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  1. 08873 rests outside the maintenance shed as 66952 makes its way down the reception line. It will layover in Speke East for half an hour before continuing on to Garston.
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for the feedback and I am equally impressed with how well Maid's Morton is coming along! It's nice that there are some really good N Gauge layouts on here producing regular updates at the moment. I would love to have something like that to run my stock on. Depots aren't easy and I am pretty happy with how this one has turned out, especially the feeling that it is part of something "bigger". I had 2 or 3 really poor attempts before this one and learned each time. The hardstanding was a method of my own invention. I used layers of cork underlay to build up the height and get it as close to the rails as possible before filling the gaps with model filler and "skimming" the top surface as it you are plastering a wall. I had no idea what would happen but it has left a convincing texture! It even crumbles away at the edges. I then sprayed it with Railmatch acrylic "weathered tarmac" before adding the stencilled markings. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will try and describe it better. As with everything on Speke it was small and manageable and part of me feels this is why this layout has gone OK. You can really focus on detail and get bits finished on a smaller project. Tim.
  3. More Sunday action at Speke East. This week 66623 is seen bringing de-branded autoballaster wagons out of the yard to head to a worksite near Chester. Shortly after 66054 "Charles Babbage" and 66005 "BP Gas Avonmouth" appear light engine from Arpley ready to kick off the Fiddlers Ferry coal circuits first thing on Monday.
  4. Sunday working at Speke East. 37043 on departmental duties.
  5. 37154 is still knocking around the local area and appears here with a local empty tank trip from Speke East Yard to Ellesmere Port. With the tanks blocking the reception 60006 leads a Warrington to Newport enterprise working through the yard. Additional cargowaggons have been attached in Speke East Yard, however the front portion of the train is made up of China Clay empties ultimately bound for the west country. 66042 rests near the fuel point.
  6. Anything with buffers is going to be an issue with the tight radius curves modellers need. I have managed to get my HST set to pretty much touch and run ok but that’s it. If you think about it in real life if the buffers touch they compress where as ours our rigid so they just derail the wagon. it doesn’t excuse own goals though such as on the Dapol MJAs where they have a bigger gap between the fixed pair than between the end wagons! Tim.
  7. I’ll come clean, in this case it’s just for the photo! Both have a detailed front end and no coupling - so they aren’t coupled at all just “buffered up”. Tim.
  8. Here's a few more pics of 37154, including a couple with 37043.
  9. I agree entirely - not only does picking an era save you money so does picking a location. I quite like freight (shock horror) and quibbled whether there is enough on the GWML south of Bristol to keep me going. However if you modelled Severn Tunnel or Bristol Parkway you would have to spend thousands on intermodal/steel/coal/petroleum rakes to get it right. If you want to capture a real feel then limiting your scope is not a bad thing. I could do with an N Gauge JIA covered clay wagon and maybe some better bucket stone wagons to run on mendip flows but apart from that I'm well catered for..! Tim.
  10. Hi all, I've been quite busy with some modelling of late. My Class 66s remain on hold but more on that when the time comes... In the meantime I have lightly weathered the underframes and done the nose end detailing. Here we see ex-works 66101 at Speke East Sidings. A very smart livery this - I bought two to be donor chassis for EWS locos as previously mentioned but thought it was worth a reference shot. I have already listed one body shell for sale and will decide whether I want to keep the second at some point. Also fresh off the workbench is 37154 in Transrail livery. The round buffers will be changed when I source appropriate replacements. 154 actually had rectangles which seems to be quite unusual! Messing with these two locos has made me think about era. The first pic I have found of a DBS 66 is 2009 and the latest pic of 37154 I can find is 1999. A lot changed in only ten years! My stock was built up for my old GW mainline layout and aimed at about 2007-08, mainly driven by passenger liveries (FGW dynamic lines, Arriva xcountry etc). At that time EWS/FL 66s had a monopoly on freight traffic in the west country and even my 60s are used with modellers licence. 60s worked a lot of clay traffic in the late 90s early 00s but were well out of favour in 2008 at a time when even 66s were being offloaded to France by EWS. Speke East is less rigid - the scenery and location is deliberately vague - and the 60s are happily explained by their prolonged use on Fiddlers Ferry coal traffic in the northwest. I would say it is aimed anywhere from when the first 66s landed to about 2003-04. I intend to do some 56s eventually which would be OK. I guess the main question is, does any of this matter?!... Tim.
  11. Probably - but I sold the dead chassis' on ebay and will probably sell the DBS bodyshells as well so the cost of the ones in the long run will probably be about £30 each - and the new 6-pin chassis run very nicely. Tim.
  12. Hi Simon, Thanks for the photo of the 37 - I couldn't find one of it with round buffers so I suppose I will have to let them off! My transrail version is coming together quite nicely and far less stressful than the 66s! I have found the Railtec "EWS" logos look too stretched for me but the numbers are excellent so at the moment I have Railtec numbers and Fox logos on my second pair - I'm not varnishing them until I am sure. There is a very slight colour variance but I might take a couple of pics to see if it is noticeable. Tim.
  13. Not been on for a while but great progress! Also noted the pan down on the 90 but I'm jealous of the loco. As a kid I demanded a RfD Class 90 and made my dad run it on his OO steam layout!
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