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  1. I happened to be thinking along the lines of a compact (-ish) Italian train ferry layout just the other week. The attached plan shows the idea - the ferry (pink tracks) is actually a three-track cassette, with each track long enough for two carriages, enabling a variety of trains to be swapped in and out. These would be shunted from the ferry into the headshunt, and from there assembled in the hidden loop before being pushed round the loop into the 3 platform station. The entrances to the loop would be hidden by curved road access ramps and buildings (similar to those
  2. The real thing uses gears rather than gravity to keep everything the right way up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falkirk_Wheel#/media/File:FalkirkRotate04.jpg The whole assembly could get quite large with gears large enough to allow a train to pass through - maybe more space than just sticking a fiddleyard there in the first place!
  3. It's an Interesting concept, because the moving section is small, lightweight, and only moves when there is nothing on it. This should make it possible to change tracks extremely quickly, compared to a conventional traverser loaded up with stock, especially when motorized and automated. The downside is the angled cuts to the exit rails which I always understood to cause big problems with reliability. I tried drawing out the same arrangement but including the reverse curves on the traverser too. It is still possible to make it shorter than the equivalent fan of points
  4. English version of the Roco catalog https://www.roco.cc/uploads/news/Kataloge/20200114_Roco_Novelties_2020.pdf
  5. I expect other manufacturers will make their announcements soon, but first we have the Hornby International brands. Personally I'm very happy to see that Jouef are planning an X4500 - The LS Models one was way too expensive! Arnold https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/brands/arnold-n-1-160/arnold-n-new-for-2020.html Electrotren https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/brands/electrotren-h0-1-87/electrotren-new-for-2020.html Lima https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/brands/lima-h0-1-87/lima-new-for-2020.html Jouef https://www.Ho
  6. I tend to use the Italian site Tecnomodel the most, with the occasional purchase from Trenietreni. Shipping is fast and free (if you spend enough). I've also bought from UK retailers Scograil (Ipswich) and The Hobby Shop (Faversham). Both carry a few items of Italian stock, mostly more modern era, but they can be a good source of rolling stock from other countries that ran on FS metals. HTH Mal
  7. ACME 2019 http://medien.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/2019/ACME_Catalogo_2019-WEB.pdf
  8. Not my work but felt I had to post this link to an Italian layout with some impressively realistic scenery http://www.forum-duegieditrice.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=75019&start=960 and scroll down for some great weathering work too http://www.forum-duegieditrice.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=75019&start=1005 Mal
  9. The power lines are clearly marked on here http://streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=360431&y=392304&z=120&sv=winwick&st=3&tl=Map+of+Winwick,+Warrington+[Town]&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf Mal
  10. Looks like a livery mix up. There was a time where the lower band was white (see http://www.semgonline.com/gallery/gatex_02.html, 5th pic down from 1999), but by that time the wrap-around yellow ends had gone and the locos carried Gatwick Express branding.
  11. Tunbridge Wells West might be another possible source of inspiration. Most passenger trains terminated there, with just a few running through the single-line Grove tunnel, plus oil trains used to use the station to run-round before heading back to High Brooms and the oil depot there. Mal
  12. In MML days I regularly used to catch the one passenger train a day that used the single line, and that was in the up direction. Probably just makes sense to flight the trains in one direction, rather than waiting for them to clear the section. Mal
  13. It's no different from your local supermarket. Some items are cheaper than the rivals, and some prices take the p*ss, only for it all to be reversed a few weeks later. It only works because people don't bother to check, or just keep shopping at the same place for convenience, regardless. Retailers take advantage of this inertia. The only solution is to shop around, and if you're buying online, that's hardly the most challenging thing to do. Mal
  14. Maltazer

    Hornby D16/3

    And I'm sure he can respond himself, in his own good time, if he found my comment to be out of order. Freedom of expression works in many directions. Mal
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