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  1. Squatch, As a volunteer I fought brush fires on the Oregon coast with the Hauser Rural Fire Protection District in the early 90's. When this is in your rear view, the experience may provoke inspiration.
  2. Shaun, Always impressed not only by your and Mrs Squatch's modeling and scenery talents and skills, but your photographic artistry is also of excellent quality.
  3. Shaun, You may remember I have a few Harry Potter-themed modules including both Hogwarts and Hogsmeade Station. I find that being a member of a modular club allows me to challenge myself by trying very different themes in a 4' by 2' space. For example, maybe you always wanted to model a tropical beach or a haunted cathedral ruin, or maybe Lawrence of Arabia's attack on a train, or something very, very different. Modular clubs let me pursue those impulses and helps refresh my mojo. If I was modeling a single layout and a single theme for a period of years, I don't know where my mojo would be.
  4. Sorry my friend the pictures are all messed up un viewable.


    Can you bring them back so I can see them please

    It would be very interesting too





  5. Thanks, Jaz! I will be showing again the last weekend of the month at the Maryland State Fairgrounds - bringing all my modules - the HP castle, Hogsmeade station, Key Biscayne and my Portal to Hell module. Will take lots of photos and post. www.gsmts.com -Clay
  6. Photos of your scenery always makes me feel like I have so much to learn and too little talent. Just beautiful.
  7. Yes, I know the train is on the wrong side of the tracks, but its running on a layout in the US, where everything is in a mirrored reality dimension.
  8. I haven't posted in a while, been working on other modules with different themes. This one has an under-the-layout pair of parabolic mirrors that cause a 3-D image of a demonic figure to appear when viewed within certain angles:
  9. Beautiful work. See topic http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/84892-bending-proprietary-turnouts/ Includes procedure and photos for bending diamond crossings.
  10. Beautiful as usual, Shaun. Please put me down for a set. When should I expect them to ship? -Clay
  11. Tour of the MARRS modular layout from the deck of a flatcar behind a tourist train, passing by Hogwarts and Hogsmeade Station. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMFfBP-BLRg
  12. Shaun, Is that the "Rogue Valley Railroad Show at the Medford Armory? I find dates for years past, but nothing online for 1015. Got details?
  13. Shaun, Here's a shot from the show I took my stuff to last weekend. My daughter lives in Central Point, OR. If you post show details, I'll ask her to attend and take photos of Goathland to share.
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