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  1. Ireland had its issues, DLT, yes! In the Republic we had Todd Andrews, who managed to strip west Cork of all its railways among other things. He wasn't quite as bad as Beeching, especially given the population involved - but both Andrews and Beeching paled into insignificance compared to Craig in the north, who removed every single railway line in the six counties, and by extension several border counties in the south, bar Belfast - Derry (even that was proposed for closure at one time), to Dundalk, and two of three suburban lines from Belfast. At his worst, he actually proposed removing
  2. The Schull & Skib rolling stock had one of the smallest loading gauges of them all, so I'd go for something bigger perhaps. The West Clare would be a better equivalent. jhb171Senior always said that the C & L track, in great contrast to its rolling stock, was very well built and maintained to the end.
  3. Diesels galore, mid 70s! "Rails Through North Kerry" & "Rails Through the West", published by Colourpoint, Newtownards!
  4. A useful addition to the RTR stuff available! Congrats to Silverfox!
  5. David, that is truly superb. I hadn't seen pics of Fintonagh for a while; without seeing it in the flesh, frequent admiration of the illustrations will have to do! What's next! Mention is made above of a LLSR 4.8.4T....... and compact termini. Not my place to interfere, but perhaps you might have considered a small terminus like Westport Quay? If you make it in Midland Great Western days, "flyaway" cabs plus an actual daily passenger service are possible. I have track plans if you're interested and I can direct you towards photos. Sligo Quay is another, though less compact and no
  6. I'm inclined to keep a notebook of email addresses and phone numbers these days as I had a scare with my computer about 18 months ago, and for a while it looked as if I had lost everything, including two half-completed book manuscripts, the result of many years work! O
  7. If it's of interest for a model, it appears that the thing spent its short life in "works grey" (more like light wagon grey rather than the dark grey used on locomotives). Lettering was black.
  8. That is just jaw-dropping stuff, excellent!
  9. Hi folks Apologies for posting this under "Spain" but there's no Portuguese thread. On returning from a holiday in Portugal it strikes me that online information on the Portuguese railways seems very sparse. Any ideas? I'm particularly interested in the Cascais - Lisbon line, especially in pre-1926 electrification days. Regards J
  10. Hello folks Does anyone know of any photos of pre-1965 Majorca Railways (not the Soller electric line), or anyone who has modelled them? Regards J
  11. Looks really well, Patrick. Looking forward to progress. PM me as I have a some station info which might be of interest.
  12. As recently as the 1970s, 72 (four-wheeler) wagon trains were run. Question: is this a greater or lesser load?
  13. I suppose, Bomag, since both NIR and IE have all but given up goods trains, and now they've given up passenger trains, it's only "customers" they carry to and from "train stations". No passenger trains - only "customer trains" now! Ghastly!
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