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  1. The only problem with that is that the last page of an interesting article about subject A may be on the back of an equally interesting article about subject B so then how do you file those ?
  2. There is an advert in Railway Modeller that gives three ways to contact www.Heljan.dk Facebook.com/heljanas [email protected]
  3. . . . . .but it wasn't speculation - direct quote from the Railway's own website and a link to a very long and comprehensive report from the Patriot Group about the numerous problems they found - have you looked at that report and seen the photos - for example when was it good engineering practice to use an oversize nut as a spacer at the bolt was too long !!
  4. Jeff - I have the same problem on my laptop but not on the PC - both running Win 10 and Edge.
  5. It has been 'coming for years' as the Railway's own website admits - see my post above which quotes substantial losses from the engineering side for at least the last three years. The appeals for funds have been for the operating side of the railway and not to support what seems to have been a failed business doing engineering work for others.
  6. The link to the railway's own website in the first posting gives the reasons for the financial difficulties. LMS Patriot Project was just one of the locos they were working on. It is reported that parts were lost and needed to be replaced or were not manufactured to the correct specification. A detailed report is in the link below - note the date December 2018 and so long before the effects of Covid. https://www.lms-patriot.org.uk/engineering/2018-12-20/engineering-date-december-2018 .
  7. LMS Patriot Project. It is reported that parts were lost and needed to be replaced or were not manufactured to the correct specification. A detailed report is in the link below - and that's just one of the locos they were working on - note the date December 2018 and so long before Covid. https://www.lms-patriot.org.uk/engineering/2018-12-20/engineering-date-december-2018 .
  8. . . . . . and the Undertaker. When I worked for Lloyds, we couldn't release any money from the deceased's account until we had seen a receipt for the funeral account - or we would pay the bill on behalf of the executor(s)/administrator(s). There are ways to get around the bother of clearing the house - but only if you are sure there is nothing there that the family might want. When Dad moved into sheltered accommodation after Mum died, we decided what was going with him, and their paperwork was all in order as Mum was very tidy and organised. As a result, It only took us one
  9. Thanks for the photos Polly - and I know you have many more . . . . . I had alerted Polly to this topic as I knew that she and her husband were volunteers at the Museum and before lockdown they could be found driving locos on the 7-1/4 line. My connection (along with other friends from Derby) is that we knew Colin from his 7-1/4 line in Walsall Arboretum and when he bought the Museum we went to stay for the weekend, sleeping in the coach and spent our time painting the footbridge from the station over to the Museum site. We had a BR employee with us as the line had bee
  10. Not just in Wales - has NHY581 ever been to Bacup in Lancashire . . . ? BBC report of sheep at a party !! .
  11. Was it not a case of simply copying most of the RAIB report . . . . . . . ?
  12. I thought of Debbie Harry and then remembered that her song was 'Heart of Glass' - however our friend Google gave me this - not sure how this applies to HH . . . . You can build me up, you can tear me down You can try but I'm unbreakable You can do your best, but I'll stand the test You'll find that I'm unshakeable When the fire's burnt When the wind has blown When the water's dried, you'll still find stone My heart of stone .
  13. . . . . . . and a book of the same title published by Oakwood Press. .
  14. That's an Italian Cheese isn't it . . . . .?
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