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  1. Think I'm beginning to get the hang of this, and a little extra light makes a big difference. Layout lighting plus fill in from 2 small LED video lights, 1x 36 LED and 1x 64 LED got the exposure to f/4.5 on ISO 800 which was my aim. As before Leica 12-60 lens, this time at focal length of 28mm (=56 on 35mm). Untouched but for cropping from 4:3 to 7x5 for printing to A4 and resizing to post on here. "35002 Union Castle on shed at 71B" John
  2. I think we're already heading that way, but the transition will be subtle and gradual to minimise unfavourable reactions to it. The future lies in estimating how many you think might sell and knocking off 5% rather than adding it on to (maybe) allow for indecisive customers. The aim for manufacturers is to sell all they make and achieve the target profit within a predictable timescale, rather than hoping to sell as many as possible out of a larger run in as-long-as-it-takes at an uncertain level of return. Over-producing makes forecasting returns very difficult by encouraging cons
  3. I'd suggest that, without conscious intervention to sort by input (i.e. order) date , despatch is likely to be dealt with alphabetically, that being the default that customer details will be output using most software. Aaron Aardvark will usually get his first. John
  4. Not my layout, Bournemouth Central belongs to a friend and I'm just one of a quartet that works on it and forms the core of the operating crew (or will do when we can safely get the minimum of 6 people it requires in the room again). The overhead is purely cosmetic but, as can be seen, the streetlights and traffic lights do work. There's not enough continuous highway on the layout to make working road vehicles practical. John
  5. This one taken on a better lit area of the layout, with the camera selecting ISO 640. Camera on tripod, cable release. Cropped and with the top edge of the backscene retouched out, otherwise unaltered. John
  6. I've gradually been working out the plusses and minuses of the in-camera focus stacking system in my G9. Selecting the facility seems to override whatever the mode dial is set to and puts the camera into Program, with a shutter speed of either 1/60th or 1/30th, an aperture close to wide open (this on the standard 12-60 Leica f/2.8 - f/4 zoom), and with auto ISO taking care of the rest. This results in a high ISO setting under most layout lighting, with consequent noise/grain becoming evident. The answer will presumably be to up the lighting level if one wishes to contro
  7. Oversold their allocation or sold what they believed to be their allocation but which was subsequently reduced by Hornby? It doesn't seem 100% clear which is the case, though the effect for the intended customer is the same. John
  8. Trying out it's abilities on three point turns?
  9. Before I begin adding the detail, a last shot of the rolling shell, this time from beneath. John
  10. There's no logical reason I can think of , but some years ago, in the course of sorting out one that was a wobbly runner, I accidentally discovered that Bachmann Mk1s become noticeably freer-running when fitted with Romford wheels in place of the originals. My longer sets have been done throughout, with the displaced Bachmann wheels used to replace plastic ones on older models that came with them. (Airfix, Dapol, Mainline, Hornby). Even more oddly, they seem to run more freely under those than they did in their former homes. Whether it makes any difference on Retford w
  11. Thanks for the link to Coachmann's thread, I'd been looking for it without success. Reading through it, and looking at the before-and-after photos, the extra height evident in the latter is inevitable. It's not practical to lower the beastie on its "castors" so substituting 14mm wheels for the 11mm ones it comes with naturally bumps everything skywards by 1.5mm. Keeping the buffer height correct was the primary reason I decided to replace the functional chassis in its entirety (though steps, battery boxes, etc. will be re-used). John
  12. Thanks for the heads-up on the width of the body. TBH, I hadn't noticed and it looked OK against the rest of the vans in the test consist. Being over-width is a common fault among r-t-r goods vans, a 2mm excess afflicts most (all?) models of GWR prototypes from Dapol, Bachmann and Hornby, reflecting Mainline and Hornby Dublo ancestry. Underframes and buffer beams were/are made to suit wagons and vans without corner posts extending below body level. Anything with them got stretched to fit outside that, where necessary. Fortunately, accurate equivalents are easily source
  13. On test this morning. Wholly successful once I'd rectified the BTB on one of the outer axles, which had moved half way to EM. The middle wheels are unmarked so presumably didn't hit anything. John
  14. Those are definitely not the Dapol axleguards, which place the axleboxes much tighter up under the solebars and don't look at all correct. I'll try to find my remaining unmodified example and post a comparative photo. I think you have done what I was planning before deciding that the Chivers Fish van underframe was probably going to be easier. I'd already got the necessary Comet bits together but mislaid them. In accordance with the Law of Sod, as soon as the alternative conversion got underway, they miraculously reappeared. They will either go under a second Stove R
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