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  1. There was a 7mm model of GSR 800 class Maebh on stand 19. It is too big to run on Standfording.
  2. Problems of modelling in 22mm gauge. First suitable axles. You can machine and part your own, if you have a lathe. You will need to make both bogie and axles for driving wheels for your gauge to fit the commercially available wheels. Second problem is the lack of 22mm back to back wheel gauge. Third is suitable track gauges as you will have to build your own track. Track components are based around around BS90 or 120lb per yard bullhead rail although flat bottom rail is also available. If your preferred railway used a lighter weight per yard rail then you will have to accept a compromise
  3. BCDR No.6 hauling Golfers Express comprised of scratchbuilt BCDR Royal Saloon, Alphagraphix BCDR 6 wheel state coach and BCDR 6 wheel parcels van during a visit to Stanfording layout.
  4. New group on Flickr about Irish 7mm Finescale. Hopefully photos will emerge of Harry Mulholland's 'Knockmore Junction'! Link is here:- https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/
  5. Just caught this thread. Don't know about Bulleid's Leader, but Tony Miles had a model of his C.I.E. Turf Burner on Adavoyle.
  6. The H2 listed by Bill Bedford is actually the NCC 1924 Derby built I2 Third Brake. I have been responsible for having Bill produce the NCC coach etches and also the Worsley Works NCC coach ones by Allen Doherty for my own use, with the exception of the North Atlantic coaches. Some of the 1924 Derby built stock were Midland diagrams not standard LMS. Each design had a diagram number and some were unique to the NCC. The BNCR coaches were produced from the late Des Coakham's drawings. The wartime transfer stock was done in two batches, in 1941 to replace lost coaches and again in 1942 bec
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