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  1. Well I have ordered the Parkside Dundas Grampas, So now just to wait for it to arrive. Any tips on building it? Also what track would people recommend?
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies, Will look at ordering a wagon soon. With the O gauge guild do you have many international members , I'm based in Australia so most things I order will be mail order. After I have built a few wagons will look at track! My running area will be outside as no room inside, Which is one of the reasons I'm getting into O gauge. Gary
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me a good wagon kit for a person new to O Gauge. Looking at something from the BR blue period to go with my Dapol 08 when it eventually comes out. Gary
  4. Surely 36 means its a Class 87, Thats the amount of them produced!!! Final!
  5. GWR Chocolate and cream?????
  6. its not April the 1st is it??? This is going to be a big loss!!! Gary
  7. Can you not divert some straight to Australia to save them going around the world before arriving in Aus!!!
  8. Also with this annoucment, I wonder what extras the DCC fitted ones will have??? Opening doors? Gary
  9. Mk2 F's very interesting, Also some listed as DCC, Also DBSO DCC!!! Wow, Just need a Class 87 to pull them!!!! Gary
  10. Thanks for the update Chris about the supplement. Will be waiting for it to arrive in Tasmania!!!! Gary
  11. My magazine came today to good old Tassie!!! one week after 172. Also with no supplement, Feel really left out getting them so late and missing a bit. Still a great mag!!!! Gary in Tassie!!!
  12. Hi, Just reading the latest collectors club magazine and it says "Although the original intention was to produce a new chassis for the Class 40 to accomodate DCC Sound and lighting system, the model is also receiving a totally new body tooling, hence the delay in relesing this model on to the market" Roll on the new Class 40's!!!!!!
  13. Just ordered 85101 to go with 85026!!! Now roll on more AC locos!!!!! See how long Bachmann take to ship it, Hattons got 85026 out to me in one week!!!! Gary in Tas!
  14. Hi Dave, Can we please have an updated list of which models are being produced and which shop we can order them from? Also any news on the other new models from Dapol? Regards Gary
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