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  1. Also a bias towards clean locos, with anything mucky being ignored by some (though not applicable in these two cases!). When out and about with my faithful MX and my preferred 85mm f/2 in the 80's, I came across more than one such diehard who must have struggled to get through a whole 36-exposure cassette before its expiry date. Some had evidently driven quite a way to the locations, too, so were clearly less bothered by the cost of petrol than that of film. John
  2. In the second bit of that, one of the truckers is being chased hard by his own trailer travelling sideways. Classic. John
  3. Agreed, I just cited the SER example first as it makes a natural follow-on in a thread about the initial model. Obviously, the possibility of also doing the Midland version without going to much extra trouble would greatly widen its appeal. John
  4. Drivers of large and/or slow vehicles are instructed to phone for permission to cross, irrespective of the position of the barriers. John
  5. Given that they've previously offered a wide range of road vehicles in the liveries of that and other circuses, those should maybe a subject for Oxford Rail. John
  6. The SECR six-wheeler might be a good pick, especially as it was almost identical to some belonging to the Midland Railway. Certainly close enough for whatever small differences did exist to be catered for using this kind of production. John
  7. Quite correct. The old memory playing tricks. I'll correct my earlier post. John
  8. How about one of the 10' 6" wheelbase LNWR L&Y vans? Admittedly there used to be plastic kits for two or three variants using largely common tooling (I can't recall the maker MAJ) but they disappeared donkey's years ago. IIRC the moulds were acquired by ABS, but the kits never re-emerged.* John * Apparently they did (see later posts) but not for long.
  9. Quite possible in the fullness of time, but Rails will have picked the SECR van for a number of reason, one of which may be that it had never been produced in either r-t-r or plastic kit form. Such wagon kits are relatively easy to build and paint and one has to be a bit of a duffer to make a mess of a simple box van. The excellent Slater's kit for the Midland van has been around for decades and many potential buyers will already have built all they need. My guess is that what comes next from Rails will be something else with no "previous", followed by a re-run of the SECR van. John
  10. 1, Inevitable, but I'll bet nobody will want to do it more than once. 2. A model is already available r-t-r in N from Great Western Replicas. Osborn's from Bideford had them on sale at a show (Nailsea?) earlier in the year. 3. Would be likely to include me, which is why I'll probably be avoiding the risk by not be buying one. I agree, it looks absolutely beautiful, but I'd be scared to use it and I'm trying not to be a collector. John
  11. Two heads are better than one, even if one of them is a sheep's head. (Ancient memory of one of my grandfather's sayings, reactivated by this thread) John
  12. Same as for any four wheel vans of similar length you already have. The spec announced implies outer axles fixed and plenty of side-play on the middle set. I'm expecting to do my usual thing and fit Keen or Symoba CCUs plus Roco or Hornby NEM heads so the buffers can be touching on straight track. John
  13. But they've been unavailable from Hornby for quite a while so hunting for s/h has been the only option, and the same applies to many other items. I've got quite organised in respect of swapmeets and exhibitions lately. I use a small spiral-bound notebook and each of my targets gets a page to itself with a note of maker, catalogue number, livery and how many I want. Every time I find something, its page just gets torn out so I'm not repeatedly wading through a list with some items crossed off. I have a second book of the same sort (five for a quid from Poundland) with list of wants from traders at shows, One trader to a page, and I add to the list as and when I spot a need. A third one is used for back-numbers of magazines that I'm looking out for. Having decided I "needed" another of the bogie version a few months back (you can never have too many parcels vans IMHO), I found one (as new) for just £28. I was almost miffed on Sunday that I already have all the BY vans I want so I think the thrill of the chase may be getting to me.... As it was, I got a mint Bachmann Ivatt tank that runs better than either of the two I bought new (impulse buy), plus two coaches and a wagon off my wanted list and yet another £5 Tri-ang clerestory for the hacking stash. £67 the lot plus two quid on the door. Oh, and one of the coaches has a set of Maygib wheels under it. John
  14. The early afternoon up Pads from the West Country have been a crammed nightmare on Sundays as long as I can remember. It seems to get even worse in winter, maybe people wanting to get indoors back in London before nightfall? Over the past couple of years, I've had to do a couple of trips (HSTs, pre-800s) from Taunton at short notice (all seats reserved before I got anywhere near the things) and ended up standing/sitting on the floor as far as Reading on one occasion and all the way on the other. If I need to do such a trip again, I'll try to remember my shooting stick. TBH, rather than take a GW service I know will be rammed, I prefer to ride a slower but far less overcrowded (and with nicer seats) 159 on the Waterloo route and am hoping nothing occurs to force me to go up on a Sunday while the SWR strike is on! John
  15. Hi David, I should have spotted that it was a work-in-progress. Having had another look, the track looks freshly laid. It's well on the way to being a very nice layout and, having got the engineering side taken care of, dressing it up should provide an enjoyable way to spend some of the long winter evenings. Regards John
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