?
  13. From the pictures I’ve seen and the rumour machine, the French 58s have been stripped quite a bit by the French Copper Fairies
  14. 25901

    Class 07 Diesel

    A fine shunter and half of those built are still around. 07001 being a fav of mine as I have worked on it a few times when under Harry's ownership just after it's movement from Peak Forest
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