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  1. Story as best I can remember it shows It can happen - several years ago now, there were photos of a new On30 Railcar which were said to be a Bachmann product. Over in the States their own 'Ask the Bach-Man' forum denied that it was theirs. He had to apologise a couple of days later as it appeared that some of these models had been in a container to their distributor in Japan who had put the models up for sale - the rest of the consignment was still on board a ship heading for the USA where the plan had been to release the model at the NMRA Convention. This model hadn't been announced beforehan
  2. Working fine for me this morning - no problems that I have seen following the upgrade. Mike
  3. We have always had an annual joining / renewal fee as well as a weekly sub. This was always enough to cover the basic running costs of the club - rent, electric and insurance. We held a small village hall show which brought in a few hundred pounds which was the layout fund, and then we were lucky to be invited by the City Council to start the big Derby show which with an initial attendance of around 5000 gave us sufficient surplus to start a building fund. Many years later, our rented building was put up for sale by the Council and we used our accumulated funds to buy it. We contin
  4. Thanks Richard - I must admit that when I saw the article, I thought of you . . . . !! Mike
  5. Thanks Davey - amazing that you were allowed to take things from the 'scrap' pile - can you imagine the current value of all the items you mention. Question for you - were there really 212 locos there ? Mike
  6. Local newspaper website has an interesting series of photos taken at the Derby Loco Works Open Day in August 1960. Apparently 25,000 spotters came from across the country to see 212 locos. No 'Health and Safety' in those days with hordes of kids standing on top of the locos Were any of you there ? Can you identify the locos ? Even I can recognise 71000 Duke of Gloucester (a photo of the nameplate helped !!) https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/gallery/day-25000-train-spotters-descended-4564454 Mike
  7. £288 at Rails . . . . . https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3182/Heljan-o-gauge-class-02-shunter .
  8. I was in the WHSmiffs reading library this morning and saw that the 2021 'Hobbies' catalogue has just been published - but instead of a model boat or plane on the front cover, it was a Hornby 'Flying Scotsman' !! They have started stocking model railways with products from Hornby, Bachmann, Gaugemaster, Peco and Woodland Scenics. Details here - I'm sure things will be cheaper elsewhere but I assume they are responding to the increased demand during 'lockdown'. https://www.hobbies.co.uk/model-railway .
  9. The Guild Standards have been around for many years - in the original Guild Manual (as revised in February 2000), the following back to back dimensions were given Prototype 31.28mm Fine scale 29.0mm Coarse scale 28mm S7 Min 31.2mm Max 31.3mm There has been a gradual process of updating parts of the Manual and in the new current version (September 2017) the following back to back dimensions are given Prototype 31.26mm Fine scale 29.2mm Coarse scale 28mm S7 Max 31.33mm .
  10. The A52 Barrowby Road is closed under the East Coast main line at Grantham until November - and then Springfield Road will be closed for a similar length of time in the new year. Vehicles are having to find alternative routes and already there have been two bridge strikes. See here https://www.granthammatters.co.uk/guess-what/ https://www.granthammatters.co.uk/another-bridge-hit-in-grantham/ Looks like it will be an interesting winter at Grantham . . . . . . . . .
  11. Two local examples (and the first is why the Derby Exhibition is already cancelled for next year) Derby College has closed the Derby Roundhouse for all outside events until further notice. The Roundhouse during the week is a large social space for students to meet and also includes their catering area which all has to be cleared Friday night. We also made use of the library and again in there the staff had to move all the tables and mobile bookshelves to create the space we needed. Now they want to make more use of the space for the benefit of the students - perhaps more teaching
  12. To clarify my previous posts - there are no suggestions of any embezzlement or negligence and as Joseph has mentioned the accounts presented to the membership meet all the requirements of Company Law. As I mentioned above, a detailed breakdown of expenditure has been published in previous years and of course the figures must have been available to enable the Treasurer to present the final accounts. What is needed is the same information for the financial year that ended February 2020. This would include Guildex 2019 as there were unsubstantiated rumours at that time that the loss
  13. We are told that a more detailed breakdown of expenditure will be available at some future time - and to be fair has been provided in previous years providing information (to Feb 2019) such as a loss of £37,201 for Guildex 2018 and Board costs of £9324 (with more than half of that sum spent on Hotels and Meals). Regardless of the outcome of the election, there will be a new Treasurer next week as that is one of four contested positions.
  14. Details announced on Tuesday by the Secretary - Burgess Hodgson, a large firm of Accountants based in Canterbury. Copied below from their website https://www.burgesshodgson.co.uk/ As reported on Aug 20th, the audit had been started but no date given for when the report will be available and we have no idea of the extent of the audit and what it will cover. This is why the Reform Group has put forward a resolution for a more detailed review of the Guild finances. In a response to this resolution, the Management Committee made
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