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  1. That photo shows what I see as three rows of dished granite setts parallel to the right hand kerb - a very common construction for a gutter still used today. Ergo, the rest of the carriageway is probably not setts. John
  2. Hi to all incarcerated souls, I’ve nothing much on my 2mm workbench at the moment as my Totnes layout is in Wells and I am not. So, to compensate, I have been shopping. Just arrived is a Hattons/Heljan O-gauge A3 - "Papyrus". I don’t know a great deal about apple green locos but I’ve always been fond of the Gresley Pacifics and Papyrus was my "go to" choice. To my eyes, it looks very impressiveI. I am told that the bogie wheels should be lined and have black centres but this can be remedied. Below are a couple of photos. Keep safe and sane. John
  3. A (belated) Happy New Year to you all. This is technically what is on my 2mm Workbench, but that all depends on how the sentence is parsed. It is my version of Steve Dacosta's excellent 3D printed 43xx on the Dapol Grange chassis, with something else. Here is a bit more context And now the Full Monty - the Lego Technic Liebherr 9800 face shovel. This was a Christmas present to myself and was great fun to build. The original looks like a block of flats on caterpillar tracks, the model is also huge. It is powered by seven motors and controlled by
  4. Hi everyone, Just finished building a GWR class 43xx Mogul. The engine superstructure is a 3D printing by Steve Dacosta (Atso), designed to fit on the Dapol Grange chassis and using the Grange tender. The 3D printing is in resin, of excellent quality, robust, without banding and with fine detail. I have written up my efforts as a .pdf file and posted it on my "Ashburton and Totnes" thread. Below is a photo of the result. Best wishes, John
  5. Good evening, i have just (more or less) finished a new loco - a second 43xx, this time with a 3D printed engine body. The article below gives an account of my efforts. John 43xx.pdf
  6. Nigel, I found similar problems with the Fox set I used on my GW King but all was rescued (in my eyes) by MicroSet/MicroFix, some judicious weathering and a coat or two of satin varnish. In my case, weathering included an overall wash of loco green which toned down the rather over-scale and strident orange lining. Best wishes, .John
  7. Hi, i discovered this problem once when I had fitted the balance weights on drivers (10 thou black plasticard with CA glue) and one projected a bit too much to clear the coupling rods. Easy to fix, either refit the offending balance weight or pack out the rods! Keep going, John
  8. Hi, No 273 arrived by post this morning. First impressions - an excellent edition. Thanks Barry. Best wishes, John
  9. Nick, Thanks for that; I agree that the bright work would normally have been polished, at least up to 1915 so I have burnished the rods a little more. They now look quite "bright steely" but I need to play down their impact somewhat compared to the OOTB appearance. Best wishes John
  10. Hi everybody, A bit of detail fiddling on my workbench. i recently bought a Farish Wainwright C-class - it is a stunning loco and looks gorgeous in SECR livery. It runs beautifully (though I am not sure that it would pull the skin off a rice pudding) but, as others have commented, the coupling rods really let it down. As I will be keeping it to run on my N-gauge layout, I didn’t want to do anything drastic like changing the wheels and back-to-back so I decided to have a go at simply improving the appearance. i firstly took the rods off - undoing the small hex-headed crank pins -
  11. Nick, Thread hijack. Here's one I made earlier (over 30 years ago but still a runner!). You can tell it was a Jubilee by the mound of coal in the tender. John
  12. Hi everyone, i had a fine time at STEAM, Swindon. Ashburton behaved well, despite its (and my) advancing years. The venue was stunning but much too much for me to take in during brief relief from operations - clearly a more leisurely further visit is called for. Also, it was great to have an all-too-hurried chance to look at the excellent competition entries at the AGM and to meet some good old friends. All this was made possible by the helpful venue staff and, more particularly, to relief operators/roadies Jerry C, Simon G and Tom E. Thank you greatly, and also not least to Carolin
  13. Hi folks, Sorry Anthony for hijacking your post. I have a similar request for help in operating Ashburton on Saturday and/or Sunday. Private message me via RMweb if you can help. If you do it in time, I may be able to get you in as an operator. best wishes, John
  14. Hi folks, A few photos of Totnes, taken at RailWells on 12 August. Totnes station with a down stopping passenger train hauled by a Dean Goods at the platform and an up coal empties behind a Hall. Totnes Quay with a topsail schooner, the Freya V, unloading Baltic timber for Reeves Timber Importers. A sheeted-over straw rick with threshing machine, portable steam engine and elevator. The main and Ashburton branch lines are beyond. Best wishes, John
  15. Hi folks, Just a reminder that TOTNES will be making an appearance at the RailWells show, Wells, Somerset this weekend (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August). ASHBURTON will be at the Swindon show, STEAM, Swindon on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September. Hope to see you there. Best wishes, John
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