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  1. I've only just learned this sad news after a friend loaned me a copy of the latest 'Railway Modeller' where I read of Peter's passing. I got to know Peter and Ginny when I was a signalman at Blue Anchor on the West Somerset Railway for a short period back in the late 1980's, and they used to look after the railway museum there. A lovely couple - and later, when I was able to purchase some of Peter's books, I realised just what a talented artist he was. Many of his pencil drawings actually look like black & white photographs. To be able to get that effect demands a special skill. I seem to have reached that time in life when news such as this comes all too often. But I will treasure the memories of Peter through his pictures and writing. Peter Jordan Castletown, Isle of Man
  2. Thanks for that, I'll try and source some. While I have this model in bits it occurred to me to try and paint the seats and floors to make them rather more realistic than the 'one piece' coloured plastic moulding that they are presently. Does anyone know what colours they should be? I have a book with a number of colour pictures of Southern Vectis Bristol buses in, but nothing that shows interior detail. Peter Jordan Castletown, Isle of Man
  3. I will shortly be converting a 1:76 scale model of a Southern Vectis Bristol utility bus into an 'open topper' and I've just been looking at availability of the cream paint that I will need for the livery. Both Cherry and Fleetmaster sell the correct colour (Tilling cream) but they want a small fortune for shipping a little tin to the Isle of Man. Over here I can get hold of Revell or Humbrol colours without too much difficulty, so can anyone tell me a colour (Revell, Humbrol or other) that is a good match? Is there a cream in the 'Railmatch' range that might do? Most of those are available as acrylics and postage on those is reasonable. It's the solvent-based paints that they charge like wounded bulls for. Peter Jordan Castletown, Isle of Man
  4. Folk may remember my unfortunate experience with ‘Blackham Transfers’ when I was trying to get lining transfers made for my 5 inch gauge Isle of Wight ‘O2.’ However, I am pleased to say that I now have the transfers for my model – they were prepared for me by ‘4D Model Shop’ in London. Email messages were answered promptly and transfer proofs printed out and posted off speedily. OK, their price was significantly higher than that initially charged but, within a couple of months of starting dealing with them, ‘4D Model Shop’ came up with the goods and were a pleasure to deal with. The product looks excellent and they provided more copies of the transfers than I need, so there is material for making corrections should any transfers get damaged during application. Fuller details of the ‘4D Model Shop’ dry transfer service can be found here: http://modelshop.co.uk/Static/WorkShop/Dry-Transfers I’ve a few finishing touches to put to the model and then I’ll try to post some pictures so that folk can see the finished result. Peter Jordan Castletown, Isle of Man
  5. That business about the 'ironing pile' may be true, and I had that thrown at me by Paul Martin of 'EDM Models' when he tried to defend Mr. Blackham's conduct.What he didn't realise was that I paid nearly £200 for my transfers and was promised them by Mr. Blackham in three weeks from placing the order. I still have the email to that effect on file. Six months later I had received nothing except one proof by email. I think Trading Standards ought to take a look at Mr. Blackham's 'Terms of Business' because I'm not entirely convinced that they comply with consumer law. Peter Jordan
  6. I only found this topic this morning, after I had posted a separate message to warn people against using 'Blackham Transfers.' It really is the worst business I've ever had to deal with. I provided Peter Blackham with all of the information necessary to produce the transfers that I ordered, including a full-size drawing, and paid for the transfers in February last year. I was promised that I would have them in three weeks-by September I had received one miserable proof as an email attachment, despite Mr. Blackham telling me previously that sending proofs as an email attachment wasn't a good idea because it couldn't be guaranteed that the proof would print out exactly the right size. Surprise, surprise, that is exactly what happened. Like others have experienced, he also told me he had sent proofs by post, but I never received anything. in September 2015 I cancelled my order - Mr. Blackham refunded my money promptly but then alleged that the problem was all my fault because I had been wanting him to make transfers he knew to be incorrect (untrue) and that I had added things to my order after I had paid (again untrue.)He refused to return my drawing, so in October 2015 I placed the matter in the hands of Gwynedd Trading Standards Department and yesterday I finally received my drawing back. I asked Gwynedd Trading Standards to get a written apology from Mr. Blackham, and I also requested that Mr. Blackham get me the same from Mr. Martin, but it appears he is unwilling to do this, and Trading Standards have no power to compel him to comply with my request. The case seems fairly straightforward to me - Mr. Blackham needs bringing into line and made to comply with consumer law or his business should be closed down. I have just drawn the attention of Gwynedd Trading Standards Department to this discussion, and they have told me they would be very interested to hear from anyone who has complaints against 'Blackham Transfers.' If you put' Gwynedd Trading Standards' into your 'Search' engine you will find the email address. If the people who have had bad experiences intervene in this way it may help save other modellers from having the kind of awful experience many of us have suffered by trusting this man. Peter Jordan Castletown, Isle of Man
  7. Over a year ago I contracted Mr. Peter Blackham of 'Blackham Transfers' in North Wales to produce dry lining transfers for my 5 inch gauge Isle of Wight ‘O2’ but , after taking my money and a six months wait (the transfers were promised in three weeks) the transfers never materialised. I cancelled my order and although Mr. Blackham refunded my money promptly he made a number of untrue allegations against me. Mr. Blackham also failed to return a drawing that I had sent to him to assist with the production of the transfers. The issue has been in the hands of Gwynedd Trading Standards since October 2015, and they have finally managed to get me my drawing back. However, it seems that Mr. Blackham will not issue the written apology I requested, and it seems that Trading Standards have no power to compel him to do so. If anyone is thinking of getting bespoke dry transfers made, I urge you not to patronise Mr. Blackham’s business unless you want an unpleasant experience such as I have had. I seem to recall that some other folk said that they had had difficulty with his firm, and Gwynedd Trading Standards have said they would like to know about any further complaints. It would, therefore, be very useful if you could report such issues to them at : [email protected] It’s definitely a case of ‘Caveat emptor’ with this guy. Peter Jordan
  8. Having almost completed a 'Garden Railways Specialists' LSWR 'O2' kit as a static exhibit, I now have a number of items that are surplus to requirements. These include a motor/gearbox assembly, display track components, waterslide transfers etc. For the full list (including prices) please send an email request to: [email protected] Peter Jordan
  9. Thanks for your kind words, Eddie. No, the turntable is not scratch-built - it is a Peco turntable motorized with a Frizinghall unit. However I did scratch-build and add the side platform with the vacuum tractor. peter Jordan
  10. I haven't been on the forum for quite a while, but it has been suggested that folk here might be interested in my latest offering. Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on a fairly extensive video of operations with my 4mm scale 1950's North Cornwall layout 'Egloshayle.' This is now completed and has been uploaded to 'YouTube.' You can view the first part of this five-part video here: Part 1 on 'YouTube' does include some explanatory notes on the screen page, and these also serve as notes for all of the five parts. As the video has an explanatory commentary all the way through, I didn't feel it necessary to provide notes for every part. I hope that you enjoy the video - it shows the interest engendered by operating a model railway in a prototypical manner rather than just 'watching trains go round.' Peter Jordan
  11. I've not needed to use the forum for a while, but I'm hoping someone on here can help with this question. I've been looking into having a wireless controller for my conventional analogue 12 volt DC layout. It seems there used to be some equipment available from an American (?) manufacturer called 'Crest' but it seems these units are no longer available and, perhaps, were not suitable for use in the UK owing to the radio frequencies they used. It has been suggested that it should be possible to purchase a DCC system and use a DCC decoder to control the track voltage rather than an individual locomotive. Can anyone explain exactly how you might do this - my knowledge of electrics and electronics is not strong, I'm afraid. For information I curerntly (no pun intended) control my layout using a Gaugemaster Model W 'hand held' controller fed from one of the side outputs of an old H&M 'Duette.' Peter Jordan
  12. I am looking to significantly improve the lighting in my model railway room, in order to enhance the appearance of the layout, and I was wondering what folk suggest as being the best way to proceed. The room housing the layout is 17ft 6in long and 8ft wide. The main part of the layout is along one 17ft 6in blank wall with scenic areas round the ends occupying the 8ft spaces. The other 17ft 6in wall (where the doorway is) is occupied by the fiddle yard, so improved lighting here is not so important. One of the main problems, particularly for daytime operation, is thst the windows of the room are at the ends of the layout so when I look right or left from the operating console my view is impaired by the bright light shining through the windows. The only artificial light that the room currently has comes from two pendant ceiling fittings with 100 watt(equivalent) low-energy lamps in. I think that I need to put some lighting directly above the layout and am wondering what sort of fittings people recommend, and how many I should have, to get the best effect. The layout isn't exhibited so anything I instal will be permanent. All suggestions/ideas gratefully received. Peter Jordan
  13. A big 'thank you' to all those who've replied to this topic so far. The website links look very useful and I'll follow those up. I'd considered the CD idea and there is no doubt that for a layout where the majority of the traffic is passing trains it could work quite well. The problem is that on my layout there is a great deal of shunting, so for this I really need some system that will allow sound to follow the train movement fairly accurately and start and stop with ease. I don't think the CD system could achieve this. Any further contributions of information will be gratefully received, and I'm sure the topic will interest others too. Peter Jordan
  14. I haven't been on the forum for a while, but I'm hoping some folk may be able to help me. I would like to add a sound system to my conventional 12 volt DC layout - I know there are some systems out there but they all seem to use synthesised sounds which aren't terribly realistic. Does anyone know if there are any systems out there that can be used with a DC system to play proper sounds? And I'm thinking of under-baseboard speakers, not ones fitted into locos. or vehicles. It would also be nice to have a system that could play a background sound of birds, passing traffic etc. for the loco/train sounds to be superimposed on. I've done a 'Google' and looked at various websites, but this has left me as confused as when I started! By the way, if anyone wants to see my layout (with sound dubbed from CD) go to: The video was taken a while ago - later this year I hope to post some more video showing the weathering I have done and also the signals working. Peter Jordan Birmingham, England
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