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  1. Many thanks to you all for info and pictures, leaning towards the Sharge at the moment but will continue to keep the old track rubber available for those stubborn areas that I'm sure will still persist, as you point out in your reply Salmotrutta. Nice looking layout their Jimfin
  2. Thanks Jim was aware of the CMX but have not come across the Sharge version so will have a look at there version. I like the idea of changing the bogies my main concern with the CMX is its weight in relation to Bemo Hom locomotives and their haulage capability of a heavy brass wagon. More homework to do, many thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Many thanks for that info on the Bemo wagon sounds like the solution to my requirements. I have only recently returned to making a new layout and must admit to be a little out of date with what is available, but will now look at getting hold of this track cleaning wagon and will adopt your idea of pushing rather than pulling the wagon. Once again many thanks DIW.
  4. Does anyone know of a suitable track cleaning wagon or method for my Bemo Hom 12mm track. My layout has I have a long stretch of hidden track which is difficult to access. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
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