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  1. If only our wealth was measured in seacows... I quite like my rake of 10 but is it worth £1500? No. It’s getting harder and harder to get wagons for a reasonable price. I welcome the fact that products are significantly improved but for me one of the biggest pluses in N Gauge is running prototypical rakes so it gets very expensive. I’ve been umming and ahhing over some revolution IPAs which I didn’t preorder but at £25 a deck based on this they are a bargain! I wonder if anyone will put together a long loaded rake with cars on. You could easily spend over £1000. It’s the same for intermodal. Once you add containers it’s crazy money for a proper length train. Tim.
  2. I was reminded of this discussion a few moments ago when I noted a single unboxed Farish seacow on an auction site going for £54 with 6 days left. Has the world gone mad? That’s 100% more than they were new! Sod stocks and shares I should have bought hundreds..! Tim.
  3. The first Sunday working for a while. 66042 leads a rake of HQAs that have been out stabled at Speke East, destined for a worksite at Acton Bridge.
  4. Hi Duncan - just to ensure I am following whats happening here, did the Romanian loco get a Doncaster cab and vice versa? I agree lockdown may be taking it's toll...! Maybe I'll renumber some more EWS 66s. Or maybe not!! Tim
  5. A few snaps of the Marchwood trains. Containers form the majority of the traffic and as you can see any length of train is prototypical! Containers tend to be 20ft and are distinctive in comparison to deep sea traffic you would normally see on intermodals. Military vehicles/VGAs are also relatively common and can be seen at the back of this rake. I have a shot of a consist of 1 x warwell on it's own but can't upload on this post due to 10b limit. I have no idea what the story behind this load is - I've never seen anything like it before or since. Answers on a postcard!
  6. 56099 departing Foundry Lane with empty vans. A run round is required at Speke East prior to running low level back to Warrington Arpley. Ready to roll. The 56 will run as far as Bescot, where a 92 will take the train on to Dollands Moor and the Channel Tunnel. Tim.
  7. Hi again - sorry didn't have chance to dig these out last night. Two shots of the Holybourne tanks with load 10 x TEAs so not too long for a tank train. I've got a few examples of Marchwood consists too. If you're interested let me know and I'll post them. Tim.
  8. Hi, I came across this thread randomly and I really like the interiors for the buildings. As an N gauge modeller I’ve not seen anything quite like that elsewhere on rmweb. A couple of thoughts/suggestions on your planned traffic which I hope you will find constructive and helpful. SWT ran peak extras to Portsmouth from Basingstoke (and possibly Totton/Southampton) with 158s and 3 car 159s so there is definitely an excuse for this. FGW 158s are mainly hybrid 3 cars with a 3rd cab boxed in making it easy to model a 3 car as is typical on the Portsmouth and Brighton flows. You are correct to note 150s and 153s operate only as far as Southampton. All these services are booked via Southampton and Swanwick with Botley used only for diversions. If you want to be prototypical concentrate on aggregates. Chichester also has regular flows from the Mendips that pass through Fareham and with a bit of modellers licence you could have services to Botley and Eastleigh diverted via “Collingwood”, perhaps to run round. Both these terminals can accept bottom discharge wagons like your HIAs whereas Fareham and Chichester traffic is unloaded by grab. If Collingwood is going to accept HIAs I would model a small discharge hopper. I think the Holybourne tank train was quite short in recent years so that will be spot on. If you want another narrative in 2007 Portsmouth Dock refurbished a siding near Fratton Depot for potential intermodal traffic which never materialised. Another option... I hope this helps. Tim.
  9. 47287 left for Crewe last night under it's own power so lives to see another day! 66623 adds a dash of colour working loaded Metalair PCA cement tanks from Earles sidings to Widnes Tanhouse Lane, running via Northwich and Runcorn necessitating a run round at Speke East. Also on site this morning 56060 undergoing an A exam on the shed and 08873.
  10. Hi, Having spent the weekend stranded at Speke East 47287 remained in situ this morning!
  11. Hi all, I would just like to say how much I have been enjoying everyone's N Gauge exploits during lockdown. Some great stuff going on which inspired me to set up Speke East. There was a bit of drama today when 47287, seemingly on it's last legs, failed shortly after leaving Garston with 4K64 to Basford Hall. It was shoved out of the way onto the reception line prior to being replaced by 66590 which was hastily dispatched from Crewe. The 47 has been dumped in the sidings awaiting attention!.. The 66 is a recent renumber that didn't turn in to an epic project, which was unusual! 37695 was also on site having worked the morning wagonload trip from Warrington Arpley. Tim.
  12. Sad news, but you've achieved more here than most ever will and you get to start all over again, which is exciting. And you don't lose the stock so you've got the WCML ready to go! We're also thinking of moving but Speke East could be carried to the new place in one piece! All the best. Tim.
  13. The wood propping up the Yang Ming container is amazing attention to detail! I like the liner too, all looking excellent. Tim.
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