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    As well as main interest of UK railways real and model, I enjoy all travelling (including motoring), vintage vehicles, music, photography, walking, and sometimes helping my wife with gardening! We have a cat named Benjy.

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  1. Romford station
    The Only Way Is Romford (Part 5)

    Progress on the main Romford Station building. I need to finish the platform above until I can fit into place permanently (thus the gap in the corner). The building has been designed based upon some historical drawings and extensive photographs.  Construction is laser cut Romark.  The cornices are wooden molding from The Model Shop at Tower Bridge. The art deco lights at the front of the station are made from Biro pen shafts and are fitted with LED lights.



    Once the platform above is complete, I will set to work on the platform canopy which is integrated into the building roof.

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