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  1. I imagine that Heljan (and all the others) handle each other's locos from time to time. Know your adversary.... In any event, Hornby Magazine and Hornby are two separate things. John
  2. I think the idea was to hook the buyer and get him/her on a subscription to receive the instalments by post. IIRC the large format part-works (e.g. "World of Railways" and "Great Trains" operated the same way. John
  3. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    My point exactly, but as with cars, the difference of the component cost off the end of the production line between basic and bells-and-whistles versions isn't a big percentage, certainly a mere fraction of the retail differential between a bare analogue version and the same thing with DCC and full lighting. Somebody who worked at Ford once told me that if they stripped out all the complication involved in messing about with the myriad trim levels and optional extras, and did every Escort as a Ghia, the economies of scale from making everything identical would mean everybody could have that for about twenty quid more than a basic one and the company wouldn't lose a penny. In both cases the retail prices are based on what the maker thinks the market will stand, and bears little direct relationship to the cost of production. In any event, we're talking about Factory (owned by Kader), to Bachmann UK (largely owned by Kader), to Retailer, so there is hardly a gaggle of middlemen adding a slice. John
  4. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    Current pre-discount prices. Taken from the KMRC website earlier. Couldn't use Hattons or Rails for obvious reasons. John
  5. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    Factory-level cost for a DCC lighting control board and connectors is probably a about a couple of quid. Let's be generous and call it a tenner.... Slightly old comparison but they came out more or less together, with similar spec: Hornby 2-BiL: RRP £153.99, Bachmann 2-EPB: RRP £209.95. Newer tooling Bachmann 2-HAP: RRP £269-95 John
  6. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    But all the head/tail and cab lighting would be included in the loco, so the equation would be: Loco + 1x coach chassis + 2x coach bodies with interior lights, and I reckon £250 is plenty for that unless the loco in question is the new Bachmann 47. Sorry, but I think Bachmann are milking Multiple Units for all they can get and I'm not falling for it. John
  7. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    Spot on. A 2-car DMU is really just two coaches, one fitted with a motorised loco chassis, and that just doesn't (IMHO) represent value-for-money with a £300 price tag; even £250 would be pushing it a bit, at least until the next round of general price-rises. However, it's had another effect on my thinking, which may align with some others. Because I won't be buying DMUs to go with my later diesel locos, I'm in the process of clearing out all those that can't run alongside my steam fleet, and won't be buying any more that don't fit into my revised plan. TBH, they've always been a secondary interest, and a thin-out was long overdue. Unfortunately that means no more HST's, whoever makes them. My Lima-based one has already gone, and for much more than what it originally cost me. I'm also in the position that, if I'm honest with myself, I've already got most of what really floats my boat, unless I fall deeper into the "collecting" trap than I already have.... New purchases have dropped pretty drastically over the past three years, and my current pre-orders amount to just one loco and about half-a-dozen each of coaches and wagons. A big drop in expenditure; and probably not much more than 15% (in cash terms) of what I was getting through at the height of my excesses, though that might increase in January! A few thousand of the surplus went on changing the car before it was a real priority, and since then, more has been spent on other hobbies and interests, lately replacing my 12-year-old DSLR outfit with something lighter and more modern. I'm therefore no stranger to price tickets with four digits on them! When all that's done with, will I revert to my former expenditure levels on models? I somehow doubt it. I'll probably be mainly just "gap-filling" in future. John
  8. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    I'm another who thinks that prices of DMUs (from one brand at any rate) have been TTP for some while. Basically loads of electronics and not much train for ones money. Even though I can afford them, I just don't think they are good value. However, as the only one I'd be unable to resist (and consequently wouldn't be in the least price sensitive about) seems to be off-limits to everybody, it's purely academic.... John
  9. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    More to the point, moulding limitations mean the slats will almost certainly be of overscale thickness and if one hadn't been omitted, they would be too close together, which would look far worse. I suspect that. if one looks around, the subterfuge may not be unique (but not as commonplace as 4' 1.5" gauge). John
  10. Dunsignalling

    New hst

    If somebody is planning a bust-a-gut-brilliant HST, I have a feeling that the first releases will be of a particular period (BR and IC at a guess) that minimises the number of coach variants that require tooling at the outset. Then they'll move to another slot along the timeline and produce the additions and alterations for that; and so on. There's too much to tackle all in one go if we want real authenticity IMHO. I also think that a great effort will be made with the first releases not to stray into a four digit price, and early sets (on the WR at least) were shorter. All that probably rules out Bachmann. John
  11. Not to mention one of with a disturbing number of nationals who demonstrate a worryingly selective definition of "freedom". John
  12. I don't think that three or four quid over list would deter me if the alternative were missing out on a model I wanted that might not be re-run for quite a time. In any event, a couple of days ago, Hatton's were advertising a pre-owned example of the old ex-Tri-ang version for a pound more than that! John
  13. The real damage that ensued from Beeching was not the loss of branch lines, most of which were already well on the way to oblivion (as others have stated). The effects we are still feeling now came from the loss of cross-country and so-called "duplicated" routes. Had they been pruned less ruthlessly, our remaining lines would be under less capacity pressure and many towns that have grown substantially since, would not be without a rail connection. I'm not sure how beneficial mothballing would have been, though. If BR hadn't demolished disused infrastructure, I suspect it would have happened "informally" through vandalism and metal theft long before any idea of revival emerged. John
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