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  1. PGH's photographs of British Railways from c1960
    PGH's photographs of British Railways from c1960



    Rhayader Signal Box





    View from the northbound train approaching Marteg Tunnel





    46514 crossing 46520 on a southbound train at Pantydwr





    46520 leaving Pantydwr on the Brecon train





    Llanidloes Station





    Moat Lane Junction - the main Cambrian Line platforms.  The Mid Wales Line platform was behind the station building.  46523 at left and 78002 on an Aberystwyth train at right.



  2. Manning Wardle "Old I" and "K" classes
    Manning Wardle "Old I" and "K" classes

    When I built the Newhaven Harbour Company's "Wave" from the RT Models kit, my research suggested that the only thing these "standard" classes have in common is that they are all different....


    Best wishes 


  3. 3D Printed Pre-Grouping Wagons 4mm-7mm
    3D Printed Pre-Grouping Wagons 4mm-7mm

    I say, those are rather tasty! It's nice to see more 3d printed pre-grouping Southern stock. @TurboSnail of this parish has done some very nice SECR wagons and an LBSC Open A, and I've drawn up a few LSWR ones too, both for the Photon:


    I've gone for printing NEM pockets on my wagons, using the dimensions found here: http://www.doubleogauge.com/standards/couplings.htm and they seem to work well for me, although I make the coupling slot a little bigger (by about 0.2mm in height and width) to compensate for light bleed in the Photon.

  4. Warren Branch
    Warren Branch

    For the road surface, I have used this product for the roads and yard surface on Ladmanlow and it's offspring, and on Cawdor:




    Don't forget that contrary to popular perception, road surfaces are rarely black or dark grey, unless very wet. Normally they are in reality a fairly light grey in colour.





  5. Tarpaulins - A taste sensation
    Tarpaulins - A taste sensation


    So here is the simple method I have found to make effective Tarpaulins that is easy to do.


    So first of all we start with our victim. In this case an exLMS Dia1892 unfitted open made from an Airfix body on a Bachmann chassis.



    Next we need our tarpaulin material which is the wrapper from a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer. This is cut to the appropriate size (research before hand as different companies made Tarpaulins different sizes!)




    Then using card I made a "load" for the wagon which is just card put into the desired shape.




    The Tarpaulin is then painted using acrylics (I use Games Workshop or Vallejo). Test fit the Tarpaulin before any glue is applied and to find your desired shape (after the paint dries ;))


    I then glue the Tarpaulin to the top of the card "load" and then glue the bottom of the long edge to top of the wagon.


    Using fine thread to make the ropes I glue a piece into each of the corners of the tarp and then tie these off around the buffers. 




    I also add two ropes over the top of the wagon which are then glue to the underside of the wagon.




    Once this is done the tarpaulin is then given washes of browns and blacks to create the desired weathered effect.




    Hope this helps :)

  6. Kernow OO gauge LSWR Road Van
    Kernow OO gauge LSWR Road Van

    The Isle of Wight brake vans photographed by A B MacLeod during his time in charge in the 1930s. (CJL)

    LSWR roadvans ABMcL.jpeg

  7. Backscenes

    A quick post to say I have just taken delivery of these beautiful panels for Addleford Green's backscene.




    They are 3mm Foamex with the images printed on the surface and treated with a matt protective layer. I bought them online from one of many suppliers of this kind of material. I ordered them Monday and they arrived this morning, Thursday! The process was uncomplicated, completed entirely online and they even contacted me when they thought some white would show at the edges. Probably cheaper overall than having images printed separately and less stress than gluing them nice and straight to something myself!


    The photos feature the Kent landscape not far from my house, taken with a reasonably expensive (10 years ago!) non-SLR camera and stitched together on the computer. Hopefully I made the right measurements and they line up nicely once on the board. I'll post some more photos once they're up. There will be some square joins - something of a divisive subject, indeed all areas of backscenes seem to draw some controversy from what I have seen! - but the board is only small and to include curves was to lose just too much vital space. All joins are going to be disguised with tactically placed scenery.


    Some image manipulation was required to the photos I originally took before sending for printing. Most of the scenes didn't include enough sky so I had to extend that area. My digital photo editing skills are zero, so everything done was crude and would likely make a true photographer cry. For two panels this involved removing the sky entirely and replacing it with a block of closely colour-matched blue/grey. I thought this might look odd, but apparently that's exactly how the real sky looks round here. For the biggest panel I simply mimicked the sky that existed and flipped a copy of it upwards, like a mirror. Again I thought this might look odd but it's blended in quite nicely. Judge for yourselves!


    All for now,




  8. Show us your Pugbashes, Nellieboshes, Desmondifications, Jintysteins
    Show us your Pugbashes, Nellieboshes, Desmondifications, Jintysteins

    A Nellie bash, well on the way.  It gets less Nellie towards the front. Bachmann USA 4-4-0 tender loco provides the underpinnings.



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