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  1. Bobo's could often be seen 'parked' in the siding at Rickmansworth awaiting attaching to London bound trains.
  2. Looking forward to being there with Rossiter Rise
  3. Some models from my Rossiter Rise layout. 2 car motor/control trailer as referred to above. 2 car Q Stock. This replicates a photo in a book by Brian Hardy showing exactly this formation being used on the Acton Shuttle as replacement because neither of the single cars normally used were available. Terry
  4. Also on the layout.....other properties.... Randall and Hopkirk. Bartholomew, Wiseman and Previn. Grimsdale. Tony Angelino. Joan Denver. Mick Leach.
  5. Many thanks Phil. Hopefully you'll get the opportunity to have a go at Rossiter Rise. Terry
  6. I had received some interest in Earl's Court and I have agreed a deal. Less than the target figure I had set but nevertheless I am happy with the sum agreed. Many thanks to all those who expressed such complimentary comments over the last few days. Terry
  7. Absolutely. However, I have had interest from somebody who wants to make minor modifications to make it suitable for Southern Region use. It could easily be adapted for any region simply by removing/altering the 3rd/4th rails and changing the colour of the totem signs.
  8. I agree that you can choose the subject of a commission. However, 'a well used exhibition layout that has already been on the circuit for a number of seasons????' The reason the layout has appeared at over 50 shows is because exhibition managers wanted to book it because people wanted to see it. Although 'well used' it is still in fine working order and minor alterations and remedial work has regularly been undertaken. I had previously been contacted by an admirer of the layout asking if he could buy it. I have also had two serious enquiries from people by private message. All these people want the layout for their own private use, not to exhibit. So the fact it has been 'on the circuit' is irrelevant to them, other than the fact that it gave them an opportunity to see the layout in the first place. Anyone who is familiar with Earl's Court will appreciate the HUNDREDS of hours that went in to it, over a 6 year period. It is unique. The asking price is an effort on my part to recoup something towards these hours, and the not insignificant cost of materials and items used. At the end of the day if one or more people think it is worth what I am seeking then that's fine. Nobody is being forced into buying it and if people think it is not worth the money or it would be better to rip up the track and wiring and sell it for scrap then they are, of course, entitled to their opinion. I have had enormous pleasure exhibiting the layout, as have my co-operators Tony Dean and Harry Pollard. Plus the numerous people who have 'had a go' at lunchtimes and when I needed a hand. And there are reasons why I have made the very difficult decision to part with it. I sincerely hope that somebody will buy it so that it will continue to give pleasure, even if it is only to somebody in their home. Terry
  9. Many thanks. My latest layout is Rossiter Rise. Will be showing in early 2020 at Stafford Alexander Palace and Bristol. Will also feature in BRM magazine around early March. Terry
  10. As requested, photo showing arrangement of points to fiddle yard.
  11. After much contemplation I am offering for sale my Exhibition Model Railway Layout 'Earl's Court' This award winning layout has appeared at over 50 exhibitions, including Warley, Alexander Palace, Doncaster, Railex....etc It has also been featured in Model Rail, BRM Magazine and Railway Modeller. Included in the sale is.... The main scenic board, together with front industrial buildings. The centre board, which houses the electronics, including the over-bridge with its shops. The third board, which completes the fiddle yard. The front panel, which includes the row of highly detailed shops, complete with glazed viewing slots to see stock and the fiddle yard. All legs and supports plus front curtain. Lighting strip. Many buildings include interior detailing and lighting. No stock is included in the sale. Nor the dcc controller, although the sockets for NCE Powercab will be left in situ. The layout is approx 10'6" long and breaks down into sections for easy transport. Track is Peco code 75 with some tracks being modelled as 4 rail to suit North London Lines and Underground. Could easily be converted to 3 rail SR. There are no points on the scenic section but points in the fiddle yard are Peco Electrofrog, controlled with Seep switches. The multiple tracks in the fiddle yard allow a variety of stock movements to take place. More photos can be seen at ecmr.webs.com Here's what the renowned modeller Chris Nevard had to say about the layout http://nevardmedia.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/a-most-unusual-gwr-branch-line-terminus.html Collection from Witney, Oxfordshire. Delivery may be possible by van at 25p/mile return trip. It is listed on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174106871927 If you feel you may be interested in the layout please feel free to message me. I'm hoping it goes to a good home!
  12. I agree about spud motors. Had problems with them over the years. Tried one and then a pair on my standard tube stock on Rossiter Rise. Gave up in the end and fitted modified Underground Ernie motor and trailing bogies. A big improvement and dcc ready.
  13. Good information Chris. Earl's Court layout is taking a break for refurbishment until early 2021. But when it returns I'm planning on running a 119 set with Hawkesworth coach. Seems like the lnfo you have suggests I could run some odd combinations as well. Terry
  14. Looking forward to being there with Rossiter Rise
  15. Excellent video and thanks for featuring Rossiter Rise. The stock played up a couple of times but generally all went well! Terry
  16. Thanks Stephen for the kind words about Rossiter Rise . The Cheltenham show is always pretty good. Mike works hard to get 10 or so good layouts twice a year. And it's all for charity. Only Rossiter Rise's second show and I'm still tweaking things a bit. But the response from the punters was extremely good. Off to Epping on November 9th then a break until Stafford in February. During that time I will be completing additional stock and making a viewing slot so you will be able to see inside the currently hidden LT depot shed.
  17. Had a good time at Cheltenham this weekend with Rossiter Rise. Thanks to Mike and his team for looking after everyone.
  18. Can I ask that if the wheel diameter is less than 2mm difference and the splashers are already over sized would anyone from normal viewing distance be able to tell if the wheels had been changed or not?
  19. Earl's Court recently appeared at the Folkestone exhibition and, as usual, performed without problem and was a joy to exhibit. However, it has now appeared at over 50 exhibitions and some areas are showing signs of wear & tear. In addition whilst transporting the layout to/from Folkestone it suffered some damage. Fortunately not the the scenic parts but the front board (with viewing slots) that screens the fiddle yard was damaged beyond repair. Taking this all into account I have decided that Earl's Court will take an extended rest whilst I undertake the remedial work and possibly make one or two tweaks with I have been contemplating for some time. I plan to have this all done by 27/28th March 2021 when it is booked to appear at the Nailsea Show. In the meantime some people will know that my latest layout 'Rossiter Rise' is now up and running and due to appear at the following shows...... 2019 October 26/27 Cheltenham November 9 Epping 2020 Feb Stafford March Alexander Palace May Bristol Oct Fareham Nov Wycrail (Wycombe) and Letchworth. 2021 Feb Doncaster Plus Andy has done a photo shoot which will be in BRM Magazine around March. Whilst Earl's Court is taking a break I would like to thank my fellow operators Tony Dean & Harry Pollard, all the exhibition managers who have invited the layout over the last 7 years, and to all the punters who've said so many nice things. Terry Tew
  20. In the early 1970's I saw PWM653 with a Hymek at Paddington with a train of track for engineering work that was taking place. Odd sight, Hymek attached to a shunter!
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