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  1. Still keeps appearing when you scroll up and down the main forum page.
  2. I think that I am feeling rather bored as I am missing club nights and the chance to meet up with good and long-term friends. I'm afraid this has spilled into my own modelling at home. Much as I enjoy the hobby and making things, the people are also important. Yes, we can phone and meet on Zoom, but it's not the same as being rude to club members face-to-face.....
  3. It strikes me that you are fortunate to be able to meet - many, including our club, can't. But I truly don't understand the need for income to pay for more layouts and stock. What a 1st world problem! Many have difficulty keeping a job and making ends meet. If you want to develop a new layout, at this difficult time surely it's up to the club members to delve in their own pockets and contribute the money for any new work?
  4. I installed it this morning. I only hope that there is a good uptake for it. And that I haven't got to go to Salisbury to make it work..... I'm still waiting for the RMWeb exhibition app that detects BO and rucksacks at long range.....
  5. January 1954 issue, I think, from a helpful website of UK stamps. Of course, it could have been posted later....
  6. After lockdown, it will be difficult for some of our members to physically get within 1 metre of each other.....
  7. Yes, this looks pretty clear - we'll probably get no better. It will be worth checking again on Monday for the details, but I think it's at least half, if not full steam, ahead.
  8. Exactly. For the many and wonderful people around who follow the guidelines and rules, there will always be a proportion who couldn't care less.
  9. I think we need a careful read of the conditions, fully out on Monday. It may be, according to a friend, that organised covid-safe meetings will be OK. It's casual social get togethers that are the main target. (No MRC raves?)
  10. I sympathise! We had just planned our first ESNG meeting later this month in deepest Redhill. Now back to the drawing board - or at least Zoom.
  11. I use Wordpress and have been quite happy with it. My blog is at esngblog.com, and I have just rewritten the club website on esngclub.com. The free wordpress account will give you several years free blogging. Now I have filled up the graphics allowance, and pay £3 a month for a larger volume and a few more benefits.
  12. Come to Redhill, where we now have platform '0'. At least it is on the 'up' side!
  13. Unfortunately, most venues already need 'long and thin' - or short and thin - layouts to use the available space. Unless you are somewhere like the NEC with one big space, the rooms available don't have the space for very wide aisles - at least at every exhibition venue that I've organised.
  14. So did I! I have a daughter resident in Berlin, and have been an annual visitor to Stuttgart for the N-Club International meet in November. So I enjoyed seeing a couple of favourite places that I probably won't get to this year. Some interesting history, and some good trains thrown in for good measure.
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