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  1. reference 6023 model well the paint job, i chickened on the crash job, although the next one I am planning will get the full smash but of a different reference picture.
  2. lovely to see this is still coming along (ps only visiting)
  3. 5569 weathering 5455 2335 6993 2691 2118 8574 8498
  4. I cannot PM people the button disappeared, but you can find me on facebook on my group model Railway Discussion Group, or find me Jaz Avalley also on facebook i wont put a link as i assume it breaks the rules, so just type it in the search engine, you'll see the updated tiger you might see the link at the bottom of my signature
  5. I do check in on your You tube channel from time to time
  6. 8464 and if i am not carefully they'll be chasing me ...and I will need a time machine to get their on time ....time to disappear down my rabbit hole again
  7. 4269 the family will be wanting their tea
  8. 8269 well I should return home, I think that's my ride
  9. I see the views are shooting up again, someone might want to have a look at that....giggles.... 3320 before someone ends up in the deep end...
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