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  1. Sounds like bargain of the day - hope they have the same at Kettering ! Mike
  2. . Website here - however this does not yet include the latest additions ('white stripe') mentioned above. I'm sure a message to Alex will provide further information. https://mmrgexclusives.co.uk/ .
  3. Not in Hilton it isn't - pouring down at moment. Hope it isn't heading in your direction. Mike
  4. The often misquoted words of Mandy Rice-Davies come to mind . . . . . . Mike
  5. Have a look at the Model Bus Federation - and in particular their events as there is a model bus show at Worksop in the 18th - you should get some answers there. https://www.model-bus-federation.org.uk/ Mike
  6. Phil - now you can see the benefit of using RMweb - in less than two hours, David has given you an incredibly detailed response. See you in a few weeks time when you are back home again. Mike
  7. Hello Phil I'm here (and have been for many years!) - as John has said above, there are several club members lurking in the background who pop up every now and again ! We do have a few narrow gauge modellers in the Club and there is a local area group of the OO9 Society. I seem to recall that there is also a OO9 exhibition at Mansfield in the Summer but I can't find any details yet. Of course, as Treasurer, I have to remind you that annual subs are due ! ! Regards Mike
  8. The latest issue of the Dapol Collectors Club has a feature about a new member of staff (Ben Davies) starting an apprenticeship as a CAD Engineer. His current project is "working on a new range of injection moulded O Gauge building kits, starting with station buildings, but the range will grow over time " As far as I can recall, this hasn't been mentioned anywhere before . . . ? Mike
  9. The latest issue of the Dapol Collectors Club magazine has more information. The first to be available (no date given) will be varnished mahogany livery with others to follow. I wonder if they are going to copy Hattons lead with their 'Generic' 4mm coaches that will appear in a number of different colours? A set of three coaches (2 brake and 1 all 3rd) will be available to Collectors Club members for £230. Mike
  10. I collected my friends copy from the clubroom tonight and not only was it in the usual brown paper bag, the above mentioned dealer had even signed the bag with best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Cheaper than a card !! .
  11. Every time - and the dealer also delivers. A copy will appear in the Clubrooms in a day or two for a friend who I know is away on holiday so I get to read it first !! .
  12. Could have been - I was going to say beard and glasses but that describes at least 3 of us who were there over the weekend !! The magazines all came from Tim's house clearance as he had kept every copy with each one in a plastic wallet and then in a ring binder for each year - such a shame to just dump them in recycling and so we gave away about 150 over the weekend and went home with an empty box . . . . . .
  13. Sorry Liam, that's not Nancledre which was in the next aisle (D6) The layout illustrated is a demonstration of 7mm Narrow Gauge modelling showing both 0-16.5 on the lower level and O-9 on the upper level. We also had a display of various models with many built by Tim Allsopp, who also built the demo layout. Sadly Tim passed away in July and the local Area Group of 7mmNGA have agreed to keep his collection together to use on our group layout. Mike 7mm Narrow Gauge Assn (Stand D10)
  14. I witnessed this at the NEC - a customer wanted a particular loco but wasn't prepared to pay the asking price as he had seen it £30 less online. Trader told him to order it when he got home but it then turned out that although he had found it cheaper elsewhere, they were actually out of stock. Trader then suggested he might like to visit the Bachmann returns stand at the opposite end of the hall - I wonder if he ever came back . . . .
  15. Two more layouts confirmed at the Warley show - Blakecaster from Stafford and the West Midlands Modules. Further updates to follow. Mike .
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