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  1. Sadly , for me this is where my journey into LMS modelling ended early 2019. My Daschund broke her back and needed £5000 of surgery so I sold all three of my kit built black locos to help pay the bill. Minnie was on complete bed rest for 6weeks and doped up with Gabapentin ( an anti-epileptic drug for you and me) not spoilt at all........... The best news is she made a full recovery and I have since built three GWR loco kits to make up for their loss.....
  2. She has a Zimo MX645 decoder with Digitrains 0-4-0 sound file
  3. One of the best kits I`ve ever made. Mine was the original Sevenscal version and I understand that Springside supply a much better quality motor and gearbox.
  4. Yep ! Built this Springside version back in 2009. Needs skill with soldering white metal, but is a complete kit with wheels and motor. makes a very very heavy model.f Disadvantage, is that the cylinder block slide bars, piston rod and connecting rod are all white metal so is very vulnerable to distortion and damage. Cast details are excellent quality but my body side tanks needed rough surfaces filling to get a fine finish. for comparison....an etched brass Warren Shepard kit build.
  5. Modern Outline Kits would be my choice and would fit with your criteria modernoutline.co.uk
  6. Hi Graham and thanks. I only use Zimo Mx645`s on my loco`s And I use either Digitrain or Youchoos sound files. This one has Digitrains small prairie sound file which is excellent for the chuffs and whistles but I`m overly disappointed this time with the other sounds as they come over as instantly `looped` You might want to compare with Youchoos equivalent ( if it were me I`d choose the YOuchoos 64XX sound file or their 94XX)....listen to them on their website. JOhn
  7. Thanks Ade, Here is a finla sound bite now that she`s ready to play with.
  8. Thanks G and Dan, Still waiting for number plates to arrive so just adding the final bits and pieces. Manage to produce working cab side sheets.
  9. Well, she is now in `pure green` having spent ages in the paint shop. I use Clostermann black etch primer on just about anything that moves and Phoenix GWR Green enamel. The chassis has been reassembled and carefully wired and insulated in preparation for hard wiring a Zimo sound decoder. And so, more pure green and a touch of red and black completes the livery work. Now onwards to final victory !!!
  10. ABSOLUTELY ! I am so so personally comforted that my membership (ex) fee no longer supports this outdated organisation.
  11. https://www.lgminiatures.co.uk/product/34-025-gwr-pannier-small-tank-locomotives/
  12. The last $mm RTR loco I purchased was this one. In my opinion the best Bachmann ever produced. So good , I changed it to P4 gauge
  13. My favourites, I kept some of these Airfix kits from the 1960`s and finally made them to P4 scale in 2005...... The cattle van and meat van have replacement W irons and axle boxes..... but they are and always have been great kits......
  14. My last two GWR ABS wagon kits complete as intended with their drawing pin sprung buffer heads, DCIII brake gear and slightly over scale three link couplings. Great kits to make in O Gauge, a scale that brings out the most in Adrian`s pattern making skills and fidelity to prototype practice.
  15. No Polybear I`ve never used the tin version. I don`t really make that many etched kits nowadays and would rather buy fresh on demand to save on accumulated storage in an uninsulated shed. I`m sure when supplied by Clostermann they were 500ml cans though......
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