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  1. Hi there, Well discovered the nowadays Nitromors is no where near as potent as in days of modelling yore. I prefer good old Wilko`s bog standard stripper !! Rinse off with water. I use Viakal to clean white metal models. Rinse off with water again. Dry. I use rattle can etch primer Closterman black or grey. I don`t use Acrylics for my rolling stock preferring Enamels which to my mind are much harder wearing when fully dry.
  2. Not quite the burning of The Chancellery this evening , but a close run thing...................

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    2. woodenhead


      According to reports yesterday it was Pence who ordered in the National Guard, they bypassed Trump either because he wouldn't call them in or they too were worried what he might do as he has mused about having Federal forces check the ballots.


      I hope they do use the 25th Amendment and have him removed, his whole family need to be barred from furthering their political ambitions as they sound more and more like the mob as each day passes.

    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I hope they don't have any beer cellars in Washington.


    4. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Why stop with Trump's removal - and blocking him and his "family" from any further political activity?


      I agree about the comparisons with the mob: "this isn't their Republican party anymore, this is Donald Trump's Republican party".




      With all the spurious lawsuits being instigated on his behalf, some people might be shocked that Master Donald Trump hasn't already been officially declared a vexatious litigant.


      I was also far from impressed the other day - when he spent an hour yelling down the phone and ordering some guy to "just find" him thousands of extra votes - enough to overturn the result of a legitimate election in the state concerned. To the other guy's credit, he made it clear to Trump that he was about to do no such thing.


      However, actively inciting yesterday's disgraceful activities is in a different league. As I see it, the blood of all the people who were killed during yesterday's siege should be on his hands - so I wonder if he should be on the receiving end of multiple writs for murder (or, at the very least, manslaughter, aggravated by his repeated lies, attempts to undermine democracy and incitement of violence).


      Some people (including me) would wonder what more Trump would need to do, for him to be publicly arrested and charged with treason.


      Of course, these are my personal opinions - which some people might not agree with. I've got no problem with this.


      I'm really glad that Trump will soon be out of office.

  3. One of my old 4mm time favourite kits..................................
  4. My love affair with resin building kits is in the hope they will not be affected by dampness in the garden shed or in the garden perhaps. So I chose this all resin GWR engine shed kit to do a kit bash job on... I thought the doors needed GWR`ising so remade them with plasticard.. Tidied up the stone work and added internal wall detailing.... ...and then put it all together.... Did more stonework tidying using good old Miliput and saliva ( pre Covid) and the
  5. Always been a great fan of kit bashing in the hope of saving time...... not sure it ever does though... Now working in 7mm scale...this is the worst kit I`ve ever bought..... A resin GWR water tower kit .... nothing was square or well cast....... ................ so it was out with the plasticard and riveter....... ...and a massive bit of kit bashing as I only ever used the resin cast landing bracket !!!
  6. I`m not a fan of Acrylics so I`ve used the Phoenix/Precision enamel track colour products applied with an airbrush. Just like paining brass etched kits I`ve used rattle can etch primer products first as I hate seeing paint chipped off rail heads. Eventually after ballasting I will use a sharp blade to scrape away the paint and primer from the rails.....
  7. Cheques will be back when the power cuts start !! I still use them a dozen times per year and I`m with the internet bank FirstDirect . Waiting for my Christmas present from Scorpio Models who still prefer cheques.
  8. Just made a poor quality test video after adjusting the sound file CV`s.
  9. Thanks Ade, Dapol produce their own sound file I believe based on the preserved example . I`ve heard a badly set up example recently and it sounded too `chuffy` for me and I don`t think Dapol sell their own example. Howes version is far from perfect but I liked their simple effort. I`ll produce a video soon but in the meantime this is their sound in a 4mm Sentinel. Mine chuffs a lot quicker per wheel revolution than this example and sounds to me about right Listening to the prototype examples on Youtube they seem to be fa
  10. This excellent Dapol product arrived recently................. so time for a little modelling fun. She was easy to dismantle as the adhesive used is rather like Evostic from years ago I fitted a 21 pin ESU sound decoder with Howes generic sentinel sound file as well as giving her a new identity.
  11. That`s a good idea....I`m still quite fond of the old girl. It does`nt bother me too much but I`m wondering whether the O Gauge version will still have the OO version inaccurate bogie frames ( based on the earlier preserved example with shorter axle box springs)
  12. Well I`ve just pre-ordered GWR No 10 through Rails of Sheffield for £297 DCC ready...... so...what shall I do with my ancient kit built No 12 ????
  13. What did you use to remove the printed transfers please ? John
  14. Mine arrived last week and runs impeccably although as to be expected is susceptible to dirty track and pickups. Application of Graphite to the rails will improve performance in the absence of a stay-alive unit. As for the above sound file....to my ear it ain`t much like the real thing which seems to be all hiss and clanks but no chuffs !!
  15. Great ! Great ! and Great ! Very pleased that Dapol are producing this particular model in 7mm and just enough time to save up me pension after Christmas!! I`ll need a new Avatar though !!
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